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One is never truly alone and neglected
if the sun kisses your face,
the wind creeps into your pores,
the moon shines her light on you,
and if the stars follow you wherever you go.
For you see, if even these things notice you,
then you're not truly alone now, are you?
You might be alone, but not lonely.
Lonely, but not alone.
The best time of thoughts
is when you bite your tongue
in your sleep and wake up realizing
it was in response
to the pain
you didn't want to
endure even in subconsciousness
I can't sleep at night anymore. I've realized that I've betrayed writing, my long lost companion.
I'm mad at myself for giving you so much power over me
For not being able to break free
But I've been yours since the day we met
And I did fight it
I did
But I stood no chance
Against the force that was you
I finally broke down every wall for You

And you picked up every single stone
Just to throw it back at me.........
  Jun 2020 musician-of-stars
I told him I write poetry.
He asked me if I'll write poems about him.
And I said, yes every time you break my heart.
"Well then I'll never break your heart"
That was a promise he never kept.
All is still,
with the water so cold.
Gravity pulls down and ***** us in.
Our bodies lacking the response to push right back.
The darkness surrounds our closed vision as we get pulled down.
Both of us remembering our relationship with the water that brings us calm.
My close friend and I resonate with how the water brings us both an mysterious calmness when all seems lost. <3
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