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Himanaya Bajaj Aug 2020
Getting out of one’s comfort zone,
Trying out travelling alone,
Making decisions that are risk-prone,
Is no doubt difficult - like trying to live without a phone!

Often leads to breakdowns,
Often makes one look like a clown
And often makes one frown.

But then if one doesn’t live for these things,
They are just like a bird without wings.
Even if their day-to-day life doesn’t sting,
They miss out on life and all that it brings.
Himanaya Bajaj Jul 2020
Everything seemed to be going against him
Everything seemed grim
Even the brightest of lights looked dim
The burden on his mind had reached the brim

But then he found a silver lining in this horror
It resulted in the birth of a poet and author

Now there was no time he considered a bad time.
All it was was more content to write about and rhyme!

— The End —