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That hug could have lasted longer if dreams weren't what they are...
an envision of the imagination;
the complex mechanics that distinguishes
the real from what the mind and heart separately want.
Don't you love it when Dreams offer what you cannot have?
I stole a glance,
looked at you from afar,
realized I didn't have a chance...
a chance for you to see the scars.

I stole your words,
tasted your voice,
it was all I ever heard,
realizing it was always my choice.

I stole your attention,
provided you with the spotlight,
gave you everything you mentioned,
Just wished I could have been the one to give you a kiss goodnight.
To the one that gently convinced me to come out of my turtle shell...
Kewayne Wadley Jan 2020
Sometimes you don't need much
Sometimes it can feel like the beginning
Of a new life.
The start of a new moment
Legs wrapped around each other
Beneath off white sheets.
When the world makes it feel like
You haven't accomplished much.
Sometimes the smallest thing
Feels like a dream come true.
When she stretches her arm across
I start to remember all things
My weighed blanket warm & at rest.
Her chest raising and falling against my arm.
Of all the rooms in the world, there's
only one that truly exists.
And it exists when I kiss her forehead when she's sleep.
Her arms wrapped around me
Tight & snug
Sometimes it's moments like this
When one person can make you
Remember how important the small
Things are.
The difference one room can make
Rachiel Dec 2018
Is home a place?
Is home a person?
Is home a feeling?
Is home a suspension of our four dimension location?
For some it is all of the above.
A feeling of acceptance and security, with that person, at a safe place with no regret of losing time.
I bet we bless the day that person was born.
My home, my favorite feeling, my warmest secure place to be.
Moeshfiekah Jan 2018
For you I would kiss poetry
In a world so loud and poisoned
Let me take to a place where we
Would roam free.
It's about how words could impact a,single soul.
How it could help even the people in the worst of situations. No matter where in this world. Because even in a world of constant destruction. Just That single person could take you away from it all.
I worry that she’s in danger
I wouldn’t want illness to change her
She hasn’t responded to me on any form of media
One more week and then I’d be in hysteria

I should’ve asked her what was wrong
I would’ve cured her with a song
Even though she’s has someone else
We still make each other's heart melt

She’s my motivation to carry on
Nothing will be the same when she’s gone
I hope she’ll return into my life again
She has the key to the chain
This was my first poem, and I have lots more where that came from.
I am not that kind of girl that all of your friends would talk about,
And probably not the kind of girl that other girls would be jealous of.
I'm not the girl who could confidently show off her skin at the beach,
And not the girl that could look flawless in pictures.

But you know I'm the kind of girl who would do anything for someone who matters most- you.
Because I don't care if they'd like me or not,
I can't be the girl that they want.
But I'd definitely do my best to be the girl you love.
Persephine Feb 2016
I woke up with this treacherous world
And it seems that there’s an absence of right
Every spot I go, I could always see the wickedness of man
And the cruelty of universe

I was searching for a goodness of ones
Someone whom I could find the beauty of this world
The one who shows the glory of his dreams
And somebody that could give life on my perishing soul

I was searching for someone whom I could lean on
Someone who speaks on my unspoken humanity
Someone who listen the yell of my entity
And someone I could share my mental imagery

I was searching for so many things until I found you
You solved the questions that puzzling my  mind
You gave a freshly hope in my desperate life
And you escort me into the righteousness and light

Until I found you, I found a light
I could see the goodness in your loving heart
I finally found a helping hand that pulled me from apart
And a shoulder that I could cling on in my darkest times

You’re the one whom I couldn’t  ’t leave behind
In my life you’re the one of the greatest kind
A true friend that I could hold on when nothing’s seems right
And I can say.. searching is over now.
I created  this poem when I felt so down until I met this person who happened  to be the love of my life..
Mey Jul 2015
You were there sending me songs that basically explains your mood. You were there linking me ****** videos though it made me laugh so hard. You were there giving me tons of vine that brought me into good mood. You were always there for me, now let me take away your sadness and make you feel happy too.

You were there to print me a hard copy of our modules ‘cause my printer is broken. You were there at my birthday when I celebrated it with my college friends even if you weren’t invited ‘cause we're not that close yet. You were there to eat ice cream with me whenever I crave one. You were always there for me, now let me do things for you too.

You were there when my relation**** isn’t working out. You were there when I have no one else to talk to. You were there to sing me a song and play the guitar even if you’re too shy to do it just because I requested you to. You were always there for me, now let me sing you a song and you can play the music along.

You were there giving me the games I wanted so badly, but I know I’ll have to pay for it later. You were there teaching me how to play certain games ‘cause I ***** up at the beginning. You were there watching my back and taking revenge to our opponents because I really am good at dying. You were always there for me, now let me be the one to watch your back and I will protect you.

You never left. I did for some time. I was separated from you. We’d lost our connection. But life brought us back together. From then, I never want to lose you again. I was blinded by your smiles that I wasn’t able to know that you were hurting. I got sensitive of our simple conversations because of your dull reactions. Maybe you got sick of my questions, but I care for you and I don’t want you to feel so alone. *You were always there for me, now let me be there for you too.
Airisgone Jul 2015
Love like a child
Love like an innocent flower
With my simple words
Will you listen?

Cliche compliments that I want to say
but I won't
because you won't believe me
Why should I waste my breath?

Like an old friend
I won't betray you so easily
I can't promise forever
So, I'll promise you today

I'll love you more than yesterday
So, will you smile for me?
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