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Like the rain I was born to fall,
Down to the earth to rise,
And someday to return.
I greet the sky with green fingers.
And hold the sun’s hand.
Her touch is like breathing to me,
It keeps me alive,
And in return I keep you too.
As I drift to the grave I leave my kids in my place,
Where they will grow,
And hold the sun’s hand as I did long ago.
When I get older, maybe saner
Will I remember all the wars that we fought?
Perhaps I will forget all the old bone breaking danger
And all the wicked tricks we were once taught

Yet I will have the scars to prove
There was a time I was the brave one
When I was the hunter and not the food
That faceless shadow behind the gun

They will tell lies about our dreams
Their words will make us true born heroes
Painting with our blood the most poetic scenes
Using nothing more than a few misplaced words and mirrors

And because I can no longer remember
Because I’m just a shadow of the woman I once were
I will nod my head and heart in surrender
Not knowing I was my own personal saboteur
Because one day we may all forget our past, and that is what scares me the most...
Tiffany Scicluna Jan 2018
Round & round
In circles I go
An Endless cycle
That finally was gone.

After that,
What is there left,
Just an empty bottle.

A few dropplets,
Are only left,
Remaims of what was,
And no clue of what will be.
Donna Aug 2017
We are all just a
cucumber once sliced up we
go round in circles
to my fellow cucumbers :-)
Fun one
Anthony Smith Jun 2017
The moth flies in circles,
Forever distracted by the light.

Surely it must be the moon,
Telling it where to go.

Yet as long as it remains on,
The moth shall never escape.

For it is in the moth's nature
to always follow the light.

Until the time comes
that the moth is not but ash.
Max Jun 2016
Their feathers shiver
from the autumn wind;
Their wings move
making the wind swirl.
Their eyes and minds
are set on places with warmer air.
They are delighted,
they have their beaks
to splice the wind
and lead the way.

When they land,
they begin a new life
Unsure of what will happen,
But knowing
that they will return to their old.
From A Heart May 2016
Naiinis ako sa mga hipokrito
Na ginagawa sa iba
Ang ayaw nilang gawin sa kanila.

Naiinis ako sa mga makasarili
Na kaya kong unawain
Ngunit hind magbibigay ng oras na intindihin ako.

Naiinis ako sa kanya
Dahil nalilito ako.

Naiinis ako sa kanya
Dahil nililito ako.

Naiinis ako sayo
Kasi ayaw mo akong tigilan.

Naiinis ako sa sarili ko
Dahil ang mundo ay bilog nga
At alam kong lahat ng kinaiinisan ko
Sa akin din nagsisimula.
Apollo Hayden Jan 2016
A baby was born today
As an old man passes away
The circle of life synchronizing both feelings of joy and pain
Skye Carpenter Jan 2016
How sad it is that “all good things must come to an end”,
the idea that moments happen and then cease to exist is difficult to comprehend.
So go outdoors and watch the sunset, go to the beach and watch the tide recede,
sit down with your favourite book and begin to re-read,
take these evanescent moments and turn them to wonderful memories,
with a heart full of belief and reverie.
All safe in the knowledge that the circle of life will return once more,
in future fleeting moments, when we need it most; and knowing once again you will soar.
IsReaL E Summers Dec 2015
A slithering snake;
Afraid in the grass.
On his belly he wriggles;
But can't take a step back.
The rodent has sniffled
Where doeth he belong?
Suddenly swooping ;
An awe-inspiring Owl from heaven swoops down;
          to Save.
But the prey is afraid.
There's no grey;

in lifes laid. Be very afraid. Be very... afraid.
"Fear can only motivate so far"
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