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Andrew Rueter Jun 2018
Asleep alone
I got the light scare
Of a nightmare
With my plight there
Which wouldn't fight fair

Awake awaits
Chirping is all I hear
Dragging life into focus
Getting the lens clear
To see things are hopeless
My aches and pains
Are my body's refrain
To remind me of existence
Despite my mental resistance
I am lucid
I take my shoelace
And loop it
To run a new race

Timidly trembling
The violence in my dreams
Matches the silence and screams
That defile us and our team
Making the nightmares real
And the pain I can feel
So it's love I steal
A devil's deal
Hell unsealed
I can hear the vultures chirping
Or maybe they're just burping
Out the demons I ignored
My forgiveness they implored
To meet a silent scorn
Like a muted tribal horn
Banishing them to another realm
With my ostracism at the helm
Until the lonely are overwhelmed
And I see the error of my ways
Once I'm part of this chaotic haze

Practically paralyzed
I am lost
In this game
I've met the boss
He and I the same
He is a voice
Chirping in my ear
Saying I have no choice
I should give in to fear
And just drink beer
Until the end is here

Carelessly comatose
The birds that once sang beautifully
Now retreat dutifully
When they see my thoughtless anger
Turn me into a ruthless stranger
Creating danger
For those living righteously
They start fighting me
Trying to enlighten me
Which is only exciting me
Because I lack the sight to see
What the world could be
If we could harmonize
Like the birds
Not using argent lies
But soothing words
Yet there is no tax exemption
For my reluctant redemption
So my mind invented
No incentive

Soul slaughtered
The tear jerking
Birds chirping
Constantly remind me
Inside my sleep they find me
Thrusting me into a life unwinding
Through my window the sun is blinding
When I start to fear my brother
After seeing mirrors in others
Reflecting my attitude
Of ingratitude

I had a nasty nightmare
Of Camp Crystal Lake
Filled with misfit flakes
Paying for their mistakes
With pain and suffering
As deep as a submarine
Being torn apart
For every decision
Hiding their heart
To avoid incisions
And once all these losers are slain
The birds chirping start a new day
Can be found in my self published poetry book “Icy”.
Kee Apr 2017
3,452 holes in the wall.
I've counted all of them.
1,000 times this month.
My eyes closed, but sleep never comes.
So I count the holes in my wall.
Sometimes I listen to cars go by, or birds chirping.
Most times it's them yelling.
About me, or the bills.
Sometimes they even argue about  what to ******* eat.
I hate them both.
I wish they would've killed me instead.
4 more years until I'm free.
Until then...
1, 2, 3, 4, 5...
i wrote this spontaneously but i put a bit more thought into it. as of right now, Tian  is 12. I know in USA (That's where she's living)  it's 18 for the legal age, but I feel like it's too long of  a wait and this is fiction, so 16 it is :)
I don't want to tell the whole poem, but I do want to say that she suffers from insomnia and you'll learn why in the next part of the series :)
Thanks for reading!
Dr Zik May 2015
Essence of changing seasons
Layer by layer
What effect of falling dew drops?
Noise of silence
Calm between chirping birds
Feelings during tides of oceans
Beauty of falling flakes of snow
Grasping of fog and giving warmth feelings
Result of blossoming of flower
Feeling the emotions
While facing a wanted sudden situation
Is not it love of wisdom?
Dr ZIK Poetry
Gemella H May 2015
Break Of A New Day

Birds chirping,
Crickets singing,
People laughing,
Cars passing.

Dawn is breaking,
Clouds are shaping,
People walking
Fowls are dancing.

All else is SILENT.
Deon May 2015
I saw a bird on an electric pole
She chirps and looks at me
Like she's saying comprendo?

Then I try to make friends with her
But she twists her head
Like she's saying Me, You, Friends?
No way!!!

                                                      She looks down at me
                                       Up at her friends
                      And without a goodbye
           She spread her tiny wings
And off she went
True story happened to me on my way to school
Dr Zik Apr 2015
Would that I had become the eyes of blind one
And might have I seen what he wanted to see
Would that I had become the touch sense
And might have conveyed the message
To those who wanted to touch and feel
Would that I had become the tongue of a dumb one
And might have I made the speech what he wanted to speak
Would that I had become the ears of a deaf one
And might have I heard what he wanted to listen
O, chirping of birds
Whispering of morning air
I often think!
Zik Poetry
Katie Oct 2014
got that ****** itch
can be quite a *****
unwashed hair
just don't care
I gotz mad rhymes
just call me KT rhymes
Anand Sep 2014
In my Garden
at the night
a lover wakes up
to the sight

Of Twinkling Stars
and Dazzling Moon
he sings a song
and plays a tune

laden with dew
amidst the green grass
he calls out to his beloved
she's a beautiful lass

he sings the mating song
in a sweet gentle croon
comes hopping down to him
his lover so swoon

A serenade of love
rings through the night
the music plays
till the morning light
Inspite of the stillness
I couldn't sleep
thinking of her
lost in memories deep

My heart is craving for her
singing a calling song
my voice unheard
it's forgotten long

Will she ever see
the love in my eyes?
the silent sighs
my chirps and cries?
olympia May 2014
i sit there with
the cool wind
breezing against my face
while the summer sizzles
on my shoulders

your golden thigh
sticks to my skin
as we drive to the game
every ******* week

the boys
they sit in the back
and pack their lips
and talk **** about
the girls

the girls
who don't realize
that they're their easy targets
who skip around
in their short, tight

they talk about their waists
and the way they like to moan
every little imperfection
all avail have they shown

they think that it makes them buff
they think that it makes them cool
and i let them light their egos
and sometimes i chirp on too

but yet i sit and listen
and sometimes i think
they don't realize that i'm a girl

i don't know how i feel about that

— The End —