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Gideon Jun 21
Life is a comedy if you have the right sense of humour
Gideon Jun 2018
I'm not writing again
But today is Caitlin's birthday
And she does deserve a piece

We haven't talked of late
Yet I feel she's doing great
I'm not sure what to say
But I'm glad I didn't forget

Before this turns to a bore
I just want to say
I'm glad we were friends for a bit
Happy birthday Caitlin
Gideon Apr 2018
There's so much you don't know about me
There's so much I don't know about me
But maybe we can know each other a bit better
If you don't mind I'll go first

I think about you quite often
But I'm not sure what to say when you call
I have questions you don't have answers to
And I know they're ones I should find myself

Words haven't always been very effective for me
There are way too many to choose from
I've had every conversation you can imagine
It's all in my head but they're comforting

I try to be better you know?
Better than I was yesterday
Don't worry I try these days
Not to be too ******* myself

There are things I wish for that keep me up
I want them but I'm not doing enough yet
When things get tough I still remind myself that
The journey is the reward not just the destination

I haven't completely figured out who I am
But has anyone?
It means I get to choose and
Create a meaning despite the absurdity of it all

There's a new cookie recipe I made
You would most certainly love it
We should talk sometime Mom
Over fresh cookies and milk
Learn more about each other
Like mother and child should
Trying out new recipes
With hopes they turn out well
Gideon Apr 2018
In the still of the night
My thoughts drift inwards
I let my guards down
So maybe, just maybe
You catch me after midnight
I'll let you in
Share my deepest self
My fears
The part of me
I often hide with humor
At that point
You become a part of my world
See through my eyes
And get to know me
Just long enough
Until the walls go up again
It's just after midnight
Gideon Mar 2018
I keep erasing the words I write
With no life or soul in a poem
Why bother writing one at all
Gideon Apr 2017
Here I am again writing **** down like it'd make me feel better
I look in the mirror and **** i still like what I see
But the dude on the other side
Doesn't seem too happy with what I've become
A lot of things have changed
Not much that I'm particularly proud of
Maybe my best days are past
Maybe I'm a **** after all
Maybe I'm ****** in the head
And the only thing that makes sense is a paradox
Maybe I just need to sleep
Or get hit real hard in the face
It's probably really the end of days
Too late to be a ***** about it now
What if it's okay to feel bad
What if it's okay to ***** up
Maybe I'm just human after all

What about those I've hurt?
Wish I could say sorry enough
I never mean to hurt anyone
Except maybe the one in the mirror

So much has changed
But hey I still have a piece of my soul
I should probably let that bleed out too
Cos yeah it's so much easier to not feel at all

What the hell?! I'm probably overthinking everything
Nothing's as bad as it may seem
Well until your demons come to feed

What does it matter anyway
All of it
It's all just a joke
Not a very funny one though
I'm gonna climb back up my ***
And not show my face here again
It's not like anyone gives a ****
It's not like I give a ****

I'm no poet
I'm just ****** up
I guess this is what I get for coming back here. Uninspired thoughtless ramblings but hey I never said I was Shakespeare
Gideon Dec 2016
He offered me the earth and all in it
Riches and gold, power and fame
A place above kings, a throne to sit
Pleasures in life without no shame

In exchange for a soul
That I possess
You won't be a ghoul
Or demon possessed

Not nearly enough I turned and smiled
I wish not for fame
Nor money and power
If you give what I need
We have a deal

A man without desire
For the things on earth
What do you wish that I can't give
What do you have that most men wish

You're the Prince of Earth
And I'm satiable but
Not of the things in this world
Those things never last
Metaphors still
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