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Katie Sep 2015
This poem is called I think oreos might be better then ***
Even though that's not what the titled said
smooth and crunchy
chewy too
grind your teeth back and forth
eat that oreo
munch munch munch
Katie Apr 2015
where  I can say ****
without feeling Muck
and I can also eat greasy hotdogs
I can be covered in grease.. and nasty ****
and my boss...
is like...
hey, that's cool because you're here to ******* WORK
not to look good, or impress your suitemate
I don't know why I said suitemate.
that doesn't make sense.
who's a poet and doesn't know it?
this guuuurl
Katie Apr 2015
nippy noodles
ice cold
tall glass of water
Katie Jan 2015
All I seem to preach lately is..
and positivity and good vibes and kind words and laughter
so why doesn't that show in anything I write?
Katie Jan 2015
I think we need to **** up in order to grow.
maybe even on a daily basis.
do I sound like a cynic now?
Katie Jan 2015
Which feelings surpass other feelings
for being the feeling that feels the worst?
inexplicable sadness
is that even a feeling?
Daily goal: stop worrying about it.
seriously stop it
there isn't any point.
you have nothing to prove to anyone.
not even to yourself.
Katie Jan 2015
"If I **** it up, it's cool. that's art."
~ matt nathanson
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