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Colm Apr 2020
There was a time when I was broken
When I was down and waiting out
Watching others wear my crown
And waiting silently in wings

A folded self just asking why
Trusting in healing found in years of time

I outwaited all those demons  
Turned my enemies to friends
And then for ages, they looked on
As we won again, and again, and again

Sometimes you are the only problem
Sometimes the time is all you need
Sometimes the losses build the victor
No dynasty is meant to be

You have to make it
Toxic yeti Mar 2019
On a remote
Part of the Great Wall
There are sad spirits
Looking for justice
And many demons
Amongst these spirits
Is one of a
Woman who cried colourred ink
Instead of tears
Had an ear shattering scream
Which will **** you.
Who was possessed
And died from
The possession.
Toxic yeti Mar 2019
During the
Foreign invaders
From Arabia
In China
A young woman
Headed to the northern
Mountains and struggled until
She was on the moon
Where she looks over
Her people
Until peace comes back
Though she
Never returned to
For hate is a poison
To her.
Toxic yeti Feb 2019
The chief concubine
Enters the room
Flowing gowns
Beautiful colourful
I mistake her for
A butterfly
Though with
A ***** look I
Know that I shouldn’t
Mess with her.
She is fierce.
ashley marie Jun 2018
The last time I felt the touch of your frail fingers
Was the dawn of your dynasty.
Doubts, questions, confessions.
you, my love,
do not have to say anything."
"I was able to love you more,"
You say,
And that was enough.

Do not wake the lady from her sleep,
I say.

Shall your lips tremble again,
Mine will quiver a million times more.
Shall your eyelids flicker open,
Mine will forget to blink.
Let the riverbank gather.
Let the moss amass.
Let the trees collect frost.
Let the snow glaze past.
And let their leaves starve and die.

This moment of stillness,
Where I carry emptiness,
Shall never be forgotten.
The weight of my lover’s last breath upon my shoulders,
This is where your dynasty begins.
He's thinking about other women
You're not the ocean he's swimming
But you're brimming
With perfection for me
I want to move like the tides
For you in the pitch black
Just stay on your back
And let the insecurities wash ashore
Let peace as I touch be your main focus
It's never been about my desires
But oh lord how do you sleep at night letting yourself be deprived of such a great feeling?
You'd give me that tight
Instense feeling
And I want to release it
On you and nobody else
He's browsing through the app to see what he can find
I just want to be the person who can get behind
You and make you feel at home
I want to dream and live it
Not just dream
We're apart of the same team
So let me give you effort to win a dynasty
Your highnessty
A Chinese
lawyer he's
existent that
baldly wishes
his FoE
with big
kong will
only burgle
liars  to
sell their
goods at
market if
he'd wise
the climate
by dawn
or else
heed abroad
A Ming Dynasty
Phoenix Bekkedal Jun 2017
An albino moth wanders into my apartment
And I wonder how's it's stayed alive so far
And if it will fly low enough
for my dog to ****** out of the sky
And end a dynasty
I saw a white bug on the ground and that made me think of moths and yup
Cyrus Gold May 2016
Centuries past, when lands were shared,
existed houses of varying levels of influence.
A stable democracy established with care,
composed of each dynasty's constituents.

The House of Ravenswood was feared the most,
with rumors surrounding its members;
accusations of witchcraft, sabotage and ******
caused a real lack of contenders.

The Ravenswood dynasty's blood was sacred,
and the family had only one rule:
the members may marry whomever they wish
except for the members of Skrule.

A fair lady from this mysterious family
had beauty matched only by angels unseen;
delicate ivory hair runs past her shoulders
with hazel eyes emitting a magnificent sheen.

This fair lady from Ravenswood,
with a presence so graceful and heavenly,
was heralded as the shining example of perfection
borne of wealth, yet respected by the peasantry.

She would greet the people and roam the land
for inspiration to craft her art,
but when she met a farmer from Skrule,
their hearts refused to depart.

Knowing that their love is forbidden in the land,
they kept their affair a secret.
They risked their lives to be with one another
and swore to each other to keep it.

Fair Lady Ravenswood was naïve at best
with a passion for song and dance;
at a ball one night came a handsome gent
with a mask, thus taking a chance.

In sync with one another, they painted the halls
with a waltz that pleased the crowd.
They danced as a unit with their eyes unmoved,
creating a masterful shroud.

The faceless mask concealed the farmer
but the fair lady knew it was him.
They smiled and kissed but sadly
a guard had recognized him on a whim.

The farmer was taken away from her,
his face revealed to the people;
the crowd in shock that a Skrule and a Ravenswood
had dared to dance as equals.

Her soul was ripped from her body
as she cried out in front of family and friends.
The farmer, no, the equal, she loved
was never to be seen again.

Lady Ravenswood was heartbroken,
as her beloved was gone for a while.
And as time had passed, she feared the worst
and in truth, she carried his child.

The House of Ravenswood, accused of ******,
was crumbling from within;
democracy shifted against their will,
retribution was sought for their sin.

Lady Ravenswood had lost her color
as her house decayed over time;
but her family stood firm and showed no mercy,
punishing her for her crime.

They cursed the lady by trapping her soul
within the castle walls forever;
to make matters worse, they took her child
to be exiled for worse or for better.

The dynasty's influence began to diminish
and their numbers were stretched and few;
as the coalition came and knocked that night,
there was little that they could do.

A battle was waged and the castle was raided
with the rivals standing in victory;
the cries of heaven had tamed those fires
with Ravenswood wiped from history.

But just before they left their mark,
the intruders saw a girl.
A worn-out dress soaked in Ravenswood blood
had signaled the end of her world.

Cursed Lady Ravenswood stood alone
against these bandits, with a knife;
her warnings appeared on the cursed walls
as she brought the castle to life.

Raven wings protrude from her back
as her body turns pale and cold;
now frozen in fear, they halt their attack
as they watch the mutation unfold.

"**** the witch! She mustn't leave!"
but they witnessed her soul ascend;
with the dark sky pouring its midnight rain,
she was never to be seen again.

Unbeknownst to the people, the lady remained
at the vacant and wretched castle for good;
she waits an infinity for her beloved
at the cursed House of Ravenswood.
Negative Chapter to a Multi-Part series that I've written.
Tehreem Feb 2016
Darkness stirred in her soul
She moved between the realms
Her despair and longing
Grew louder and louder
The conquerer of her kingdom
The master of the conquests
On an another expidition
Occupied with his battles
Unaware of her despair
Invades a new dynasty
With rapidly fading hopes
Her ****** eyes awaits..
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