John Glenn Dec 2018
Your eyeglasses
Are a stimuli
And I
I hope you
Keep wearing them
So your heart sees clear
That you're beautiful
With them on.
John Glenn Dec 2018
I am part devil
*** taps at my skull
I turn him away
And make wrong choices

I am half human
Begging forgiveness
Humble with remorse
Solace in vices

I am part divine
Willing to accept
Defeats and losses
And make right choices
John Glenn Dec 2018
I often color the sky
based on the intensity of love.

It can go from exchanging compliments
of sapphire, vanilla, and blue

to different degrees of purple,
black, and velvet hue.

Sometimes the richest combination
of orange, yellow, explosions of honey.

Oftentimes all shades of gold, bronze
plus all the colors of downy.

A careless mix of
pink skies in perspectives of blue

All paint poured to the sky
if the intensity's for you.
John Glenn Nov 2018
I will never love you
Never believe that
I will write about you
Because of your pulchritude,
I will share every cliche and
Imagine constellations and blackholes;
I will not
Never believe that
I will think of you
In every cup of coffee
In every rainy day;
I won't.
Don't ever think that
I love you
read bottom up

— The End —