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John Glenn Sep 25
people prize
the words
aristocrats toss,
not the effort
John Glenn Sep 20
When they told me
your eyes are a window
to the soul
who would've guessed that
it was a fifty-foot drop,
a justified jump,
and I've fallen flat;
to the sorrow of my soul?
John Glenn Sep 17
Long ago was the story
of the passionate shepherd,
All the pleasures and glory
Unrequitedly offered

All the beds of roses
All the purest gold
Everything shows his
Love of finest bold

But with time's passing
So does love can change
Is it everlasting?
Does the shepherd exchange

All for but a short delight?
Since his dame was always late
Is the shepherd still
that passionate?
So I read Christopher Marlowe's classic and I thought, okay
John Glenn Sep 8
I wanted to write a poem
because I wanted to test
the integrity of life
when life tests
the integrity of me,
indulge in decadence,
and create a travesty
out of society;
fall in love, like a skylark
does with his sesame seeds...

and it was not until after
I have written
did I realize
I have not written at all.
John Glenn Sep 7
the sweetest happiness
is often savored
in our tongues
like honey
after a long,
and bitter sadness.
John Glenn Sep 6
there I was, closing my eyes
hearing what they couldn't see
voices as cold as the night
she was an old woman yesterday
a young girl today,
an old maniacal man tomorrow
apparitions and entities
with whispers so loud
images fetter me with dread
and as I try to cup my hands
unto my ears, the ears of a madman,
and stretch my blanket
over my cold feet and curled up body,
kick, and scream, and wail,
and cry for help
in the dark of night,
I am silenced by such fears
I've seen the nasty places
not with the eyes
but through my ears
I am not schizophrenic but God knows how horrible it must be to be one.
John Glenn Aug 30
Conversations are coffee
Small talks go smoothly
Arguments are bitter
Heart to hearts arouse
Pillowtalk stimulates
Public speech palpitates
Late-night talks often deep
Hurtful words avert sleep
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