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MissNeona Sep 2020
The chimps are fighting the bonobos
on the jungle floor
I wanna elevate the game
so they can see there's something more
above their head if they dare see -
bananas hanging in them trees
instead of just runnin' around flinging feces
if they just keep their chin up they would see....

Look up, you monkey!
Michael R Burch Apr 2020
by Michael R. Burch

for Jeremy Michael Burch

Cherubic laugh; sly, impish grin;
Angelic face; wild chimp within.

It does not matter; sleep awhile
As soft mirth tickles forth a smile.

Gray moths will hum a lullaby
Of feathery wings, then you and I

Will wake together, by and by.


Life’s not long; those days are best
Spent snuggled to a loving breast.

The earth will wait; a sun-filled sky
Will bronze lean muscle, by and by.

Soon you will sing, and I will sigh,
But sleep here, now, for you and I

Know nothing but this lullaby.

Keywords/Tags: lullaby, child, cherubic, angelic, imp, chimp, mirth, sleep, snuggle, snuggled
Dave Robertson Mar 2020
but not lacking lists
we drift from start of task to task
half a heart engaged
half a mind to dash
make a break for clean air
and there’s the rub

our chimp brains love
and chimp arms seek hugs
but they must stay empty
at least
until the dust settles
And I will not discuss evolution
Or fairytales with you
You are much to important to me
To be monkeying around with
And I would go bananas if I lost you
And I swear by my ancestor's bones
I will not provoke you

Waah , Waah , Waa Waah !
Ooh ! Ooh ! Ooh !

Translated means , "I've gone ape over you !"
Come swing with me on the vines of life
Everyday will be bananas and honey
We can sleep in the tree tops
Gaze at the stars
And pick each other's fleas
Come on baby , Please !
Mokomboso Aug 2014
They’ve sparked our curiosity throughout the ages
Their familiarity became a curse
Prodded in the lab or displayed at the circus
The chimp is loud, boisterous, uninhibited
Known for his violence, infamous for warfare
But that’s only a fraction,
There is much love, caring and empathy in their interactions

Spritely, funky and playful
These cute little apes look a lot like people
They are a trifle weird and ever so kooky
The lady is alpha, she forms alliances with ******* girl action
Dubbed hippies of the jungle, conflict is solved with a cheeky snuggle
But they’d rather not be typecast, if you mess with the bonobo
She’ll kick your ***!

The thinker of the rainforest
Remembers more plants than a botanist
Don’t be fooled by her slow moving nature
Keep in mind she’s always watching, she’s a precise imitator
Patience is her virtue, planning her forte
They’re the zoo-mates most likely to escape
When they’re not being industrious
Their orangutan antics are quite hilarious!

Undeserving of their movie monster status
The gorilla is a kindly, sensitive fellow
Shyly hides in his bushy terrain
Watching over his wives and children
He’s a protective father with an impressive physique
Built only on leaves! The gorilla has nimble fingers
And a nimble mind, not quite the brute we’ve been taught to despise
Though this has changed in recent years
This beef cake with a heart, we now hold dear

Weak and smooth with a layer of fat
His blunt canines give a poultry bite
His skull is round like an overgrown child
He forges his strength from the blazing campfire
He dresses in cloth and goes to work
The office quenches his ancient hunter’s thirst
Yet he knows not how to use his particular gift
He rapes and pillages the earth that birthed him
I swear this is the last primate one!!!! I know I'm obsessed but that's just me.  
This is for an art project, each verse actually goes with an illustration I've drawn.
Mokomboso Jul 2014
Happy first day!
Well aren't you just the sweetest thing, in your christening dress
Wide eyed and innocent, lapping up the attention
They passed her round the garden like proud parents
The birth was swift even instant, delivered in a cardboard box with a naming certificate

Happy 2nd birthday!
You look so cute in your summer straw hat
They taught her to speak, taught her to play, taught her the manners of society
Friends were unsure, they warned mother of the dangers ahead
Your child won't always be this obedient
She'd shake her head, cover her ears, this time will be different
She loves her brother and rescpects her father like any other kid

Happy 4th birthday!
Looking adorable in your ruffles and frills
Mischievous yet charming, brother her partner in crime
She provided her family with merriment and laughs
She used her hands to make audacious demands, her cake the most elaborate
women spoil her rotten, daddy feels no longer secure
Baby's got an attitude, and he's in the firing line

Happy 6th birthday!
your summer dress already ripped
The parties get too wild, the BBQ rusts in the shed
Family sits stiff in the lounge instead
Brother stays by her side, she loves him no less
They wrestle and they prank but now mother watches tense
She still stands by what she said years ago
Things are gonna work, her daughter's never gonna grow!

Happy 8th birthday!
your dress no longer fits
She's a big girl now, her and her brother adolescent
He rebels with his words, his drinking late into the night
He dresses like his music, his new identity mapped out
She too rebels, lashing out, finding her place is not with this crowd
There's something inside missing, the truth is coming out
Another round of insolence, father raised his voice
She raised her hands, she struck him down

Happy 15th birthday!**
it's been many years now
Locked away in exile, by the rusty BBQ
Like a criminal cousin, they never speak of her
Ashamed of their decision, afraid of her
She cries out in the hopes that they will let her in
She cries out in anger, they're supposed to be her kin.
About a chimp being kept as a pet/"surragte child".

— The End —