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25 years old, still Nothing Owed.
Could get out of bed, or just
do some more 4-**.

A day for the world.

Ate some moxy,
Can feel it.

nothing more
than to make music.
What am I?

MissNeona Sep 2020
The chimps are fighting the bonobos
on the jungle floor
I wanna elevate the game
so they can see there's something more
above their head if they dare see -
bananas hanging in them trees
instead of just runnin' around flinging feces
if they just keep their chin up they would see....

Look up, you monkey!
Pour faire sourire ma muse
Malgré elle je fais le pitre :
Je me fais animal en extinction
Tamarin lion de jour
Et Ara cobalt de nuit
Et je fais constamment la mue
Entre Anodorhynchus leari
Et Leontopithecus rosalia
Et à force de mues
Je perds le Nord
Je me pends par la queue
Aux branches de mon nid
Je fais des grimaces
et je lèche le bec des femelles
En rut.
Mais ma muse raffole
Non pas de ma race folle
De tamarin-ara métis
Mais des gorilles, bonobos et magots
Et autre faune libertine...
Elle adore !
Elle est admirative !
J'ai beau lui sortir ma généalogie ascendante de mandrill
Mes trois seizièmes de sang bonobo,
Mes trois seizièmes de gènes de gorille,
Mes trois seizièmes d'âme de macaque de barbarie
Et mon blason d'argent à quatre fasces de gueules
Ma muse n'en a cure.
Elle n 'a d'yeux que pour ces bonobos,
Gorilles et magots légitimes
D'authentique Afrique mythique.
Mokomboso Aug 2014
Hugging tightly to your inanimate love
Swaying it like you should be swayed yourself
Sung a high octave lullaby, to which everyone replies
There are no arms growing out from the woodwool
Only yours, in that little corner of the room, just meant for you
No one to show you how to fight
Your mother, a kid her self didn’t know what to do
All the decisions now made by you
You’re nervous, skittish, delicate and small

Your cousin teases and chases
And your over-reactive screams only prove what I know
You’re at the bottom of the pile, a shunned little child
I’m sure you have highs in between your lows
Did I just come at a bad time?
But it was just like last time
I’m told it’s hard to fit in
For a orphan of your predicament
The youngest shows you kindness and concern
But maybe one day, social climbing is learned
And she’ll be rough as her sister
Plus the maniac crowds can only hinder
It’s a slow process as it is, but this busy air
Will slow you still

I noticed as the day draws on, and the rush has gone
You edge forward a short distance
Underneath a platform, venturing for a second
Tottering back to safety with cries of alarm
You never let go of your woodwool mum
You eat your greens with just one hand
All the other three gripped on tight

It strikes me how pretty you are, a special little face
And ******* marble eyes
A thick frizzy wreath of hair frames your tiny skull
Not one lies out of place
How anyone could not love you, I don’t know
When you’re alone, with only your father
I beckon you over, I'm charmed
You shuffle forward with curiosity
You seem so slightly calmer, you still have far to go
I tell you how sweet you are, pretend to groom your shoulders

Then in crashed Malaika, throwing her weight
How dare you leave your corner space!
She kicks and pushes you, back to where you sat
I try not to make a scene, hold back the urge to intervene
“Shake her hand and be nice!”
We try again a couple more times, peace at last
You watch me still, I take your picture, give you a pep talk
It’s not a sweet life as the underdog
I was a kid like you, unpopular, picked on
But you should know Lopori, you rock!
Lopori is a drop-dead gorgeous two year old bonobo who has problem intergrating with her group because she has no mother. She relies on zoo keepers and her other bonobo family members, and kids being kids, another juvenile (Malaika, featured in another poem) alternates between rough play and physical bullying of Lopori.
Mokomboso Aug 2014
They’ve sparked our curiosity throughout the ages
Their familiarity became a curse
Prodded in the lab or displayed at the circus
The chimp is loud, boisterous, uninhibited
Known for his violence, infamous for warfare
But that’s only a fraction,
There is much love, caring and empathy in their interactions

Spritely, funky and playful
These cute little apes look a lot like people
They are a trifle weird and ever so kooky
The lady is alpha, she forms alliances with ******* girl action
Dubbed hippies of the jungle, conflict is solved with a cheeky snuggle
But they’d rather not be typecast, if you mess with the bonobo
She’ll kick your ***!

The thinker of the rainforest
Remembers more plants than a botanist
Don’t be fooled by her slow moving nature
Keep in mind she’s always watching, she’s a precise imitator
Patience is her virtue, planning her forte
They’re the zoo-mates most likely to escape
When they’re not being industrious
Their orangutan antics are quite hilarious!

Undeserving of their movie monster status
The gorilla is a kindly, sensitive fellow
Shyly hides in his bushy terrain
Watching over his wives and children
He’s a protective father with an impressive physique
Built only on leaves! The gorilla has nimble fingers
And a nimble mind, not quite the brute we’ve been taught to despise
Though this has changed in recent years
This beef cake with a heart, we now hold dear

Weak and smooth with a layer of fat
His blunt canines give a poultry bite
His skull is round like an overgrown child
He forges his strength from the blazing campfire
He dresses in cloth and goes to work
The office quenches his ancient hunter’s thirst
Yet he knows not how to use his particular gift
He rapes and pillages the earth that birthed him
I swear this is the last primate one!!!! I know I'm obsessed but that's just me.  
This is for an art project, each verse actually goes with an illustration I've drawn.
Mokomboso Jul 2014
Families run drive by shootings
Pointing their phones to take a quick snap
Dragging their brood from base to base, "look at the lion!"
They point at his general direction
Without much regard for what they observe
They mindlessly lick their icecream, so don't read the signs.
Belch out the wrong names with assured ignorance
I'm not much better for I am a ******, resting on the ground
Staring in admiration in the bonobos' 3 walled lounge
Yet I absorb their being, learn each flinch and nuance
Their complexity should eclipse any human arrogance
And all but one ignore me, a little girl
With flicky black hair, large curious eyes and bandy limbs
A cute little girl, charismatic, adorable, wild
I show her my drink, I show her my toys, I show her my intentions
I smile. Her name is Malaika, she lives up to her name
Angelically pretty in her bonoboish way
She carries her sister on her back, her mother sits dignified
Slender and slight
I chase Malaika and she gallops away
She joins me with glee in our little game
she kicks the glass and I knock it back, she shakes her head
exposing her cheeky tongue and pulling a face
Unabashed I return the gesture, mirroring her apelike flamboyance
her imagination shatters glass, when I puckered my lips she kissed me back!
I held her attention for so long, I'll hold her friendship deep in my heart
I hear people come and go, obligatory point and click
running through from door to door, calling "baby monkey!"
I leave no room for shudders, my wonder drowns out the others
young children see it too, just another young being looking back through
But alas, mum tugs their harness, "time to get hotdogs I'm ****** starving"
Blindness is learned, though it's a habit easy to kick
I'm honoured to be in your presence, little Malaika
I'm flattered you find me intriguing, little Malaika
You run along now, join your mother and sister
Yet here I remain, stuck to the ground
Watching intently, mesmerised by their sound  
I don't want to leave, so relaxed I could sleep.
No time spent is wasted when it's spent in this room, just me and my cousins.
Just me and you.
I went to Twycross zoo yesterday and made a friend.
Her name is Malaika, it means angel in swahili and arabic.
BTW, my darling other half was involved in the meeting, I just have no idea how to include him without making the lines to long and ploddy. And he had the drink, I had the toys.
Mokomboso Jul 2014
Under the shelter of the canapies, relaxing in the shady trees
I want to wake up in the morning where my breakfast grows all round me
Kiss and make up, shake my hand
You're screaming like a chimpanzee, come here now
open your arms and calm back down
Hold on to me and we will be blissful
ease the tension make us feel wonderful
No pain of monogamy, the fragile nuclear family
Nobody is ever perfect, we will fight we will hurt
Don't doubt that we are feisty, but together: we will always be
Partying with strangers, sharing out the hunt
Here and there a scuffle, just a kiss a squeeze and shushhhh
Grooming in the sunlight, snoozing while children playfight
We bid farewell by dusk, rub rub, snuggle, stroke. Enough.
Now I'm no idealist, far from it I'm a realist
Perfection isn't my goal, but none of us immune to envy
the forest is lusher on the other side, the fruit is sweeter
I want to leave **** behind and live the pan paniscus life!
Poem about bonobos. Now it's been proven times over that bonobos aren't just *** crazed hippies, and they are as complex as any other ape. However the relative abundance of food in their habitat does mean that serious conflict between strangers is much less prevalent.

— The End —