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Andrew Aug 28
All but a day left,

My last chance,

Come back to me;
                     oh sweet soul
Marsha A Aug 24
Don't push me away.
I've tasted your good and bad,
and I still want you.
I love all of your flaws.
And I love you.
Just give me a chance.
i have been burning my whole life.
encased in immaculate flames,
flying too close to the sun
on these fragile wax wings.

— an image of icarus
Look at everything I've done
There is no forgiving this
Even still, all I did was run
I rand from it all
I'm gone
I departed to a new place
Where no one could know
This dreaded face
I spent my time on the train

Time has come to Fall
The color red was all around
Each leaf is a memory hiding
Things that shouldn't be found

The wait comes to an end
Where I will take
The first step
Towards a new life
And right away
"Welcome to our town!"
"There's no need to frown!"
"Come on, let's be friends!"
Rushed by all the villagers
"Hey, I'll show you around."
The young miss
Said to me.
So then she went off, guiding
This was the next step
In this life

Is this forgiveness?
The world has given me a
Second chance
This is a new life
A new Me
I'll turn over a new leaf
I can make the change

Past, present, future
Past doesn't matter
And we live in the present
Fighting for our future

"Hey, miss,
Let's strive forward in this town...
This is now my town
Our town
Something far greater
Than even destiny.
Ha ha an interesting take on this game. Wish I put more references in to there but hey, I love how it came out.
my eyes
like bullet holes
in the side of
car windows
waking up
in someone else’s life
in someone else’s bed
and I dream of escape
but they’ve taken my legs
and restricted my jurisdiction
to four tiny light blue walls
that drive me mad and
imprisoned me
inside a prison
inside a prison
inside infinite prisons
like a Martyoshka doll
with an open door policy for
violence but limiting my
freedom of expression to
cover up these walls with
anything that interests me
but I guess that’s the way
the world works, anything
interesting is prohibited and
beating you senseless is
encourage so may never
know who you are or what
you’re doing or what you’ll
become but if there’s
a little blue sun that shines
on the luck of chance and
it comes to you naturally,
know it, take it and run with it
like you’re being chased by
cannibalize headhunters
because you never know
when it’ll come back, if ever,
and sitting here now
thinking of Havana
realizing that I’m still here
in this reoccurring nightmare
of unnecessary difficulty
I’d appreciate a simple pleasure
like pissing on a mosquito
that’s resting in the urinal
The Sun Shining Fully We're Dust-Death-Dreadfully,

Sigh It Fitfully The Bully Spitefully,

Switched On The GoalPost I'm Pissed Rightfully,

Righteously Bitched Up I Flee Frightfully.

Butterfly Baby Still Stuck In The Womb,

Cocoon Can't Break Out Off (.) Life Caught Me To Soon,

Sense Clicks Off (.) Before You Hit Noon,

Chaos In Threads So It's Tangled The Loom.

Words Scream From Paper The Letters Spell Doom,

Written On Walls But You're Stuck In The Room.
Harry Roberts - The Room © 08/08/18

There was a time
within me
I wanted to be
an actor
on stage
or a screen
big or small
no matter to me
after all
The exposure is nice
I guess
and all that kind of stuff
but that’s not what drew me to it
Just being an actor
was enough

I enjoy performing
and have a memory
for lines
One of those people
who can quote
a whole movie
It plays in my head
can fast forward
and rewind

But it’s easy to recite
the work of another
One who already
searched within
and discovered
what to emote
the affect
and such
To replay like a puppet
That’s not saying much
Could I nail
the scene
and get the feeling right?
When other actors work with me
maybe they might
get inspired
to the point
they become lost in the scene
We’re reliving
the story
A fantastic team
When the director yells
all applaud and cheer
Tears in the eyes of some
touching memories
they hold near

The performance
The “art”
that’s what matters most
A singer belting out a song
or a comic
at a roast
The thought of it now
gets me giddy
and inspired
but yet
here I sit
In my chair
I am mired

Never took that step
all that fear
My doubts and insecurities
Worry how much others care
That fear
of failure
or that I wouldn’t
“measure up”
A deer frozen
in headlights
I am forever stuck

And as the time continues on
The days, and months and years roll by
Which is the greater loss?
If I failed
or never tried?
Written: August 8, 2018

All rights reserved.
Josh Aug 7
Hold me,
The way you did that night
That we kissed, underneath
The stars, sitting in our car
Love that would never end,
Love that wouldn’t dent,

At least that’s what we thought,
But I guess that was just a lie,
One of many that were told,
By you and I.

Hold me like you did, once more
And don’t let go,
Carla Aug 5
The trees stand before me,
Like a crowd of men,
A jury of wooden minds,
Facing me again.

Unknowing of the consequences,
Of my actions’ reply,
These trees are the gates,
To the forest’s eye.

A whole journey ahead,
And I shall trek on,
I shall take the chance,
Before it is gone.

Take that chance,
Take that risk,
Just believe me,
It shan’t be brisk.
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