PoserPersona Jul 3
As a mortal you will die;
  in exchange, a chance at life.
Though it is not guaranteed,
  moments, are odds to be seized.
Anne Jul 1
I think you're making a big mistake
But it’s your decision to make
Seeing you going hurts
Just throwing me from the thin air like dirt
I tell myself to let go and move on
Now you’re feeling regrets
Yet you come crawling back
Begged for great love
’’Please give me a chance’’
’’I’ve made a mistake’’
It was my favorite mistake you’ve done
One I hope you to make again
Perhaps some mistakes
Demand to be made
To learn something in life
For the future
Mistakes and regrets
Aa Harvey Jun 28
These are the good times.

Betwixt and between, lovers caught in a quandary;
Do we fall in love forever?
Or just remember each other fondly?
What will be will be, but oh!  What might have been…
If we only took a shot in the dark at the never before seen.

Love is so new as to be exciting,
Yet the unknown is all so very frightening;
Bewildering days lost beneath the thunder and lightning.
And then at last the summer arrives;
The rainy days are washed away from our lives.
The sadness we clung to so very tightly,
Morning, noon and nightly,
Fades away from our memory as love brings us to life.

Such joy eternal!
Possibly to become, one day, matrimonial.
Anything is possible in these times of revival.
The good old days of love are back again;
No longer bound by self-imposed chains;
No longer afraid of falling deeply into love…
The world is my oyster and I could eat;
I will see if she would like to fall in love with a guy like me.
If not, then c’est la vie, it was never meant to be.

But eagerly I await her answer,
Because my heart is in a ballroom, waiting for my dancer,
To take my hand, so I can spin her around
And show her I love her,
As we glide across the ground.

She will run to me like a dirty dancer affair
And after I have picked her up,
I will lift her high into the air!

Finally we are all out of dance.
Hopefully when she lands,
I will find myself inside a new romance.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Amber Jun 28
so many chances given
so many times forgiven
so many stitches yet to heal
but crossed over with more wound
taking longer time to heal
yet the scar left behind will never be gone
title by joshua cos i didn’t know what to name my poem :)  go fllw him!! @joshua nai
There’s no price tag on our friendship
Your skin is covered in gold that drips
Like dew off the morning flowers
The reflection of honey glistening off your body for hours
I yearn for the sweet taste of your lips
And your stern yet tender hands on my hips
Pulling my ribs closer to yours
Like a waterfall my love pours
Into a half empty glass
You’ve been plagued by your past
But I’m working to make you whole again
No matter how long it takes or when
You’ll always be my friend
Whether this love song comes to a bitter end
Or we prosper into a new tomorrow
I will relieve you of all your sorrow
Change your situation
Elevate your mental station
We were made to be
You and me
What do you say?
No matter what I’m here to stay
Traveling through life
Together beating the former strife
It can all start fresh for us
Re-spark our youthful lust
We are a quintessential dream team
I’ll light up your darkest nights like a sunbeam
Holding your hand or your heart
With your head on my chest we will never be apart
Dancing throughout the bedroom
To the songs that around us loom
Be mine forever please
And I’ll be yours with ease
You make me shine like the midday sun
And bring me comfort like the ocean breeze
Aa Harvey Jun 13
A million more chances

Some people they get to live forever;
Some people do not have the same luck.
I want to go on until the other end of the never,
But fate has decided my time is up.

If only I had a million more chances.
A million more attempts to live life to the full.
Maybe I could find the antidote;
If only I could read every single book.

If only I could; if only.
Maybe I would not have to feel so lonely,
Because nobody understands the pain that is my life!
I am not and never will be ready to walk into the light.

My hope is in Pandora’s box;
I wish I could just pick that lock,
But I cannot, for the fear is too strong.
I guess this is my lot.

Exhausted from the thought of it all;
No key to be found to walk through a sliding door.
In a life so short, why was it all such a chore?
A battle for life; a love I never saw.
I only glimpsed at what could have been,
But now that desire has gone; I have lost everything.

I could never try, without somebody at my side.
I cry all the time, because all I want is a life
And a love life too; is that too much to ask?
Please do not take this all from me.
Please do not take it all back.

As the depression kicks in,
I sink into the abyss.
The loneliness of me, the pity, the lost wishes;
Let me live.
If this is what must be, then why must it be me?
I want to live, I want to live;
I want to be set free.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Lyn-Purcell Jun 8
I will leave my footprints
on the grains of life
Have the chance to look
back, and smile at success
that walks before as
well as behind me
Dreaming hard! And fuelling my hope! :)I
Ive almost have 80 followers! My heart's going through the roof!
Thank you all so much!

Be back soon!
Lyn xxx
Joshua Nai Jun 8
This day you have made! I will rejoice and be glad in it!
Yet again, you gave me a chance. I will rejoice and be grateful of it!
Another day to feel your presence! I look forward to the day ahead!
to God
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