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This emptiness,
This silence;
Will they ever go away?
Make it go away, I pray.

Is it okay to miss the chaos?
Is it okay to miss the uncontrollable thoughts?
Even the ones that I once badly fought.

Emptiness overcame me;
Mental shutdown was real,
It has made me numb;
where I cannot feel,
my breakdown.

My mind plays a series of images,
The moments we could've had,
The life we could've had.

The music I listen to
have been my only guide;
My therapist in need,
While I decide.

Where is home.
Sharon Thomas Mar 27
What you call love;
I call weakness.

Don't mind my bleakness.
I wasn't always this way.

Monsters make monsters,
I've heard somewhere.
I guess I am one,
with no love to spare.

Love makes you feel all kinds of things;
Yet not warned are we
'bout people
whose actions sting.

Correct me if I'm wrong,
but if that's love for you and this is for me,
I guess all it did was make me
  Mar 21 Sharon Thomas
Kafka Joint
It is a small wonder and a big surprise,
After old nightmares to see a new sunrise.
Sharon Thomas Mar 21
You were my first love;
The love my heart ached for,
The love that I was ready to wait for.

You were the kind of love
That taught me forgiveness;
The one you never deserved.

You left me heartsore;
The things I liked to do,
Never intrested me anymore.

I died a little everyday;
Until I could take it no more.
It was time to breakaway.

The years went by,
Time healed my pain;
And my sanity,

Like a phoenix,
I arose;
Ever so strong,
Who no one would oppose.
I shall rescue you
Palestine smile for me
I shall set you free
Palestine be brave in life
Palestine so peaceful I can see
And Palestine
A beautiful Country  
On there's knees every day
And there happiness taken away
No smiling in Palestine today
I shall set you free
PALESTINE just believe in me
And my heart weeps
For all the suffering
But Palestine I'll promise you all
I'll love and pray for
Every Palestinian suffering in life every day.
Free Palestine 🌷❤️
The Lord Jesus Christ See's There Suffering.
Success comes after you tell it loudly

" I am not afraid of failure"
Sharon Thomas Mar 13
I remember you walking down the aisle;
Your eyes met mine,
As you graced me with your smile.

My heart beat so hard;
As you kept walking towards me.
I have never loved another;
Who'd made me weak to my knees.
This must be God's decree.

As I made my vows,
with you by my side;
I knew one thing was for certain,
Not even death would dare to take you;
Even if he tried.
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