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If love would have had a face then yours would have been the perfect
If love would have chosen a medium then I would be lonely
c Sep 12
I don’t love you
I usually don’t even like you
But there’s something about you
That makes me want you more
than anyone ever should
it's just izz Sep 11
i know your mirror is your guilty comfort
and your worst enemy

i know your fingertips brush the glass
as if it is to be worshipped
and to be feared

i know your eager mind craves a counting down of numbers
on the weighing scale, as if each kilogram
is a weight lifted off your chest

i know you can lose yourself in that labyrinth
of measuring tape and small waists and big expectations
of mirror shards and makeup and meticulosity

but do you know that
you are nature?

there is the night sky in your hair;
the moon, she dangles in the curve of your ears,
her constellations flung across your cheekbones

there is the sun in your skin, fire-gold and blinding bronze;
his warmth shines in your radiant smile,
his light dances in your honey-brown eyes

and the way you move, that is the forest, did you know?
sparrow wings shape your collarbones,
the fox lends you his easy charm
the deer gifts you her swift grace

so my dear,
remember you are more than measurements,
for you are from nature herself:
and no ordinary numbers can describe
the beauty of unparalleled creation
K, if you ever see this, it's for you
Satvik gupta Sep 10
That's how my life looks without you,

Tangled bad enough to leave any clue.

True love is experienced by very few,

Unlucky enough to live without you.
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Paras Bajaj Sep 9
She gave everything;
to the one who lives miles away.
She took everything;
from the one who lives near.

She is light;
to the one who likes the darkness.
She is dark;
to the one who likes her spark.

She played along;
with the one who always wins.
She won;
against the one who can't see her lose.

She fell in love;
with the one that never tried.
She fell in hate;
with the one that never lied.

Her heart is warm;
for the one who don't care.
Her heart is cold;
for the one who is always there.
Instagram: mr.parasbajaj
When you wake up and see a message from me, do you cringe?

Because sometimes I feel some sense of guilt, but just a twinge

I should just leave you alone and continue watching that TV show you asked me to binge

Besides, the picture of you in my mind already thinks that I'm unhinged
This morning I saw your messages to someone else; they were full of charm and grace

Why do I feel jealous? You were never mine in the first place

Yet the words you sent him feel like a spray of mace to my face

Sometimes I feel like I have to compete for your attention; what do I think this is, some type of race?
I want to make myself believe that you care about me as I care about you

Those are all mind games though, I can't guarantee that's true

My attachment to you wasn't intentional, it was like an invasive ****—it simply grew

I still can't believe this all started over me liking a picture you drew
Every message from you is like a shot of drugs straight to my brain; it's as if you pumped it into my veins with a syringe

But every word I send makes me feel guilt, still just a twinge

I guess I'll get back to watching that TV show you asked me to binge

All the while I'll repeat the question in my head: when you wake up and see a message from me, do you cringe?
Annie Sep 7
leave no trace upon my mind
but fingerprints inside my heart
till I can feel your touch inside
falling straightaway apart

leave me here, but not alone
cause I can´t stand the silence
piercing deep into my bone
losing unrestrained my sense

leave no marks upon my skin
but scent and taste thereon
till I can treat you as my kin
till all my fear is gone
Simon Soane Sep 7
When I throw
a nasty little thing like ego out
by my invouluntary
I worry people
just think I'm making
crazy hand shapes
in the air;
these fantastic digits carry care.
Alyan Khan Sep 6
why do we fear
to say the things
we deeply care?
thoughts that eat us inside
nights that bring us tears

but then,
a solemn thing happens
there a time comes
you feel your own self
like a breeze touching your lips
nights illuminating your way;
and moon, your day

as if life welcomed you
once more;
or perhaps it was only you
who accepted life
once more
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