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He made us smile
With his infectious laugh,
His funny ways,
His sometime twisted path.

He touched our hearts
More than he knew,
Each day together
Our caring grew.

A trusted friend,
A happy soul,
To be well liked
His one true goal.

He may have left
But not to us,
For thoughts of him
Shall never pass.

His words yet ring
In all our ears
Their very resonance
Still bringing happy tears.

His natural charm,
His laid-back ways,
His love of family,
Enriching all our days.

Good-bye dear friend
You will be missed
Just knowing you,
A lifelong gift.
And so
The wooden table
Must burn
And collapse

And on it
The pencils

T̸͍̱̻͇͢h̲̩́͡e̻͖̲͇ ̶̱̙̖̹̳̳͙̗́͠ṕ̥͍͉̘̞̤̞̝͡ͅè͙͔ͅͅn̦͎͎̯̮͠c͚̻̝̟̱͟͞í͚͈̭̟̪̣́͡l͇̜͈̲̯̦ş̵̳­̠̱͎̣̯

say Mar 4
I do not need you, I remind myself as I constantly think about you.
You are just an accessory in my life, something optional, something extra.

In my mind, I do not need you.

Yet in my heart,
You are the only necessity.
Mitch Prax Mar 3
Nothing blooms in nature
all year long,
so why should you
expect yourself
to do so?
say Mar 3
I am wounded.

My heart is torn.
Like a shattered pane of glass,
The pieces are sharp and rigid.
It appears I am broken.
It appears.

You dig your hand deep into my pile of pieces,
And you put me back together.
You are cut.
It appears.

Countless times I sit wondering why I am such a mess.
Until you came.

You put me back together.
You hurt for me.

I am healed.
Mitch Prax Mar 2
We all wander,
sometimes too much,
about those who truly care
for us.
We believe that no one
would care if we weren’t here-
but think about all the ones that
you have ever cared about and
how they have no idea about it.
I had a college teacher I
haven’t seen in too long
yet I still tell people how much
of an impact he had even though
he doesn't have a clue.
I have old coworkers,
people I met through travels,
and friends turned acquaintances
and haven’t seen in years
who I would be devastated about
if something happened to them.
We secretly care about so many people
but act like it’s impossible that
anyone cares about us.
Impossible - people do.
more than you think,
even if you can’t see it.
Where oh where did you go
               Over there or maybe there
I do not know or really care
                It's not like you are here
you never share a care
           So there you go
For I do not care
                 So there , I do not care
                         Your not worth my time
         You are quite boring
Funny how you think I feel  
So you stay there
Do not care ..
© Jennifer Delong 2/26/19
awknight Feb 28
All the things I am scared to say
pile in my brain;  begging to flood over
they don’t know their own names, but
crave to be heard.

your voice. its vibrato, true velvet
floating across every atom of my being
a truth spoken that only comes from your lips
a masterpiece no mere humans could create

my darling, do you sift through the clouds
scanning my eyes as I worship the light you bring?
do you hear me call your name as my dreams
project themselves toward where you are.

your eyes. their stare, a protective state
I have never known; dancing across my
every move. laughter finds itself within the
outlying colors of your world. Don’t you see…

don’t you see, our eyes match intensities to
create another creation. a world colliding
but not in a collision. A big bang, but in serenity.
a secret kept; only for us.

please, don’t allow me to write about the hands
that write me everyday. defining a path in the dark
a leader, led by truth and goodness
sought by many; found by me.

I fall into an eternity, wrapped into you —
you rise and fall; I reciprocate. We are
patterns; carefully placed alongside
juxtaposing backgrounds, only to become one.

I surrender, fully. I understand now. For you
my heart would fall from my chest, fulfilled
it leaps.
I will not chase it, it has found its freedom.

Freedom in the throwing up of hands.
A white flag positioned
when a person creates an understanding of gods
Jenna Feb 28
Some people,
are considered not
human, but a machine
that consists of no emotions
no matter how much,
they smile at you,
laugh with you,
talk to you
Care for You
Farheen Khan Feb 27
There  is no light
That can take my darkness away

I was born  with a  bright heart
But like a night to every day
My light was taken away

There  is no sun to my moon

Loved by the stars
I found my world
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