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Nelize Jul 2016
how great is Your love for rock solid relations
yet in time rocks part through deep canyons

Your waters remain stilled;
Your mystery lies deep
Your raptors fulfilled
Your mountains so steep

how could man survive Your greatness?
even the eagle admires Your vastness!

Your tangerine gaze stares back at the sun
reflecting Your majesty where erosion has spun
its webs of beauty
cold veins are rare
the desert's peace treaty
with the hot bright glare
This is written in pure admiration of the vast and mighty beauty that can be seen in the Grand Canyon. I am in awe of our Creator's ability.
EM Jan 2016
I can only imagine
the beautiful canyon
filled with the towering
trees as high as skyscrapers,
where the animals run free
on the leaf-carpeted meadows
and blooming flowers dancing
with the breeze of the wind,
in the golden glow of the day.
This enchanting wonderland
is the perfect place to bury old
memories, ponder on the
mysteries of life or to just cry
in a quiet, comforting place.
Robert C Howard Jul 2015
Two billion years ago
the river we call Colorado
opened a **** in the Kaibab Plateau

sculpting sandstone, granite, and limestone spectra
on the rugged canyon walls -
reflecting the seering Arizona sun.

Millennial torrents scoured the surface.
Juniper and Aspen, torn from the expanding banks,
****** into the river's red-stained vortex.

All the while the restless Colorado,
obedient to gravity's law,
scoured its bed a mile below the rim.
The last dinosaur perished - choked by volcanic soot.

Pangaea rumbled, groaned and split
and an eye-blink ago our African parents
stood to take their first faltering steps.

Their progeny crossed the Bering bridge
roaming south to build stone shelters
tucked against these canyon walls.

Did the Havasupai huddle in fright
of the jagged firelight searing the skies -
pounding the air across the hollows?

And emerging at storm’s end
did they gaze at the rainbow mist
spread over the buttes and valleys?

After dusk, with fires withering to embers,
did they rest supine,
heads pillowed on their arms,
pondering the jewel case universe above?

*November, 2006
Included in Unity Tree, published by Create Space available from in both book and Kindle formats.;=1447340098&sr;=8-1&keywords;=Unity+Tree
karen dannette Apr 2015

The way of truth
Is a beautiful sunset painted in the sky
The colors so vivid,
My eyes smile with contentment and joy.

Standing at the crossroads
Knowing the wise road, in which, to travel
Straining my ears to hear that still, small voice
Beckoning me to let him carry me.

As we pass through a massive canyon
So immense, amazing and spectacular
Unable to control the sheer joy in my heart
So, I take a picture in my mind that will never fade.

So tired of pretending that I have it all together
As the walls I have created, tremble and shake
I will them to fall and allow me to feel every emotion
As my imaginary life seeps into reality.

The broken pieces of glass that have shattered
Blinding my eyes so I can no longer see
Squinting my eyes, the world around me
Leads me home again.
Will Rogers III Mar 2015
air turns to water
and dirt turns to mud
as my feet walk along the broken floor
I turn my eyes downward

my mouth opens to speak
but only a broken cough is let out
words I can not form
to give justice to this pain of letting go

the rain slows
and the clouds shatter in the sun
my eyes blinded by the sound of light
and I for once find the words to say

with eyes closed and heart beating
the tear, my friend the tear,
sheds from my eye
and is with me as I say

what my God wants to hear
that which I cry out
with a broken voice
my heart whispers what I say

this that the canyon echoes
the sad sound of my beauty
which waits to be released
so that I can say

You are my God!
You love me!
You are with me always!
You are always yearning for my heart!
You are my protector!

and though I walk
through the valley of the shadow of death
I will fear no evil
for You are with me oh my God!
[composed on February 5, 2014]
Beth Richter Dec 2014
His eyes reminded me of what the grand canyon might look like,
                    they whispered warmth like the sun
                    snuggling the earth.
Shayla Jade Oct 2014
Racing through the canyon,
gaining speed at every turn,
two outlaws and companions,
never again will they return

to a little town called Seco,
tucked away within the hills,
a little place to get low,
tucked away from hidden thrills.

Dead Man’s Creek once filled with cries,
now the river bed runs dry.
Vultures deeply flood the skies,
Whiskey Joe rolled his snake eyes.

Said we made it to Arroyo,
good place to drown your sorrows.
His left pocket held a photo,
forever livin’ in his morrows.

The vortex in the valley,
out in the sun in Cali.
In a land that feels free,
though it’s stolen country.

The devil’s talkin’ in your dreams,
blood line red wine controls.
If you try hard you can leave,
before they seize your soul.
James Jarrett Jan 2014
She wraps me in her  icy flow

and chills me 'til I'm warm

Soothes away the open space

With sand and pebbled shores

She tries to lull me downriver

Gently pulling, drowsing

Massaging the miles off me


I know she lies

I know she'd take me to the big river

Carrying me like an eddying breeze

But I want to lay back and dream

And slowly drift away
Bright angel river, bottom of the grand canyon
Cool and lonely canyon,
With fiery, sunset eyes.
Rivers make companions
And creeks adorn your smile
Your lips, they are the mountains
And you breathe the smoky skies.

Cool and lowly canyon,
Mouth agape so wide.

Your arms reach out to hold
Small slivers of the sun.
A sky that’s ages old,
You see as just begun.
Northern wind sighs so cold,
With breezes being spun

Cool and lowly canyon
Takes in the setting sun
Another one from last year

— The End —