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gbye Jan 3
what is time?

is it the hours my eyes are open
is it the breaths i take between your words

is it the months before we speak again?
does it matter when i still fall in your arms
gbye Jun 2020
there's only one true love in everyone's life
its what they've always said
it consumes you, eats you up from the inside out
steals your breath and your heartbeats
and almost assuredly they'll love you too
feel all the same things in all the same ways

but im not sure i believe them
because i've loved a million times in a million different ways

some loves are quiet and unspoken
grown from the warmth that thrums in my veins when they smile and thank me for the coffee I brought them

others are the pillars of my soul
made of a consuming sensation of peace when i rest my head on their shoulder

and the rarest of loves makes my heart sing
songs in languages that I could never learn
touches that are followed with three small words

I live to love
in all of its ways
Pulled from the drafts
  Jun 2020 gbye
you live there now
taken up real estate
built a home there
gbye Jan 2020
run from me darling
run while you can
i'll be here
till the end
find me
find me in your heartbeat
so run
run from me darling
but you know
that im close
run from me
i'll be close
don't you know
Inspired by Run by Timber Timber. My poems have been feeling more like song lyrics lately.
gbye Feb 2019
i tidy all the words you've ever said
delicately place them in the box
with all the words i never said
because its time to let you go
gbye Oct 2018
here and now
i swear to myself
i'll love someone better

next time
gbye Aug 2018
dance with me
under the stars in pale moonlight
skirts catching in our legs
our smiles only a breath part
dance with me
one last time
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