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solfang Mar 2018
your voice lingers,
my hands tremble,
the distance—
so close yet so far.

it was a never-ending passion,
every word you muttered
was another reason for me,
to live on a little longer;
we were chanters—
you're the executioner.

bright lights shone,
your talent shimmers,
your humour;
was the heartwarmer
the stage was brighter
you make heads lighter.

encore, encore, encore,
your presences drugged
the audiences;
and made them want more.

I was lost in thoughts,
as I stood by the railings,
and barriers were formed;
what was the reason again,
that I heard love called?
Attended a James Blunt concert today. I don't really care about what others have to say about him, but it's by far the best concert I had attended.

Regrets: Really should have gotten the front row seat instead of the end row. Probably one of the worst choices I had made in my life.
Leslie Ledezma May 2017
Your image lingers
And I stare at the pale clear sky
Where can I go?
How about the glowing oasis of your words
But when I get there, the silence is strong.
Those who were for you, couldn't fathom that you're gone.
But I, I hold on.
In this green pearly lagoon
Lie images of you, treasured, so good.

It's the beginning
The end is done.
Still it's freedom
The end is gone.
A glimmering beginning

Your image lingers so
I tried to walk out of the dream
See if I could go on my own and I
Ran right into Laurel Canyon.
Recall where the tale began,
Millions of raindrops in a timeless summer
Racing thoughts and dreaminess alright
It's the summer beginning

I can tell you what I think of at night
When the stars are flashing above
Dazzled, dazzle by strangeness and sight
Dazzled, dazzled, dazzled and I think I know what to do
Pick up where you left off, nothing else I can do
Carlos Salinas Jan 2016
Your hair is like rays of sun
Dazzling into my eyes.
Looking in your eyes is as though
Staring inside diamonds.

Your long thin fingers
Were sculpted after goddesses.
Beautiful you are,
Oh so Beautiful you are.

A kiss from your lips
Are the keys to the kingdom.
Your smile....
One way ticket to paradise.

I daydream of your voice
Whispering in my ear
Before we fall asleep
After making love...again

— The End —