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Welcome, dear mysteries
My one and only planet is here
Here for no particular reason

We are turbulent creatures
Speckled with interesting features
Each so similar
Each so unique

Our minds race with life
The need to enjoy life
The need to create life
The need to help life
The need to live

We ebb and flow
Our tides enclose our minds
Thinking on two different sides of the same ocean
Often not in sync

Loud heads
Yelling out

We have a way
A way of including anyone
Yet excluding everyone

And this means you, hopeful friends
This means us.
This is a message for any aliens that come to earth
There has always been a bus
Changing but constant
Reflecting my setting

Buses were peppers
A pop at the end of my day
Thirty bored children and one angry adult
The noise supporting us

Buses are lighters
Useful and dangerous
Tired people on the verge of tears
Anti social yet so supportive

Buses will be crystals
The excitement of limited exploration in the air
Too jaded to be cynical
The support of a daydream
My mind jolts and I wake
My head a murky sea
Sloshing with every thought

I glare at the night
The night glares back

You can see them
The night’s many servants
The moon
The neon
The dark

The moon
Calm and mysterious
Sitting on your bed for hours now
Filling the house with it’s charms

The neon
Rowdy and nocturnal
Living in the bars downtown
Inviting those who are lost

The dark
Quiet and sinister
Filling the empty spaces
Watching from the windows

All three pulling
The moon pulls my hazy mind
The neon pulls my hollow heart
The dark pulls my hidden instincts

All three my worst enemy
The moon when I’m laboring
The neon when I’m trying
The dark when I’m thinking

When will these eyes close
Sweet Yiddish whispers in my black and white slippers
Delving into daydreams of dark and desperate days
Spilling turpentine on tiles tearing me away for miles
Feeling frantic flutters in the back of my brain
Bearing backlot benches bordering the land of Spain
Roses rowing to Roman seas that no one sees
Leering lullabies of lackadaisical lovers, known to never fly
I like the way this one sounds
When I left this grey place eons ago
and the sun turned to water under my feet
the sky spit out seven horseshoes
hitting our heads in predictable defiance
and the sand turned to wind
the laughter to salt
when the world opened up
Was it really my fault?

The walls worn under my feet in the snow
who dares think badly back
the greyness left my dry blind eyes
and the haze was replaced with black
the sun sets on a cloudless skyless day
and rises on forgotten lands of warmth
trying to reach down and touch what it lost
too high up now
We’re all too dead.
What’s your interpretation of this poem?
Give me a break, god
Tell me all the things that I haven’t done right
All the ways that I’ve been a sore sight

How am I a splinter in your side
I’m trying not to just deny

I’m trying hard to leave the questions
Let the roar of peace cancel them out
But I do find that on this mission
The things I see just take me out

I’m tired of having to peoce together
All the things that I’ve done wrong
And when I die, light as a feather
My heart will sing a cleared up song
I don’t believe in god but I’m using god as a device to convey what I’m feeling. What did you like about this poem?
I went to the canyon
To see the sights
To read the writes
To meet the heights
The heights were high
The lows were right
But something didn’t click

The tears didn’t run
The breath wasn’t taken
Yeah it was cool but I’m not mistaken
I wanted to be blown off that cliff
But the wind fell short, the air was stiff

Never have I met my sense of awe
I hope we’ll meet someday
I’m holding out hope that I find my strike
That I’ll be blown away
I was trying a new style with this one. It’s more rhyme oriented. This one might seem stiff but I’ll get more comfortable with it. I want to diversity my poetry a little bit.
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