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Zeus Nov 2016
It's cloudy with a chance of pain
no one pays attention
even less pay respect

6 feet under when I'm on cloud 9
i cut myself with the thoughts of happiness
a future that wont happen hurts more
more than the nightmare i live,

i know you're there
i know you don't care
i feel you near
but you keep silent like you're not here,

you would rather see me scream
you would rather hear my pain
i have done no wrong to deserve this torture
but karma thinks otherwise
life supports her
and death just stands there watching,

this misery won't end
i have so much to say
you say i should say nothing at  all
"take the pain like a man" you say
"please end this" i pray

you say you want to remove my darkness
but my darkness is who i am
i will never submit
you won't quit
you whisper "it will only get worse"
eternity isn't that long, I'll survive.
Zeus Nov 2016
Welcome to the world built from the ashes of Eden.
The emotions are starting to rain in
Zeus Nov 2016
He wasn't that tall, he wasn't that smart, he wasn't that light He never let his spirits fall, he always loved the writing art, he knew he knew his future was bright, He wasnt yet 20 living in the 21 centaury when the children talked back to the grown ups and having babies was as common as having hiccups, He lived a happy life or so it seemed, he wanted to die at night that's all he dreamed, his life was a nightmare his nightly prayer was asking God why life wasn't fair, one year after the other he lost another, "another person I love taken above why do you take all I have" he cried out, open heart bleeding out, "get me clear !! be a man don't drop a tear don't let the world see your fear" he was told, "be bold as you get old the world gets cold" no one ever said so my heart only bled I mean but.. his heart only bled, one by one they kept to fall "who will I call please don't take them all do you have a plan at all" to the sky he would constantly cry, he cried until he lost faith he lost hope, "they can't love you they just want to use you" said his own mother "its school and nothing other" said his father, "am I a child of another?" his mind would wounder.. He fell to the darkness, he was killed by the light and healed by the darkness and it took him back to the light, "do I have bad behavior? It is the reason Im not treated fair does anyone care" he would think, the words told him "young king we'll always be there", he gave a second chance to the second chance giver once again he was a believer but with a change, he grew with age, he grew with rage and learnt how to cry with ink on a page, his head was heavy but not with thought but a crown now the school clown was evil with a knife and frown, a dark king a dark knight for the darkness he now controlled, sited on a dark throne he grew wings and started collecting gold rings, no he's not evil he's just open minded, now they all bow to me !! I mean now they all bow to thee, he understood the world was cold so to help warm it he planned to burn it all, He grew strong but the cost was the love he knew created the rage he brew it wasn't anything new but it more than anyone knew He's all grown and in the words its shown he sees words around him because the words, the darkness saved him and made him the King he is...
I think this isn't as good as fighter but i still like it. a piece of my soul is in this one, I'm proud of this...
Zeus Nov 2016
This is so fun now I can't stop doing it.
hahaha I've been thinking of ways to do it I now have an itch maybe sometime in the future they'll be more serious and emotional but for now this is really fun to do
Zeus Nov 2016
She must have not been older than 17 living in the 1600's an era pledged with kings and queens, she ran away from her poor home wanting something more something worth living for, she packed her bags, gathered all she could and started off, on her way she was shutting the door behind her, she walled for hours, she walked for miles, she thought of turning back but she was determined, a stranger in a carriage being pulled by 2 horses came up from behind her to her side wondering if she needed help, was she lost he asked, was she looking for someone he asked, could he give her a lift he asked, she agreed and got into the carriage, the carriage started to move she started to see the ground move faster than it had when she was waking, they began to talk, he seemed nice she thought, smart and honest she thought, as the carriage moved further he got closer, and closer, his hands started to walk to her, her body tried to run away but she couldn't escape, he pulled her closer, she felt the carriage get colder, her mother always told her, be careful with men who are older, He kissed her neck but she pushed him away his sweetness now turned to aggression she got the impression that he was going through a depression and this was his only way of expression He ripped her top off exposing her *******, the ******* of a growing young woman soft round and smooth he simply couldn't help himself but touch them, was he to blame her young succulent body was hard to tame to himself his hands couldn't remain and simply looking at her drove him insane The carriage stopes and out she hoped hoping to out ran the man who pounced on her like a fox she ran and ran but he chased and chased he caught up and dropped her down he climbed on top and it was clear he wouldn't stop he pinned her hands but still she fought his aggression turned to rage her resistance pushed him to the edge he pit his hand under feeling her trimmed hedge she fought and fought as she constantly thought and thought why was he doing this how could he do this with tears running down her eyes her fear started to come as she realized all the stranger visualized She broke a hand free and scratched his face thinking this will put him in his place! It worsened the phase as he began to hit her beautiful face one punch to punch he thought to himself, she'll make a beautiful lunch he beat her till he saw red, yes she blead it was clear she shouldn't have flead she turned purple and black he said I'll leave a mark on your back, She saw no hope, he was still on top and she began to choke, tears still falling she began to hear her mother calling and her blood kept pouring, she saw a knight by his side but saw no hope by her side, he wanted to stock his **** in her so she decided it was time to stick his knife in him, she frees her hand once more, she grabbed his blade and went right for his head cutting his ear off was like cutting her fear off she stood and wondered what she feared off! She stood as he caught his bleeding ear and said now look who has the fear come closer dear I need you near I need you here where's that cocky cheer he went back on terror he crawled back trying to run but it was her turn to have fun she looked up to the sun and felt an evil take over for her this wasn't over she now moved closer and teased him, she asked what would please him, Rough time wasting she grabbed his hand and cut his finger off, she wanted to see his blood she wanted to see it flood so she grabbed his other hand and cut is wrist he tried to form a fist, a fist to throw but with a blow she drove the knife through that fist. She heard him scream and in her eyes she saw a beam, a beam of his fear it was now clear she would let him die slowly, as the wrist cut drained him of his blood, he had no strength to fight she whispered to him don't follow the f__king light ..
I'm do proud of this note I don't know why but I am honestly so proud I wrote this, I should be used by now but once in a while s note like this makes proud to be a writer
Zeus Nov 2016
It killed me to write something this short, i cant.
10 words isn't enough for me, i just have to express myself, its like being trapped in a box, limited space air and movement, i deeply credit everyone who can limit their words
Zeus Nov 2016
Out of strength
Out of breathe
Out of my mind

I can't fight you anymore
I can't keep chasing you anymore

You can have me
I'll accept you as you are

You can destroy me
You can keep me to yourself

We're back in the loop
We're back in the stream within a lake
You have me for eternity
Enjoy the last minute you have of me

This isn't supposed to hurt
The pain makes it worth it
You strangle me and leave me gasping for air
In your arms I don't need to breath

You take from me
I give you to you
You tie me down
With you I feel safe

I hear myself say "I don't want you"
I feel myself say "I need you"..
Zeus Nov 2016
Its your soft skin I want to rip off
Its your sweet voice that echos softly in my ear that i want to stop
Its your soft lips dripping with raw love that I want to shut
I swear your body calls me to hold it but I just want to grip

You're my loud whisper
You're my honest lie

The pictures i create of you are so very wrong
But doing everything I picture would be so very right
Your cloths could fall off you so smoothly but I want to rip them off

You're shaped to perfection
I'm on my knees trying to hold back this darkness
But you're the light that craves me,
If i let you in i might ruin you
And you insist that its a risk you'll take

You're my sweet spot killing me with every bite you give
You're my drug pulling me to addiction with every hit I take

I can' t let you go so i tie you down just to watch you lay there
I  toss and turn in my bed as you twist and we intertwine in my head
I want more and more of you right now but you're a tease its not fair.
this is from a piece of my book called obsession
Zeus Nov 2016
I want to be like you
I want to be liked like you are
I wanted to be adored like you are
I want say attention like you do
I want to get my way like you do

I want to walk confident like you do
I want to talk confident like you do
I want to be flattered like you are
I want to be admired like you are

I want to have four thousand people at my feet like you do
I want to have four thousand more waiting in line for me like you do
I want to have the choice of picking from the options like you do

I want to be as clueless as you are and still survive the world like you do
I want to be a handful like you are and still be wanted like you are

I want to be smart like you
I want to be gifted like you
I want to be pretty like you.
Zeus Nov 2016
"In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God"

I have so many questions for you.
I have so much to ask
I have so much to learn?
But you're not here to teach me

In the darkness I found myself

I grew up in darkness
I got saved by darkness
I'm still with the darkness
But you were with the darkness too

The darkness she shows her beauty and how she only wants to help

By darkness I  don't mean ignorance
I don't mean being blind
The darkness is a safe place
By darkness i do not mean evil or bad
By the darkness i just mean a safe place
A place no one knows but a place i know way too well

In the beginning there was nothing and the nothing was with God and that nothing was Darkness
"And he said let there be light, and there was light"
"Creating the heavens and earth"

You gave up the darkness to make us
Do I have to give it up to?
I'm still a baby and she protects me
She helps me deal with the world you abandoned her to create

They tell me to let go of the darkness but no one understands, I don't expect them to, the pain I felt before, I've felt your pain a million times more, I've felt your troubles one to many times, in the darkness I pour out my heart and she helps me heal as i give her the happiness she never had.
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