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Branden Youngs Jun 2019
What she once wore
now lays forgotten on the floor.
Behind lock doors
we can let our lust pour.

Creature of delight
comes alive at night.

Make them scream and moan
but never call one of them home.
Branden Youngs Feb 2019
If you want to make this bet
you better come correct.
This King of Hearts
has never been in debt.

Play this game of roulette
win a life of regret.
Branden Youngs Jan 2019
Increase our heart rate
for old times sake
Teeth in your neck.
Nostalgia through your veins.
Limited hours of dark remain.

**** off our clarity with champagne
before sunrise scares the lust away.
Branden Youngs Jan 2019
I wanted to control the things I couldn’t avoid.
Growing up, disappointment,
and how my heart gets destroyed.
Pieces shattered in my hands as I tried to hold
moments of my life
created uncontrolled.

Curating a mind grown with unchecked panic.
Thoughts clashing around like violent storms from the Atlantic.
Wishing my words came out less frantic
and more romantic.
Branden Youngs Aug 2018
Before time existed
There was just you and I.
We were a star that loved too much
We collapsed and created an entire universe.

Between beauty and pain
lies a reality created
from our stardust.
Branden Youngs Mar 2018
You always made it known
protested with a ***** and moan
about how my lips curled around cigarettes
when you aren’t home.

Testifying in a patronizing tone
that someday I’d end up alone
if the habit wasn’t thrown.

You just envied
the way they were slowly ******* my life
wishing you still had that power.
Branden Youngs Nov 2017
Karma has its knife to my throat.
With a past full of anchors
It's impossible to stay afloat.
Childhood full of cannonballs
aimed at my boat.

Mutiny in my brain.
Vengeance through my veins.

A recipe for the insane.
Branden Youngs Sep 2017
I am what you threw your coins in the fountain for.
A knight in shining armor,
ready to free this prisoner of war.
Someone to love gently and bring your soul some peace.
A lover who will mend your broken bits into a masterpiece.
Once you’re complete, I will leave and be on my way.
Taking my masterpiece with me, so I can add it to my display.

Yes, I am what you wasted your wishes on
Once I finish decorating my pawn
I’ll be gone.
Branden Youngs Sep 2017
There I was
sitting on the edge of the world.
My feet hanging off
Wondering if I should just give myself a hurl.
Inching my way closer, I felt the grasp of a girl.

How did you find me on the edge of the world?

She too came to leap from reality.
Misery was worn so elegantly
From that day
she started to love me delicately.

Together, we sit on the edge of the world.
Holding hands, so we never go alone.
Branden Youngs Sep 2017
Here's a poem you can call your own.
Let it wrap itself around your neck till you turn cold.
A toast to the paragraphs of your emotional distress.
These words will stitch your insecurities into a seductive dress.

Here’s a poem you can call your own.
A haunting of memories for when you’re alone.
A guide
for the ghosts who don’t have a home.
Lost and lonely
wishing they had a tombstone.
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