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cait-cait Jun 2018
ive worn a brand my entire life
that’s been
stamped across my forehead.

i believe that
everyone can see it,
painted red with little girl blood.

all my life people have taken chunks
from me, and all my life,
i’ve given people chunks.

i believe that maybe if i were different
i would be perfect.
im cruel, and im sorry.
I’ve never felt comfortable my entire life and i just realized it’s killing me. I did something I might get in trouble for and I’m scared.
corporal May 2018
We will meet them with our brand new crowns.
I wish they'd seen us lose our expensive graces in divine nights.
Did they find their soul or lost it along with their maps.
Either way, we'd still walked beyond the line.
empty seas Apr 2018
everyone is supposed to have a brand
there’s the mom friend
the emo friend
the funny friend
but what am I?
I’m not quite the bookworm brand
not enough sweaters and shyness
and far too many hours on the internet
I’m not quite the movie nerdy girl
not getting contacts and taming my hair
to start dating the star football player
I’m not rude enough to be the rebel
I’m not nice enough to be the good girl
I’m not outgoing enough to be the leader
I’m not smart enough to be the geek
I’m not something enough to be anything

And if that’s true
my brand is nothing
I’m nothing
Just some thoughts
Nicholas Fonte Mar 2018
Why does everything ache?
All I feel is searing pain
It's driving me insane
Keeping me awake
In this world that is tougher
Within this dark
I curse this mark
That makes me suffer
Arcassin B Oct 2017
By Arcassin Burnham

Everglade, Everglade,
Positivity won't prosper as long as the negative comes first,
Put your lives on the line for some cheddar to know in the end that it will hurt,
People place many scars all on their back after learning what their friends just went through,
Nobody knows your true feelings but you,  ***** you aint see through,
You'll be you foreverglade,
Refrigerated your heart for giving reason,
Cry about the same **** everyday and every season,
Let the little things you love just fly you away to a place where the demons can't
Catch or call on your name,
You shouldn't give up on the faith for no reason, Everglade,
Let me put it in words you understand,
I'm not in a competition with no man,
The overly passive aggressive teams fails,
And just all hail to the righteous man,
The men that fight for families and knows to take a stand,
Not a bully that hangs you up from by your pants,
Lifes too complicated,  I just can not brand,
Everglade, Everglade.
Spenser Bennett Oct 2017
It's been covered in dirt
Cracked and torn apart
But I promise there's a value
I can make it worth it for you
Just wait it out
Let me polish it once more
Scrape away the grime
Chip away the lingering salt
And that bit of blood that dried
To present to you
A brand new, used up, beaten but beating heart
Arcassin B Sep 2017
By Arcassin Burnham

Don't tell me you can't be seen me.....
Cause I did nothing wrong to you,
Stop looking for some clarity.....
Nothing but a piece of residue,

On the ground,
May the lovers be one and found like the grey stone in the elders
Temple while clearly seeing your reflection,
I had no remorse for feeling any animosity,
for me to get away from the human race permanently,
Latching onto nothing that was never real.......
I was trying to bring you along for the ride but you gave on me
Simply for another's direction,
And in the end it was just pure cruelty,
I went into this new world with a cup of tea and broken dreams in
Smoke signals that never were really released,
I swear I told them all that Diamond Valley was real,

Don't tell me you can't be seen me.....
Cause I did nothing wrong to you,
Stop looking for some clarity.....
Nothing but a piece of residue,
I want you,
I could hear them calling for miles to pull me away,
we brand you,
There's no doubt in my mind my life's a mess but I stepped into
Heaven's Gates.

No more love,
No more love.

Elise Jackson Jul 2017
This is a brand new world.
Day 17/31 of my "Six Words A Day" Challenge for the whole month of July, the whole collection can be found on my page on the first of August.
Jami Samson Nov 2014
I can't keep
Your dream of us
Never came true
While my dream
For myself
Is being realized
By someone else.

I can't keep
Going back
To our conversations,
Our only memories;
While I move forward
With him
To make the moments
You and I never had.

I can't keep
The truth
To the questions
You never asked
While he provides
The same answers
I never got from you.

I can't keep
Telling myself
This is the last time
I will write
About you
While I keep promising
I will write
About him

And you can't keep
Reserving me
With a bookmark
So you can read me
Later for recreation
While he tries
To memorize me
Everyday as a ritual
#58, Nov. 13. 14
My love, my sweetheart you are so sweet and so smart
When glass faces glass ,mirror reflects your every part
Whatever glowing beauty has to offer and has to impart
In chain of beauty and love eyes talk to eyes,heart to heart

My miss I miss you and your glowing style and charm
Your beautiful glance makes me to dance and to inform
Eyes have their own cherished graces and mirror its norm
My burning beauty let me explore your graces without harm

Beauty of your body surpasses every ******* this waste land
I want to establish my rapport on your frequency and band
Allow me to kiss on your glowing rosy cheeks hand in hand
Your glowing beauty is so grand my burning love is my brand

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
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