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It's been one whole minute.
Only a second from saying" I love you, Goodbye"
And an eternity, since the Lord stole you away.

I have become hollow. Wrapped In a cold blanket of sorrow. An intense case of a broken heart. The ghost of you won't ever be enough.

I tried to smother your soul. Take in what I could, but you were ready to fly home.
Now, I only have your words and promises.

You told me that when my tears have drowned my heart... I should drain the sadness by listening to our song.
That I will find you in the melodies and lyrics that once brought us so much fulfillment.

You told me that when I'm missing you so bad to watch a sunset. A sunset will bring me peace, and I will find you and admire your beauty in a warm pink sky.

You told me a lot of things ....
Where I can not find sleep
Insomnia has found me
Where I can not find peace
Thoughts surround me
I am wrapped in a hardened bubble
An unbreakable shell
And I am ready to POP!

I feel like a human experiment
In a human cocoon of emotions
Please, I can not breathe
I can't think.... Anxiety has the best of me
I just want to dream ..

Dream of a place that has no limits
A place where I can breathe and not hear my exhale of doubt.
The exhale of a broken heart.
A place where I can fix broken things
Dear lord, what will it take too just feel complete?
After midnight the universe speaks.
It tells me to talk to lovely beings.

I look into the eyes of my feline to paint the prettiest opinion of me All I can see is a cluster of colors, blending beautifully
She creates a masterpiece of pure love
In her eyes, I find life's meaning.
It assures me and at that moment.....
I find sleep.
I write this for you.
It's not much but it's what I do.
I'll comfort you when you are feeling blue.
Brother, I will always love you.
Be here because it's what sisters do.
Take you places where you want to go and show you what life is about.
Fill up your head and heart when you are in doubt.
Hold you up when you are down.
I'll be there to turn your frown upside down.
I'll kiss your cheek and hold you tight even when you put up that "I'm too cool for this fight".
You are my strength and love of my life.
Without your Studley charm I wouldn't be complete.
Don't worry I'll keep this poem discreet.
Brother you warm my heart and watching you grow puts tears in my eyes.
So much fun with you has made the years fly by.
My ride and die taco bell buddy.
Inside jokes that no one would else find
Don't forget you owe me money.
Love your one and only *****.
My favorite time to love is at night.

When I turn my head to see my

lover's face illuminated by the moonlight coming through our


My eyes soften and my heart melts, much like his tired

mind leaking out his dreams all over his pillow.

I caress his soft lips

and run his baby smooth Black hair through my finger tips, as I hope

this moment I'm having never slips away …..
I died on a Sunday.
My body numb from her words
Punctured in my heart .
Breathless. I could not inhale the change . I buried the pain and turned the page .
My life was traded with the unknown.
I mourned the loss of the future and not the past. Everything I had hoped for was ripped from my grasp .
That was the end of me .

The only time I don't feel alone because the Earth is crying too.

Tomorrow, the Sun will appear and everything I feel in this moment will disappear.

Rinse my soul and I shall be brand new
Looking at the girl  
Trapped in black or white
I can't help to feel rage of no one seeing her light
Who was there when her heart bled at night ?
She wasn't troubled nor in the wrong
But more of unfinished abandoned song with no beginning or end
It was in herself she had to find her only friend
Always feeling misplaced and a sad disgrace.
Who watched the tears fall from her face?
It was years till she felt the safety of a home
Where she could breath and not feel alone
And for once she felt like she belonged
No one to push her out
scream and shout
Nor fill her head with self doubt
Who was the one who saved her ?
Who painted her world with bright colors ?
Was it her multiple lovers ? The ones she found herself in.
Was it by saving them she saved a piece of herself ?
Or was this filling the void she had since age twelve.
Her world crumbles every now and then
so believe me when I tell you
This story has no end.

— The End —