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Farhan Ahmed Mar 18
Pouring the body through the bars
Spending the day among the stars
A red sun, like as it bleeds
With a loaded gun, he has to flee

Decorations of a mask, to hide the home of spiders
The troops of smile, to **** the fighters

Looking at the mirror
And it shows what it should
Stretching out in the air from the roots

Like a moon every ten meters
On the path that is walked
Following the foot steps like a spotlight
And highlighting what they talked about

The picture is set
And there she comes
The lights are blue and sighs for the moments
That sums up the mood
Faking the reflections of whats good
Undecided and incomplete
But she plays the role of the lead

Ending a day of a comical masterpiece
Without a loop or repeated day to tease
Headed back behind the bars
Pouring the body and gaze at the stars
The bird in a cage, though she has the key to gate. I hope many can relate
Farhan Ahmed Mar 17
And all this seen of different colors
I only see one in town
The eyes filters the good fellas
But pauses on the lady in brown

The tape is quite long for spare time, a lot
Maybe go for a walk
And capture the films in real
I shall rebuilt everything to the likeness,
Permit me, Shall you not?
Farhan Ahmed Mar 17
Your lips need not be red
Nor they be read
I imagine them biting each other to bite mine
I feel them wet
The pure taste of wine

I must give in before I am sober
And before the moment is over
Farhan Ahmed Feb 11
We come alone, we die alone
Now is when we are
Once will be gone
A face of an agony
Or a sound of a sad song
Okay! You may play along
But you will be alone
Farhan Ahmed Feb 7
That’s the problem in this world, in every country and city
there are these huge billboards
like everywhere, like literally everywhere
and all these boards we use it for advertisements, for things like dippers, junk foods, fake beauty products and refreshments

and all of these billboards are telling us what to think; not how to think.

Instead, we should have messages and quotes that inspires and motivates people and put a smile or make us laugh for a minute in a bad day.
To give perspective and give hope to live one day,
to remind us what we are fighting for.

But what do we get?
we get money deals and advertisements.
I mean its not bad lifting your products but what about lifting arts?
I don’t see those. If making and spending and dealing money is the sole purpose of this society then, where is the soul of the society?
Is that all we are?
Money making machines?
Do we not have souls?
Do we not feel or understand beauty?

This is why I love social media. Rather of 'buy one get one free' ad we get memes.
Of course, not all of them are good and there are ads it seems
but I would rather look up to a meme instead of a big discount offer.
We say the internet and social medias are destroying our society, that it is the root of all evil and prefer outdoor life.

But often do we overlook the fact that we are destroying our society from so many other ways. That there will be a time the outdoor life will be cornier than life in social media.
We are on a verge of destroying our own soul and humanity and we just don’t know it yet. There is still time to save our soul not for the afterlife but for this life. If we lose ourselves in this world, how do we ever dream finding it in the next?

I want to see things that reminds us that we are not just some machines that we are human. And it is important to keep our hopes and dreams alive; and it is necessary to lift our imaginations and humors.
I would like to look at a large billboard and see a meme rather than a big discount offer.
I would like the society to try saving itself from extinction.
Billboards, inspirations, motivation
Farhan Ahmed Feb 2
And yet forcing myself to think hard
How I could separate from isolation
Because I have used all the cards
In all the turns and rotations

I begin with death, no broken hearts or maybe the good moments
It goes on without any concentration
Maybe a task would come up,
Maybe hours of sorrow
something will just add up
The spaces of hollow

But it doesn't? Why is it all blank?
Why is the stare at nothing?
A thought of nothing should bother at all
But it still is...
It still creates a path to dream within a dream within a dream
And this continues to fall
I'd like to walk back to time when there is a door named recall
But there isn't

What if I am notified that I've got a mail waiting to be opened

What if I am told that my favourite show is waiting to be watched
Well, I mean If I am expected to mark a list to do that I could do right now
I would definitely find an excuse somehow
Just to ignore them and one by one I would have more excuses to create
More places to locate
More time to waste

Only then would I get past this awful taste
Taste of nothing and running, wrecking anything available to think
  Jan 27 Farhan Ahmed
Mohd Arshad
My branches are my arms
And all leaves my children;
Do you burn up your farms
Where your family is driven

To live a happy life as mine?;
Know and think it profoundly
Ere you saw me and my wine
Oozes and you elude it quickly.

Are you cannibal to eat all?
Are you aliens fully unaware
Of the earth and its deep call
To uphold peace and share

Whatever it yields to everyone
To make their life so beautiful,
Smile, rejoice, and have lot fun
And always give and take plentiful
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