I’m sorry for being too much
And I don’t deserve to feel like too much
But I do
And it has very little to do with you
Your only choice is if you want to help me believe differently.
Sometimes I think
This must be to good to be
True, but I hope that’s just anxiety speaking

Because you’re someone I want to keep
I think
I am going to marry you.
And that in itself is poetic enough for me.
I try to find the words
But not even you could
As we sat in silence
Sighing. Realizing
We don’t have it down to a science.
Somethings wrong
That we should be able to fix
But we can’t find it
Because you don’t know what it is.
Keep me
And never release.
Makenzie Marie Dec 2018
I love you so much
And I promise
I’ll do everything in my power
not to ***** this up.
Makenzie Marie Dec 2018
I have never regretted something so much as the moment I realized I betrayed your trust.
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