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Khoi-San Apr 1
Blessed rice on rivers of love
confetti danced into the ocean
salt preserved the truth with consummate glory
Dean and Anthea and Dean and Anthea and Dean and Anthea:)))))))))))))))))))))))))) wise man say only fools rush in.........
I regret to inform you that your lawfully, wedded boyfriend, Robert Cohn, no longer want to be lawful, wedded, or your boyfriend. He'd much rather be ******* Brett and writing books about what she tells him behind closed doors
              Jake Barnes
In response to The Sun Also Rises
Liam C Calhoun Mar 2016
Dandelion dreams wisped from
The lips of summers past,
Lips tasted
And gilded became the cage,
So to, ushered,
My sense of belonging.
I tried to move on,
An couldn’t
And she knew it;
She knew that I couldn’t
The moment –
I’d fallen upon her lap
As she grabbed one more
And took one more breath
And blew the dead petals
Whilst making the wind somehow
Dance, and I,
The fool once more –
In love and unable to flee.
She asked me to "stay in her bowl," and I did; I'm still there and I'm a-o-k with that.

— The End —