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underestimated Dec 2019
Before you I was clueless and I was broken
But when I found you I finally felt like I had a purpose
I was adapted to you
I was adapted to waking up every morning knowing that somebody loved me
I was adapted to people looking at us in awe because of what we had
We were beautiful
And I was adapted to that
I was adapted to doing things a certain way to make you happy
I was adapted to the way your hand fit in mine
And now I’m lost and clueless and broken yet again
Just had to say what was on my mind...
underestimated Nov 2019
I will no longer allow you to **** on me
And tell me it’s raining
Just a thought...
underestimated Nov 2019
Maybe you could give me a chance
I adore you to be honest and I love it when you dance
And every night before I go to bed
You dance around in my head
And I know that you don’t know me
And I’m sure you’re fine without me
But I wonder how I would feel if I knew you thought about me
And maybe if I shoot my shot I’ll make it
And I swear that if give you me a chance I will take it
But I’m hopeless in love
Because I’m down here and you’re way above
And I don’t like to take risks
But honestly I’d risk it all for someone like you
This will never work...
If we’re gonna be together.
I want you to understand that this relationship isn’t gonna start in emotions.
I’d like it to start in decisions.
I need you to decide that you love me-
In the same way someone decides
to go to work everyday.
I need you to understand that change
is going to happen
We’re going to change as people
This relationship may not end in marriage
It may not end at all.
But if it ends-
It will end in change
We’re not going to leave this, the same people we came in.
I need you to grow with me
I need you to be understanding,
Because some days I don’t know myself
So I know I’ll be hard to recognize.
So just hold me and tell me it’ll be alright.
underestimated Nov 2019
I think I might’ve lost my style
I been writing for a while
But I don’t know who I am anymore
Lost in my words...
underestimated Nov 2019
I know I don’t deserve a second chance
And I know I don’t deserve a second dance
And I know you’re scared that I’m gonna hurt you again
And I know you're scared that I won’t hold your hand
And I know that you don’t know what I’m thinking
But I promise you’re the only thing I think about
And you’re the only hope in this sea of doubt
And I just feel so trapped i need to get out
And I know that you can save me from depressions mouth
And I’ll be here to give you all the love that you deserve
So for what it’s worth
Will you give me a second chance?
I been thinking about this way too much...
underestimated Nov 2019
Should I go for it
Should I make the move
I am waiting for the right time
But I’m dying to
Tell you that I love you
And that I need you
And I just have to be with you
Cause I can’t stop thinking about you
And I know that your with her
But I can treat you better
Cause when we’re together
We could change the weather
And she don’t appreciate you
The way that I do
All she does is uses you
And I know the truth
You not the the only one that she talks to
And when you find out
I’ll be right here
I’ll your hand
Until the pain disappears
I’ll wipe away all your tears
Cause I’m in love with you
Lord what should I do
Thinking about you constantly...
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