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We were what everyone wanted to be
We were the stars
We were the moon
We were the world in human form
Two separate halves of the earth
Collide beautifully and become whole
We were so powerful
Our love was so strong
We were the king and queen of passion
The god and goddess of love
We were the fuel to every fire
We were everyone's deepest desire
We were beautiful
But the beauty always ends in disaster
We became separated once more
And the universe has brought us far apart
We will never be whole again
But I will never forget that
We were beautiful
I guess we weren't meant to be...
For they remind me of you
So bright
Yet so far
I’m in love with the stars
I find myself staring at the night sky far too often...
This whole time,
The devil thought
He was playing with my head
But his whole plan backfired
The devil is below our feet. Don’t let him think he can get above us...
Three hours away
It's been a couple days
It's hard to be apart for this long
It just feels so wrong
You are the love of my life
My future wife
So why are we separated
Yea we made it
But now I'm alone
Wishing you would pick up the phone
Please don't give up on me
I know it's hard to be
Three hours away
But it'll be okay
I love you
I know you love me too
So ima get some sleep tonight
And in the morning things will be alright
I might not get to wake up to you
But one day I'll be able to
After all you're only
Three hours away
This distance is killing me...
I want you to be
My last dance
My last kiss
My last chance
My last wish
My last love
My last laugh
My last hug
My last half
My last start
My last end
My last heart
My last mend
My last day
My last night
My last way
My last right
My last
Be my last forever and ever...
I've been told one thing my entire life
Grow a pair
I've been tossed around from house to house
I've been abused and mistreated
I've been hurt a lot
I've never been taught
And I never ever retreated
But they still tell me
Grow a pair
I've seen some things
I can't unsee
And I've been told some things
That really hurt me
And I act okay on the outside
But on the inside I'm not alright
I stay up all night
Cause I can't sleep
All the memories
Are surrounding me
And suddenly
I find myself
I'm a position
Where I'm helpless
And I remember what they used to say
Grow a pair
And yet again
I'm stuck thinking
About the things I been through
And yet again
I'm wondering
If what they said was really true
Do I still need to
Grow a pair
And yea I let them not me
But it's not because I'm a *****
It's because I don't really give a ****
And that **** don't really bother me
Now words are different
Cause they sink in deep
And torture the **** outta me
Till I can't sleep
And now I'm stuck crying in my pillow
Worrying about tomorrow
And now through all these tears
I'm realizing that I still need to
Grow a pair
I grew a pair...

No explanation needed...
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