I remember being young
careless, not a worry in the world

I was so happy
I was that kid running around
trying to race everyone

never feeling alone

I didnt know right from wrong
but what was wrong with that

one day
I remember my mommy
she was listening to the phone

I had a really good day
except for when that teacher
called me over

"why do you have that bruise dear"
gasp and that cut

I looked down
"oh, I fell yesterday"

she sent me off to play again

so, my mommy on the phone
she covers her mouth
I asked what was wrong
but she didnt say a thing

over the next few days thats how it went
me talking to the teachers between races
and my mom listening to her voicemail

one day I came home
a nice lady in a suit
wanted to talk to me

I thought she was cool so we talked
she asked me all sorts of questions
how much do you eat
what do you do for fun
have you ever been hit

I told her everything
not a single care
it was fun right

she left while talking about me on the phone
give it a little while
and an hour later
she came back with 4 police officers
I could smell cologne

They smiled at me and on walked me over to a squad car, asked if I wanted to sit up front. "sure." Who could say no? The nice lady sat with me fro a while and talked a lot. A little while later, she took me in her car. We drove for an hour. I forgot to ask though, "Wheres mommy?"
for anyone who has been in something like this or knows someone who experiences this.
my heart is locked and aches to be set free i tried to fallow a straight path and ended up hurting her and me, my heart is rotting now it cant be helped as i hate myself but you cant see this darkness with in that tries to control me until the very end
लोग कहते हैं, जीवन है एक बहुमूल्य वरदान ।

तूने, हर मानव को दिया है, यह दान।

पर पुछु तुझे, यह कैसा वरदान ?

मै तो जी रही हूं यहां, बनके बेजान ।

जीवन की वज़ह न जानूं, क्यों कहते है लोग इसे महान?

न इसमें कोई अपनापन है;  ना ही, स्वाभिमान ।

फिर भी लोग कहते हैं, जीवन है एक बहुमूल्य वरदान ।

क्यों ?

Armin Dutia Motashaw
People often ask me
why I'm so loud all the
time. I wish
I could tell them
that I'm only trying
to drown out the noises
inside me.
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