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  May 2020 Alexander T
if he kisses you and it doesn't feel like his love is penetrating your veins through your mouth, if he kisses you and you feel like you owe him something more, if he kisses you and it feels like his tongue is searching for a "yes" in the back of your throat, if he kisses you and you don't feel like it is a direct pouring out of his love for you from his mouth to yours, if he kisses you and time doesn't stop, if he kisses you and the room doesn't spin, if he kisses you and you're not floating, if he kisses you and his lips aren't the only thing keeping you grounded, if he kisses you and he doesn't need both hands to steady himself, both hands to keep his grip on your beautiful face so he doesn't get lost in you then darling, he is not for you.
if he kisses you and it doesn't feel like he loves you, then darling, i am sorry, but he is not the one for you.
i tried to describe it feels like when you kiss me
i'm sorry for being such a hopeless romantic
good morning kisses
goodnight kisses
kisses to taste the cinnamon on your lips
happy kisses
middle of the night kisses
gentle kisses
kisses because i like you
sleepy kisses
movie theatre kisses
oh god we're in an elevator by ourselves kisses
the stolen kind of kisses
kisses because you're too cute
wake up and see you and think you're the best person ever kisses
kisses just because
monday 30th june '14
Alexander T Jan 2019
everyday you see this smile
thinking its real
thinking everything is okay

if you only saw the inside
you would understand
Alexander T Jan 2019
im a teen, of sorts
17 years and still told to speak up
but I cant tell you to listen
told to speak
but all thats heard is a long drawl
"but you need to stop
grow some thick skin"
shut the F* up
listen to me
cant you see me
cant you hear me
I tell you that hurts
I tell you my pain
but where is the change
"you arent old enough to understand"
im old enough to have a heart
old enough to speak
im old enough to feel
why do you think
every time you cry
I try to help you feel better
ive been there
and if not
ill walk right next to you
for you
so shut up and listen
how todays youth get treated, but yet they have more ideas than just about any adult, so listen to us
  Jan 2019 Alexander T
have you been
i guess not,
for your attention
in my poem
could tell
sorry if this nurse
took so long
in finding
the perfect words
to cure
your soul
strip your clothes
stand at the mirror
gaze at the
creature with
the foggy figure
a sinkhole
in those eyes
and a temporary
stitch whenever
you would
the collarbone
which hides,
suffocates from the
blanket of skin
sickening lies
it penetrated
corrupted your mind
ignored the
fact and just
the beast
will **** you,
don't find
it ****
the chaos is screaming
later on
you'll be
i know how
a reflection
you lost yourself
you lost you
it's like
having a stray cat
beneath your
a wandering stranger
sails from
the memories
of truth
overflowing blood
your dilemmas
it mimicked the
fire of hell
in those
the greatest harm
you'll ever
cause you
but why a
and not a
listen here,
you are your
the cure and the pain,
which decision
will define?
all i can
say is,
save yourself
from death,
it hasn't
deseved you yet
go ahead
and fight your
way to life
I suffered from these issues. And I don't have to wait to heal completely so i could serve my people.
  Jan 2019 Alexander T
Darcy Lynn
I am sinking to
Where the moon drips
From frosted lips, frothing with
Syrupy sweet lies
One sticky spoonful at a time
  Jan 2019 Alexander T
Hiding the hurt, hiding the pain, hiding the tears that fall like rain. Saying i'm fine when i'm anything but. This ache in my soul rips at my gut. My skin is on fire; i burn from within. The calm on my face is an ongoing sin. The world must stay out; i've built up a wall. My fragile lie will collapse should it ever fall. Loneliness consumes me; it eats up the years. Until my life is swallowed by unending fears. Waiting for someone to see i wear a mask. And care enough to remove it; is that too much to ask?
hey... im thinking of commiting suicide... so i wrote this.
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