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Reappak May 2020
The night sky,
Wrapped inside blankets
A coffee, a book,
And skies full off stars!
spacewtchhh May 2020
I want to blanket myself but I struggle breathing
I just wanted to hide the transparency of sadness from my blood
I once opened the curtains, hoping sunshine would give me warmth
Then they asked why is there a stream from my eyes
I said I want to finally be honest to you
Then they said it's not the right thing to do
I said this is what I feel from behind
Then they asked why do I let the heart consume the mind
I said to myself this is enough
It shouldn't have been done
There's no difference anyway
Then it struck me like a lightning
I'm floating on the flood from the heavy rains
And it shouldn't have been done
I shouldn't have wished for warmth
When all I got is a storm
I want to blanket myself but I struggle breathing
moria May 2020
I’m like a pillow,
Soft and squishy.
I just need my blanket,
Before I get too cold.
Reading and this popped into my mind
Maria Mitea May 2020
the blanket hugs Earth's chest, and
steps move holding a bouquet of sunflowers while
gazing like a thief, whose big eyes are
rolling on the ground, “don’t you see how steps flow with
Parisian prudence, I am brave and happy on top of Your Eiffel.”  When?  the eyes become wizards of clouds, and
“I”- Rest in wonder. How Long?
LC Apr 2020
whenever their words are sandpaper
that aggressively rubs her heart
and forms stinging cuts,
her hands always reach for
her soft, fluffy, warm blanket.
as it envelops her in its warmth,
her heart heals the cuts
and becomes soft again.
#escapril day 23!
Mrs Timetable Apr 2020
Covering my exposed
When you know it’s cold
Warms my whole body
Because it’s love
That it knows
Making sure I’m warm enough.  It’s the little things
Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2020
Memories comfort
Thoughts of your love keep me warm
A mental blankie
I changed the last word at the last minute as you can tell by the title
TS Mar 2020
My feet feel the cool touch of the grass as I tip toe across the lawn. These long summer nights hold such a blissful innocence about them. Even in growing up, working at a desk job, and paying all the bills, I still feel like a kid when I am surrounded by fireflies in the cool, refreshing twilight air of a Wednesday night in June.

On my checkered blanket, the wind rustles the grass around me and each blade begins to dance to a song you can hear if you are quiet enough...

Distant wind chimes ringing, the breeze rustling the branches, the cicadas chip both near and far, a frog family croaks from the creek near by. There are few moments in this world where peace can wash over someone. In this moment, on the ground, in my PJs, I, a 20 something tired warrior, shine my flashlight toward the sky above in awe so that I may add my light to the infinate chorus above.

The serene nights of summer take me back to a time much simpler. A time when our only worries were 'can we get all of our adventures done in the time before we have to go to sleep?'. A time I go back to every June, just to feel that closeness, that humanity that I so crave. We are more than this zombie-like figure that takes over our bodies each day. We are creative and imaginative. We are fun loving and kind. We are children at heart and we need to stop depriving that child of the happier things in life.

m X c Feb 2020
You feel your blanket hugging you so comfy
Blanket feel your tardiness and pain
You feel your pillow like resting in the cloud
Pillow feel your tears and restless playful mind and heavy heart.
Pillow x Blanket
Knows your secrets
Knows your anger
Knows your weakness
Knows your fears
Knows your pain
Knows your dream
Knows your happiness.
Happy little space.
a shimmer of lights
stillness of the night
patterns made by the stars
gazing up at what could be ours
the cold air kisses your face,
wrapped in blankets like a warm embrace
the sound of leaves caressing the trees —
a lullaby, slow dancing in the breeze
moonlight peeking through the shadows
a whiff of nature in the atmos
it was a beautiful night
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