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Laokos Mar 2021
heather is a feminine body
in a suede chair under charcoal ceilings

perry is wearing
sweaters to evening dinners

katie is a black light poster
in newspaper print

alex is an origami sailboat

spoon feed yourself some more cathleen,
the cats are waiting
HD Oct 2020
Here the blooming hibiscus acquiesces,
Held captive and confined to the cynosural garden,
There still a Karmic Murmur professes,
A faint reminder of the grand design we all must play our part in.
E Jun 2020
I met a girl
Her name was Katie
She sang the blues
Loved scary movies

We fell in love
And for a year
She was a blanket
Warming me up

It’s been a decade
I still love her
I’ll never get over you
Are you there, Katie?
kerri Aug 2019
I've spent way too long biting my tongue and grinding my teeth,
Standing back and watching in defeat.
It's time I finally see the truth in your eyes.
You never loved me, not even once,
I finally realize.
Written around 2014.
kerri Aug 2019
You led me on.
You made me believe that I was worth something to you,
And then you go,
And take back all your words and feelings,
And say that it was all an accident.

I still see you in my dreams,
Every night,
Every waking second.
My thoughts are a prison,
And you can't escape.
Written around 2014.
kerri Jan 2017
How could you be so blind?
I love you with all my heart.
Sometimes I feel like we should restart.
You're constantly on my mind.
You're falling behind.
You're like abstract art.
I shouldn't take your words apart.
I want us to be entertained.
Are you honestly straight?
I guess I have to wait.
Originally written in 2014.
kerri Jan 2017
You’ve never left my mind ever since the day,

You came into my life and took my breath away.

Always in my dreams I see your pretty face.

That is just something I could never erase.

So give me a chance and maybe you could see,

Exactly how much you mean to me.
Originally written in 2013.
kerri Jan 2017
I love to lend you my things
When you see them I know you think of me
Maybe you’ll even smile
That thought helps me get through the day
Until I finally see the way your mouth makes that crescent moon
Because I know you’re happy to see me too
But I’m sure you don’t get butterflies like me
Look beyond my cheshire grin
I think you’re really wonderful
Originally written in 2013.
kerri Jan 2017
You are everywhere.
My dreams consist of your beautiful skin.
My thoughts spiral with your words within.
My hellos are always meant for you.
My goodbyes are something I hate to do.
My skin is tainted with your DNA.
My fingertips search for you everyday.
You are everywhere.
Originally written in 2014.
kerri Jan 2017
You are the air I breathe,
The water I drink,
The dust that lingers,
The flowers that bloom,
But most of all,
You are the one for me.
Originally written in 2014.
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