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spacewtchhh May 20
From my sound sleep, I heard that sound again.
Oh, it's just the alarm.
"Will you hear me out now?" says the snooze.
I thought that I just need more time to rest.
I snoozed it again.
After a few minutes, he asked me again, "Will you hear me out now?"
I turned it off.
What do I do now?
Should I push myself up? Or get back to sleep?
spacewtchhh May 20
I clicked snooze on the alarm
It says that I should wake up
But I still want to sleep.
spacewtchhh May 20
I want to blanket myself but I struggle breathing
I just wanted to hide the transparency of sadness from my blood
I once opened the curtains, hoping sunshine would give me warmth
Then they asked why is there a stream from my eyes
I said I want to finally be honest to you
Then they said it's not the right thing to do
I said this is what I feel from behind
Then they asked why do I let the heart consume the mind
I said to myself this is enough
It shouldn't have been done
There's no difference anyway
Then it struck me like a lightning
I'm floating on the flood from the heavy rains
And it shouldn't have been done
I shouldn't have wished for warmth
When all I got is a storm
I want to blanket myself but I struggle breathing
spacewtchhh May 8
My mom used to tell me that even
before it was my first birthday
I had asthma.
I barely know how to live
yet instantly
life selfishly narrowed my airways.
I wonder why God chose air
to be the most essential element for humans
to live.
You need to breathe to live.
As to what they said, sixty percent of the body is water.
When a human is in pain, it sheds water.
When a human is in pain, its heart sinks.
When a human is in pain, it drowns.
Why not water be our air?
Why are we made up of weak bodies
that even plain words would make us cry
an ocean.
I wish that we would just live in oceans.
Tears then would never be salient.
spacewtchhh Apr 24
My body is weary from the aching times that makes me feel like a burden.
My head feels great weight.

My throat constantly sore from screaming my lungs out just to reach out.
My voice has run dry.

My skin sense a scorching sun from within that it aches my insides.
I could see the pain.

But I know it's not the virus.
Heal one's self.
spacewtchhh Apr 23
Wash your hands
You held his hands too tightly.
Wash your hands
You pushed him hard, now he's free.

Wash your hands
You touched a heart that's not yours.
Wash your hands
You fool, love cannot be forced.

Wash your hands
You played a lot in the dirt.
Wash your hands
You stained through your shirt.

Wash your hands
We have sinned too much.
Wash your hands
Not everything is to be touched.
spacewtchhh Apr 23
we long for oceans
just to drown ourselves from these
waves of emotion
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