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spacewtchhh Aug 2022
My eyes forced open by the white noise of the radio.
It's 7:00. A new day has come.

I get escorted to the line to get a plate.
It's time for my breakfast.
Fill up my stomach without a daily appetite.

I surrender from the visiting room.
His face from the clear glass seems too pretentious
I can't even understand his speech through the telephone.

I try to go out to see the sun and it's scorching.
Play some sports with other striped people
And they get disappointed.
I try to say a prayer I can't finish.

It's just another day to do nothing.
I let myself be incarcerated.
In my head.
spacewtchhh Aug 2022
Ironic as it seems:
I know someone unfaithful
longing for real love.
spacewtchhh Aug 2022
used to looking at the sky
rose-colored eyes,

spacewtchhh Aug 2022
In a crowd of familiars
I pass through

of proust effect lingers
and someone greets me.

I see you at the dead of night
You of I thought long gone.

It just gives back the stare.

As its right hand lifts
with auras cast in awe,
energy flows through my spine,
I helplessly mirror what it did -

It points itself,

Then at me.

Spirits spell a curse or divine,
You of I thought killed,

Vanished into lucid flow of energy.

Dust permeates
and whispers my ear,

I never leave.
spacewtchhh Jul 2022
He who doesn't know me is myself.

How characters from thousands of movies lived within me, made me think I am them.

And I am all of them now.

And we dont fit on the door now.

But we can still filter the world through the curtains.
spacewtchhh Jul 2022
These phrases refer to no one unless I have your eyes

She squeezed out,
Like me.

But it's hard to make someone endure what you endure

We are all born to pretend
That's what makes humans connected
spacewtchhh Jul 2022
Everything you're fond of.
I fond of.
Are you fond of me?
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