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Khoi Dec 2021
Strong as the chain of my DNA
on the inside
weak as a single strand
on the outside
I won the race for life
in the first place
still I need your shoulder
to be sure
I'll give you mine anytime
even now feeling
I may have drawn
the shortest straw
strands ain't strings
and yours
could be wrong.
friends or baggage
Niel Nov 2020
..a cutting edge
I drown in it
Cause to see this gem
          Then feel this slight
   Is hard to right.
Georgie Mar 2020
Two strings
Pulled together
Stretched apart

No attachments
No obligations
Just free

But what happens when
One string starts to get
Why am I like this
Meadow Aug 2019
Summer is coming soon to an end.
A bittersweet summer.
One that has aged me to wise. Solemnly, I stand welcoming and allowing.
Loosened grips, blood returns to white knuckles.
Numbed fear, but wild excitement.
Random 1 minute poem: raw
Henessy J Beltre Oct 2018
Observer of the Universe you call yourself
Because you see the moon and the stars
And you imagine the galaxies far beyond
Just a reminder
Wherever you may be reading this
In a coffee shop, in a bookstore, or under the covers
We are both wrapped around with blankets of water and mountains
We share the stars & the moon
The sun & the earth
And with that being said
We are closer than you'd ever observe

- Henessy J. Beltre
© Henessy J. Beltre - 10.29.2018
“I dont know”
was my response
when you asked me if
I still love you

the world stopped
for the both of us
as I wondered on the thought
of me, being selfish
or being true
and yours upon the
realization that
maybe, just maybe
my love for you
is fleeting

neither of us was speaking
and the silence echoed
through the depths of my head
and you uttered

that moment, I knew
that you gave up
on me, and my inner

I crumbled upon
the guilt of telling you
those words, so instead
I let my tongue do
the talking and said

cause it was never hard to say

but it is always hard to face

the reality of being responsible
to someone

as if I have to breathe
through somebody’s pair of lungs
and scratch the loneliness
with someone else’s fingers

we parted
I changed numbers

cause I had to stay afloat
on the clouds of solitude
free from attachments.
Samreena Lodhi Aug 2018
silence will be best for me,
no attachments,
no atonements,
no enchantments,
no blandishments,
no chastisements.

and that is all!
AnxiousOcean Aug 2018
these barriers offer isolation
these boundaries provide protection
these walls put everything in chain
because attachments often lead to pain
Because what if Rapunzel wasn't locked up by a witch in a tower but she chose to isolate and protect herself from everyone.
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