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Wake me up
Make me yours
Show me your strength
I’ll give you my body

Get in my head
Take my heart
Kiss my soul
I’ll give you my obedience

Feel me
Know me
Become one with me
I’ll give you my everything
Dress her up
She’s here for you
Doll her up
As you desire to

She doesn’t feel
She doesn’t see
And she will kneel
That’s how she’s supposed to be

Tie her up
She knows her place
Use her up
She has no grace

She cannot say
That she won’t play
And she will be
What you want her to be

And when you’re done
Just kiss and tell
She won’t mind
After all...she’s for sale.
Oh how you get me high
To fly on the clouds

Oh how you hold me tight
Covered with clouds

Oh how you tie me up
Your see through cloudy bounds

Oh how I can’t let go
Without meeting the ground

No I can no longer
Stay in your cloud

No it just rains so much
And I’m starting to drown

No please just let me go
How foggy is my mind

For eternity locked inside
Your evil cloud
Warm it up
Until it’s incandescently happy

Stroke it well
Until it shines with joy

Crooked smile
Points to what is to come

Ugly spark
In your eye before you proceed

Tear it out
Leave nothing behind

Squeeze it well
Until there’s nothing left

Slice it up
Lifeless on a plate

Eat it quick
Before the life runs out

No taste there?
You used it all up
You squeezed it all up
You messed it all up
You... made it give up
And it will never beat for you again.
You’re here
I can see you
But where do you go?
I can’t feel you

You come
I can touch you
But wait
Again I lose you

You sleep
I lay on your chest
You dream
Without a rest

I see
You next to me
And yet
You’re not with me
Hurt is the way how to show me your love
Hurt is how I know I’m never enough
You smile and I know that for a moment you care
Next thing I wanna die under your freezing stare.

Hot and cold could be your both middle names
I never know which one is next
And getting bit tired of your silly games
While you’re the one who plays the best.

Why are you so much fun to be around?
Why do you leave me in my tears to drown?
Why do your eyes say „My love, I’m your home“?
And your words make me feel as ever alone.

Love and hate on a date sharing a cold one
Which one is your queen tonight?
Spite off and charm on, let’s fool everyone
That night is day and day is night.
„Yours  truly“
Finished page, just sign the letter with your name.
Be careful, since you only have that one shot at this game.
No hurries
Once the whitey paper ***** in all the ink,
Lean back and pour yourself a glass of the very special drink.
No wine and no beer conceals the bottle
No headache nor vertigo next day
The memories will no longer hunt you down
Just take the road and let be shown the way.

There is too much to question
and too much aggression
I have a confession
it’s my indiscretion
Breath of a cancer
Touch of elegant dancer
Ego enhancer
But never an answer

into the days when everything was black and white
when simply enough you could tell what’s wrong and what is right
Oh wait
that must have been another section of the book
because this chapter is what they unmercifully took
Browsing the shelves inside the library
Hoping to find the missing parts
The bookcases stare at you adversary
Sometimes you just don’t get the perfect cards

There was too much to question
and only aggression
through my confession
gone’s indiscretion
away with the cancer
exhausted’s the dancer
being the balancer
while seeking the answer

Too often
washing off everyone’s melancholy stink
wishing they would just one day ****** off and got a shrink
One’s mind
absorbs the good from people but the bad as well
on the outside, though, it makes sure that no one can ever tell
The book of the dead is not a fairy tale
And the book of life isn’t yet for rent
All there is left is to come up with a plan
On how to stand up when the body’s bent

Now this is the answer
this is the balancer
rise again will the dancer
whilst free of the cancer
no more indiscretion
no need for confession
void of aggression
rid of oppression at last.
Everyone can interpret it as they wish.. I wrote it one evening after returning from a friend, where we sat at a fire place, the fire was slowly dying and we were contemplating about life with a glass of his Scotch, and the visit left me with many questions and doubts about existence and the whole "everything will be alright in the end", which I then started seeing as totally juvenile and even deluded. What if the right now status is all we get? What if life cannot fix the mistakes that already happened?
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