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Ari Aug 2016
I glanced at you both,
and no longer felt the jealousy
that would linger
and peel at my insides

You never did treat me right
It was your loss to lose such
an amazing prize
You will always be looking for a piece in me
in every person you're with
  Aug 2016 Ari
Just Melz
It's mesmerizing
How your eyes look into mine
It's radiating
This intense feeling of heat
Something I just can't define
It's solid ground to stand on
It's concrete

It will never waver
Never wander
Never want for anything new
This feeling is yours
And it's mine
Me and you, babe
We'll make it through
Ari Oct 2015
When you've forgiven
But haven't forgotten
Ari Jul 2015
you speak of
natural internal beauty
when you can barely keep away
from the botox and implants that
don't cease to influence you
Ari Apr 2015
I stand
Above you
With superior strength
and direction
  Feb 2015 Ari
Rip those seams girl
You've got a leather heart
I want to taste your deepest secret
I've a mind to tear you apart

"I urge you to turn from me"
"I beg you to leave me be"

My grief is precious, pure and chosen
Heart and lung have stalled, frozen

I've got medicine for those tears of yours
You give me the time of day
I can give you laughter and more

With loving hands, soft sighs and light
He pulled the rain clouds from my sight
Vision sure, hands true
I wasn't broken, just had to choose
My smiles may come and go
But the sunshine he brings will always show
  Feb 2015 Ari
I would breathe deep of midnight
If only to drown in the blaze of your dawn
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