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leinstinct Nov 2016
Existence and the realm of everything we hold as true
Our reality simple perception
Love is the only thing in existence for me and you

Search through your own reality
your own purpose
your own path

No one can tell you who you are
Or who you are supposed to be
You where born unique
You are legitimately free

You can't stop a human from feeling
Emotions are the most beautiful things

Pain slithers through our souls
Making path for what is best and yet to come

Showing with no fear
Sentimental giving
Never expecting to recieve
It is the beauty of believing

And when two people hurt each other
Love vanishes leaving only ashes of what could've been
But sometimes sparks don't last forever
And scars so perpetual by nature
Never leave they stay forever  
Until they become part of your escence
Until you can finaly learn to embrace them

The pain becomes your ally
While something good awaits to bloom

Tears are full of blessings
Timing can be a *****
But good is always triumph
No matter how long a pain may last  
It is the course of live and living
It is LOVE
leinstinct Nov 2016
Sad i could forget you so easily
Sad your love could not vanish so fast

I am not a course
I am not a blessing

You don't really want to love me
You don't really feel this way

Desolated and Heartbroken
Your harm was never meant

Neither should you take the blame
Just take it as it is

A reason to be better
Better off away from ME
leinstinct Nov 2016
maybe if i look real close
maybe your reality may shine

someone once said you give
only to take back

they say isolation is a sin
well i find pleasure everywhere

It be boring just to state
all the facts i find so true

no one ever will be impressed
by the fame of such a fool

we are born so we can live
so we can die
so we can LOVE

we are here for such a journey
a journey we may LOVE

to bring joy in overflowing happines
a different purpose for everyone

intentions are so important
what separates the good from the bad?

all in all i could just ramble
for hours without end

i could feel just like a wisdom
like a wisdom of a million years

but there is nothing more important
than a message well portrayed

let me find a way to express it
let me leave with no real pain

Because everything is simple if you believe in only LOVE
in my ideal and perception the only thing that exists is

leinstinct Nov 2016
Such a beautiful person
Such a great i know
Ups and downs
I love you through it all
Can't imagine life without your dear existence
Companion of my life you are my lovely sister
leinstinct Oct 2016
It's late and i don't have a tongue down in my throat
It's tough when your game does not even work when you are drunk
Addictions they're so nice, they help me to go on
Women they enchant by the end of the night they're not your's
Maybe we should balance the party ,and the work
I am such a **** i am an *** but it's just work
I don't love you I'm just lonely
I know it's no excuse
If i hurt i am sorry
Desolated by the night
leinstinct Oct 2016
You are nice
You've always been good to me
I notice your love
I embrace your soul and accept it gracefully
But I am not really the one
I'm sorry but you should know
I'm toxic and distorted
I will only hurt into your core
You see i don't feel as you do
And it is something sad to say
I know i would actualky like to
But i don't have a choice
I don't have a say
I cannot guide what is in me
I cannot control my destiny
We are not actually meant to be
Though you may be all i really need
leinstinct Oct 2016
I have to leave i am way behind
My soul is here my life is not
No one can tell who i have become
I fell of my words call 911
leinstinct Oct 2016
Everyone is sad heartbroken and depressed
Everyone is whinny
Everyone is a mess
Everyone is offended
Nothing can be said

It seems like a new trend
Privatization of everything and all
Fear is roaming through our streets

Everyone is a judge
Just like everyone knows it all
No one smiles anymore

You ****** pieces of ****
I think i will ******* all
leinstinct Oct 2016
I think i want to do something good to you
Something nice
something to show i care
I think i may even say i love you
I never meant it
i guess that is just ok
But do not be restrained
i am actually quite good
I may be super toxic
But i am addictive too
My soul means no real harm
my intentions are real pure
My love is never ending
there is nothing it can't cure
My senseless intoxications
Are just part of a the journey you may embark
Don't be afraid to show your insides
I can't promise i don't bite
leinstinct Oct 2016
It's sad i know that i can have it
I advice your mind but now it's blinded
Your heart so nice and good to me
Your soul so precious
It is not all i see
Messed up i know i can't retreat
Us two one hurts it is not me
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