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You never be the same before.
You never be the same and after.
Your mind was changed by situation.
Your life was changed by worldview.
You changed own intellect by warping.

You never be the same before.
And never be the same and after.
Each day you transform into a different person.
In new one person, which was hidden before.
From eyes of curious and interesting.

You’re realizing day by day.
You make progress.
You meet new people.
Your life changed every second.
You changed by blinking of an eye.

You never be the same before.
You never be the same and after.
Khadro Jama Jan 18
I felt empty
where ever I went
there were not footsteps left behind
I felt as if I didn't even exist
and I didn't then...
I was walking around soulless drowning in my sorrows,
drowning in despair.
life was as it was!
A ghost had a better chance of living.
I was alive but dead inside.
The drugs made me feel.
Sometimes I'd numb that out too
I wished for a hangover since I could never get one.
I would go clubbing and lose myself in the music
I love dancing, but swinging left and right Id just stop find a corner and just pretend that I cared drowned me in some patron.
I'd go to weddings with friends and during that cute moment ( slow dancing).
I'd be smiling whiling crying on the inside
( truly was a beautiful moment).
Im just too heartbroken.
Johnny walker Dec 2018
It's an ever-changing
world to where I now reside being single again after so many years shared with Helen 20 years to be precise
a long time to be trying to find a new beginning the burning question to what and where does one
Is It possible to start over I just don't know but my wife would have wanted to find happiness again she said so often when
Questions so many I have Is It possible to start over after losing one so close for so long
Ken Pepiton Dec 2018
Sorts of things I say we say sometimes only I say them

because, I'm glad to know no mystery remains

to the man who can read with the joy of a boy,

eyes un-cataracted as needed, from time to time,

my sort, we see clearly from long before.

In the good old days, we'd all been dead a while.

Now, we watch our children's children sprout

from good seed I hid in wild oats,
which grow naturally, amidst
the rosemary and sage

as reminders to me.

A little leaven leavens the whole lump,
a single virus killed movie Martians,

cannot a key-**-tic prince of the power of the air,
a manifested, creation-groaned-for-son-of God,
A radioman minded to tell the whole

sprouted from a little leaven,
like the kingdom
of heaven.

Sorcery, we were defining the word, not the act, if in fact, there is such an act.

Rumors say it's jokers. Clowns got big cred on YouTube and the Res Casinos.
Rogan and Roseann,
they cover for Cosby. He was sick,

woulda died, in the old days. But the young ones, some remember
God tellin' Noah, and by

Noah's and Naamah's kids, they remember God
using Bill Cosby,
by God.
to say
Something like,
"You know, it don't work that way."
God used Cosby to say that to Moses, so we all could know.

Don't forget the old days.

Cosby was cool for a while,
Hullaballoo, Birmingham Jail, I Spy,
Hef's House, and all
that a frat boy
would ever

Things change. Good always wins. It is not fair.
Birmingham Jail?
An old man disagreed.
I had said there is no good reason for war

and evil reasoning is corrupted.

War has it's reason, he said.

that is not a good reason. I said that.

I said that, war has evil reasoning,
bizarro sympathy reasoning,

proud reasoning.

Only, I said, one-ly. One and no more.
One reason for war.
in any fashion.

and that’s what he said when I asked why Moses was going to inherit the earth if he was dead.
Imps, impulsive lines, to tempt a being, a thought not thought before some eye say right through the eye of the wizard who married witch and raised wise children, who all backslid, laughing as they learned.
Brynn S Dec 2018
Life after?
At the end of the line there’s peace
A small fragment in the unknown
to venture it is to walk a line
Telephone wires crosses
Small synopsis of chemistry
bodies we are
Bodies we will be
A short story of mine
One of fleeting time
Strung out on God’s
We are left to feel the mean time
Cruel it may seem
To those lived, now a dream
poesuer Nov 2018
I'm going to have a hard time cleaning up this mess
sorting out the bedsheets and pulling the mattress topper back into place,
throwing out the takeaway we were too drunk to eat

the febreeze won't hide the sweat and rotten food, not very well

my little den of hedonism feels empty without my love to share it with
without his arms around me, without his cologne,

I feel unclean in the morning-after mess
my bf came back for a visit. it was fun, but we made a lot of mess and now he's back at uni and I miss him again.
Maxim Keyfman Oct 2018
to be on a swing
with you together
after so much
after some time
to be on a swing
with you together
after so many
for so many years
to be with you
to be on a swing
and when it snows
when it snows
and when the sun
like a flute
to be with you
swim the world
swim the world
sail on ice
on this fire
only together
to be on a swing
only together
by lantern light

JS CARIE Oct 2018
To openly relinquish vulnerabilities, having found love will likely be present in advance

Being in love, will challenge defenses making present vulnerabilities

Fating the present after liberating vulnerabilities, ensures a relief to drop defenses, and a willingly surrender to love
Before During After Vulnerable powerlessness love present
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