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Dreamypretty Jan 31
Why in the world is it not enough?

Why just being me is not enough?

Why do I have to be rich and pretty,

But why not, just me?

It is not enough to be kind

You must also have a mind.

Hey! you are such a misfit

Don’t spread your legs, you must know how to sit.

It is not enough to just be in your own skin

Oh! my lord, that’s a sin.

You must follow the rules of the road

Don’t ask questions, just copy and move ahead.

It’s not enough to be independent

Then you’re too ambitious for your own splendent.

The six-figure salary is not enough

Because life will still get tough and the path rough.

It is not enough when you’re single

Because you must also be ready to mingle.

Not enough when you’re married

Because after that you must also have a kid.

It’s funny how they decide

The course of my life.

Whether I run, walk or just sleep.

When what I really want is

To sing, dance and swim deep.

I don’t care how

Successful and clever you could be.

Because I just want to be me.

And someday, I hope it will be enough.
circa 2019.
I have kind of find my footing now. And I'm sure it is enough.
  Jan 26 Dreamypretty
just a girl sitting next to the boy she likes
the noise of the world falls away
his quiet company wraps around her
offering a comfort and a peace

just a girl sitting next to the boy she likes
absorbing every word, every glance, every touch
just in case it is the last
no fairytales he once told her

just a girl sitting next to the boy she likes
wise enough to know it wont last forever  
yet still loves and gives unabashedly
because she is just a girl sitting next to the boy she likes
Dreamypretty Jan 22
I write but I'm not a writer
I dance but I'm not a dancer
I sing but I'm not a singer
And I travel but I'm not a traveler
Because I am all of it and more
Don't limit me to a label
Because I am so much more.
We all are.
Friday Thoughts. Always be more !
Dreamypretty Jan 21
I walked instead of running
and noticed the trees around
some were purple, some were pink
some were trees with brown leaves ready to fall
other with buds ready to flower
some bright green like fresh sprout
some dark cocoa like all out
And to me it occurred that
some were autumn, some were spring
There my heart said to me :
Even in nature everything grows as per the grand scheme
Girl, you shall have it all
In your own time.
True story. Decided to walk today instead of running as my legs were fully worked out from yesterday. Relax. Breath. Inhale. Exhale.
jack and jill went up a hill
but jack went out on ***** and pills
and jill she had to pick up his pieces
his broken bottles
his empty containers
his lost sobriety
and very soon
after the brokenness became to much
jill came tumbling after
going out just like jack
Dreamypretty Jan 20
Got introduced to haiku today
Thought I will write one some day
And Today is that day
LOL Myfirsthaiku
Dreamypretty Jan 20
Looking into the oblivion
Staring blankly into this yellow wall
In the midst of a house party
My housewarming party
What I am looking for?

When my friends are drinking and dancing
And I'm sitting there even though I'm smiling
They ask me, Pretty : why do you look sad?
I don’t even know if I’m sad or just plain.. blank.
What am I looking for?

Everyplace I go, the horizon at the sea or the peak of a mountain
Or when I’m just chilling in my den
Staring into the silence.
What am I looking for ?

Is knowing too much a bane?
Isn’t a foolish person happier?

It’s funny isn’t it? Or just an irony?
That as I write this sitting on the chair in my room
After that house party, my housewarming party
I stare blankly at this wall and the wall stares blankly at me
And then we are a perfect company !
I wrote this sometime when I was battling a heartbreak, a void, probably depression. To all of you who feel the emptiness, I want to say that it does not last. You are stronger than that and you can beat it.
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