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HeronBlue Apr 2018
About to turn twenty two
how long has it been since I learned to tie lace of a shoe?
how long since I learned the best way to live is without a clue

I feel just like ten
why does school seem to be so distant and fragmented then?
Like a memory long unpolished yet bright. I'm older all right.

Nah, I feel like fifteen
why, then, for happiness do I turn to a five-inch screen?
should be out in the field if I am a teen
why doesn't the city, colors and friendship seem evergreen?

nope. too dry to cry
a river thinking the world is mean.
Now I cheer for both the men fightin'.
With inner peace comes bloodlust ridin'

So this is what it feels like to be twenty-two!
Not bad. one-third gone and now left is another two 'twenty-two'
till I bid this consciousness adieu.
Ma Cherie Sep 2017
dancing orbs upon the water
glistening in late summer sun
such beautiful but sad reminders
that now it's not the time for fun
as summer birds now bid farewell too
an days of long are nearly done

I look above to ancient skyways
to a gathering of fall and fate
coming quick in eerie dark blue
wishing cold had come in late
heavy rains have kept it wet here
oh crying green in heavy weight,

sing mystic breezes
call Natosi
ancient healing- God of sun
"everything is coming to you
yes you are a chosen one-
your heart of gold was given rarely
from thread of gold
that heart was spun"

thanks so much dear Apistotoke
an grandmother
my mother fate
thank you for the strongest heartbeat
fast like deer - I know not hate
one day to see you once in real form
behind the lovely heaven's gate

I fold my hands in ancient patience
for I know now
that I must wait

loving and enjoying
my life to the fullest
degree until I do
until my last an dying breath
has happened
until my soul must bid its sweet adieu
because everything in death is
then reborn again anew

an this I know
within that big beating heart
you say is made
of threaded gold.

Ma Cherie ©2017
For my ...idk dead ones miss them  ;/ love you all ❤ like I love the fall x-Ma
Emmanuel Coker Jul 2017
Do You?

Do you miss the way things were between us?
Do you flinch with every passing thought of me being with another person, just as I flinch when I think of you
Do you ache with pain knowing my hands, eyes, lips and mouth would adore the graciousness of another being?
Do you playback series of different scenarios in your head about what might have been if either of us acted differently?
Do you miss me telling you “I love you” as we both bid ourselves goodnight in hopes to be reunited once again at the break of dawn?
Do you wish me happiness and joy in all my endeavors but wish you are always there to celebrate with me?
Do you grow jealous of the other being I would newly grow to love and share devotion with?

I just want to know if you do, ‘cause I do.
And if you don't, I still won't blame you.
I know we both said our byes, but it'll be a long time before my heart bids you adieu.
harlon rivers Mar 2017
A sound was heard at my
garden door
A feathered smudge found upon it

There she lay in frightened
trembling dismay
   A giant knelt ...
yet still towering above her

He reached out and touched
her pounding heart
Then cupped her warmth
in his hand

She stayed awhile until
she could smile
At the kindly human mystery

This love they shared
is uncommonly rare
She knew she could be freed

Before she flew
she whispered a song she knew
into the gentle giant’s  beard :

“I cannot make you happy
You're a wounded Bird like me ―
be Free...
you must find the strength to Fly”…

"A Bird in your hand
  is worth two in the bush ―

   Come fly away with me"...

March 2012 © harlon rivers ... all rights reserved
Thank you so much for the special feature this simple heartfelt poem has been allowed.  It is based on actual events that happen often where habitat
meets civilization.  As humans we can mitigate this footprint left behind by lifting the weight of caring with actions that speck louder than words. Who among us has not needed a helping hand when we are struggling with the unexpected?  Moments we must find the strength to carry on with a little help from our friends?

   Find the strength to fly ―

Written March 1st, 2012
reposted from my original account
Viseract Dec 2016
For all the times I tried to hide
All the darkness I've defied
And all those times I felt alive
Only to fall down again and die

I know some people refuse to see
The life I lead, the blood I bleed
The reasons I did things that just weren't clean
And when I hid away, just let me be

I don't expect everybody to trust
The passion, the fire, the anger, the lust
The security, loyalty, vision deceives
It's how you perceive, how you see me

And I'm sorry that tonight I said goodbye
But it's better for you, I ain't gonna lie
In every lie there's a kernel of truth
And it shows me that I was never right for you
With a heavy heart let me bid adieu my love
Henceforth we will not see each other now
Where from this dilemma came to us and how
Fortune takes it and in front of fate to bow

Whenever beauty is molested by dew drops
Soul goes to pieces and by dagger heart chops
No seeds of love needs to be sown for crops
Love and beauty are not commodities of shops

With cleanliness of heart I bid you but adieu
You appeared my love like moon out of blue
As you wish and aspire I will not ask to renew
Whatever relationship was that was but virtue

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
Viji Suresh May 2016
Reclining on a chair, thinking of you
The happy days when we shared a stew.

My mind crowded with your thoughts
Made me remember the dazed past.

Days we sat for hours at a stretch
Sound of silence, creeping toward the crest.

Friendship: a gesture, putting no pressure or demand
An affection with no label, warm and grand.

Our friendship I thought, will last forever,
BANG!! it came down, with a shiver.

Shattered and bruised, untended and raw
Months at a stretch, with no liniment at all.

You are set to leave, history wiped so clean
If the fate is kind, we would meet again.

Adieu sounds so final; Au revoir my friend...
Isara Mar 2016
I dared to turn just to find,
That you had left me far behind.
Nary a murmur from your lips,
Or a gesture from your fingertips.
I waited just among the trees,
Counting all the fallen leaves,
Until I’d see you there again,
Along the road, around the bend.
Far off to the horizon I look,
Wondering which path you took.
Are you happy, whole, & well?
This storm within, I cannot quell.
Alas, I’m sorry, I cannot wait.
For how does one forsake their fate?
When the snowdrops greet a new dawn,
Perhaps you’ll see I’ve moved on.
And ‘neath the oak, down by the bend,
Towards the forest, there I wend.
Forget me not, nor I you.
Farewell, my love, a fond adieu.
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