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I've learnt a lot.
You want to test my knowledge?
Then ask me to render a thought.
And if you ask me,

I'd say;
I've learnt to read in-between the lines of everything, just like a blind man reading Braille.

I've seen the black and I've noticed the white,
And so I'd know very much, when you are greying the lines.
Why do you act as though not being normal isn't a normal thing?

The world is not normal,
And to you that's a normal thing.

I'm not normal.
And to me that's perfectly normal
I want to walk with you,
Walk with you on the busy streets of London.
We'd walk hand in hand,
All the way from Trafalgar square,
To the deep end of Oxford circus.
And once in a while we'd waltz to the catchy tune of any street performer stringing out Beethoven or Vivaldi from their scrawny violin.
And we'd not mind the many eyes of onlookers; Onlooking the grand performance of a perfect duo, waltzing to the catchy tune of a street performer.
I pretend I'm in love;
when I'm not.
I pretend I'm in love,
when it's lust.
I pretend that I'm numb,
but it hurts.
I pretend that it's found,
but I'm lost.

I pretend to pretend that nothing hurts.
My defence is the art of pretence…
when it all gets too much
Emmanuel Coker Nov 2018
I'd write you letters,
But you won't write back,
I'd send you flowers,
But you don't fancy that,
I'd beg you to come over,
We both fancy that.

You'd push me over,
But I don't push back,
You've got many lovers,
And I don't fancy that,
I had only one lover,
But she didn't want me back,
And whenever you come over,
It gets more fancier.
Emmanuel Coker Nov 2018
On nights like this,
My baby is finger-licking delicious.
She makes my fingers fill with honey, sweet honey, wet honey, as she **** for me.
Don't take a peek into her honey ***,
It's fiery red inside.
It's bakery hot inside.
On nights like this,
My baby is blazing red fire,
And I'm glistening dark skin bathed in our sweat,
My hands call for her body as they glue onto her skin, her being calls for an ****** and now she's holding on tight to the bed sheets.
The bed sheets, soaked bed sheets, I lay a peck on my baby's *******, so ****, so tempting, I slowly commence the “prone bone”.
On nights like this,
My baby is jaw dropping gorgeous whenever she's on her kneels.
I grunt and I puff, but my baby is a musical genius. And If I were to be serious,
On nights like this,
My baby is the only one I'd be with.
Emmanuel Coker Nov 2018
Right here,
Right now,
With you.

There's nowhere else,
I'd rather be.
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