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Sunstrike Mar 13
On 30th of November 2020.
My father passed away.
Everything change. Everything.
I am never myself again.
I love you , I miss you dad.
Sunstrike Oct 2020
How could we kiss each other hands, touch our lips, feel our skin and thought we did not fall for each other? Explain.
Sunstrike Jul 2020
You broke me while I was learning to love you.
I miss
Sunstrike Jun 2020
Yesterday I saw a lion kiss a deer.
Sunstrike Jun 2020
How do I supposed to tell you that I missed you when you refused to know?
sad relationship friends love miss you I
Sunstrike May 2020
Suffocate me so my tears can be rain,
I will water the ground where I stand,
So that the flowers can grow back again.
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