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i wish i had some guidance
someone to take me the right way
give me directions
i'm stuck in this maze
i'm in a daze
counting down the days
to get over this phase
Nely Mar 23
There's a time where children's laughter is carried by the pump's water.
Where the music floods all corners of nyc.
Where even the train is on beat.
The sun shines hardest in NYC.
Nely Mar 23
Sometimes its beautiful outside.
The sun shines for miles and miles. The clouds swim without a current. The grass sleeplessly kiss my ankles. I can hear my heart knocking in my ears. I stand still & feel mother gaia cradling me. I think no moment like this will ever exist.
Nely Mar 23
wrote you love letters for 8 years and on the 8th I said I was done. I know one day someone will fall in love with you, but never with all of you.
I did that.
One day it'll be someone else's turn to rub their fingers across your forehead while you dip in and out of sleep. You'll sigh,
You'll say " Iove you" but you'll be caught off guard when it's not my voice that doesn't say " I love you too" I am lost love, for all my lovers.
Nely Mar 23
Making stops from the sun to the moon
Who'd say i'd fall in love with you.
I'll land my feet on its dusky grey surface
Tell em Haze sent me,
Message you that i need better communication,
More assertion, more voice.
I'll skimp through 900 degrees,
I need the feminine energy to suffocate me
& i'll assert my drive across the reds
I'll write love letters to demos & phobos,
While i hang from the rings.
I'll take responsibility for falling in love with the stars, the moon and everything about you.
Nely Mar 23
If you ask me about me, I can honestly and painfully tell you I fall in love with people whom never been loved. I always want to pour myself in the mouths whom never tasted love. I suffocate them doing so. I drown them in it. I bury them. I love harshly, dangerously, strongly because loving them with the efforts and knowingness, that I too was never loved. Never understood. Never heard. I want to stand in for all that never was in their lives. I see deserving in them, deserving of all the love within me. My love is gluttonous.
Nely Feb 12
sometimes memories can make anyone seem alive no matter how long ago it was.
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