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Nely Nov 2020
Kiss you in the places you have numbed. Choke you till you cough up an "I love you".
Nely Nov 2020
Between the hours of 4 and 6 a.m you can hear the earth whisper its favorite secrets. The sun always yawns awake, while the moon shy's away. They both live in this moment. Simultaneously fluffing the clouds underneath their cheeks, one falling asleep and one waking, they huddle on top of their pillows and listen to the earth tell its stories. A lot of times I am awake, and they soothe my worries away.  They accompany me when the walls hush me. They never turn me away, even when their parting. We huddle together and we balance our heads and listen to what the earth has to say. Sometimes it's sad, and she weeps. The tears fall hard across the pavement. We try an offer her tissue. Other days its gruesome and the coldness hurts my bones, we offer her warmth. Some days its lonely, we offer her our company. Some days they're happy, we offer her gratitude. No matter the story we listen. & she too listens. There's days I can't sleep so I tell all that runs through my mind, she doesn't judge and neither does the moon or the sun. Nowadays I feel lonely, but I know they're there and they offer me comfort, but somedays I turn them away because I don't feel anything. I feel empty. I turn numb. Numb. Numb. Numb. I feel misunderstood and even I don't understand what should be understood. But they never leave, they visit me from the hours of 4 am to 6 am and even when one shuts its eyes and the other opens one, I know they're there and they're rooting me on. Earth says I don't need to understand how I feel just yet, but sometimes I wonder how long is 'yet'. But to live in the now, but for now go to bed.
Nely Oct 2020
I come to the idea of seeing you again, soon. I see you soon and come to the idea of when I'll see you again. And when again appears to bring me again to seeing you, I ask when's the next time I'll get to spend time with you. When's our next tomorrow. Our next next day. I don't get tired of kissing those same lips, again and again. Those same spots. Again and again. Then new spots. Again and again. That  same piece of skin under your chin. I want again, and again. & one more time, and again.
Nely Aug 2020
I now give my love out freely, it's your business what you choose to do with it
  May 2020 Nely
lydia inez melendez
i wish i had some guidance
someone to take me the right way
give me directions
i'm stuck in this maze
i'm in a daze
counting down the days
to get over this phase
Nely Mar 2020
There's a time where children's laughter is carried by the pump's water.
Where the music floods all corners of nyc.
Where even the train is on beat.
The sun shines hardest in NYC.
Nely Mar 2020
Sometimes its beautiful outside.
The sun shines for miles and miles. The clouds swim without a current. The grass sleeplessly kiss my ankles. I can hear my heart knocking in my ears. I stand still & feel mother gaia cradling me. I think no moment like this will ever exist.
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