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Sasha Feb 2018
How can one bring heat and love to another body,
when they are incapable of sensations
and can't feel at all...
How can one be expected to feel,
when numbness fills their soul...
How does one hold another,
when they can barely keep themselves together...
Sasha Nov 2016
Have you ever wished your hands didn't belong to you?
That they weren't connected to your heavy arms,
That your knuckles weren't red from punching the wall.

Have you ever wished your throat wasn't yours?
That your voice didn't burn through your vocal chords,
That your croaking scream wasn't tearing you up, inside and out.
******* for making me feel this way...
Sasha Nov 2016
The words that sit on my tongue threaten to spill.
Yet I soak them up since I know your ear is not a lending one.
Your words sting; but the absence of them leaves a scar so deep, I couldn't tell you where it ends.
My lungs fill up with pent up aggression, making it hard to catch a breath.
I've begun to drown in my thoughts,
While you gulp them down and watch.
Do you remember me telling you: "I don't drink."
You're the reason that has changed.
Sasha Sep 2016
Excuse me, but were my words addressed to your ears? Or was I perhaps not talking to you.

Do I give a **** about your unwanted opinion? Tell me, should I care?

Was my thought a gift for your mind to process? Or should you mind your own business.

Was I talking to you? Or are you just rude.
Sasha Jun 2016
How lovely, I thought,
To see some red drop.
A splash of vibrant color ,
A drop staining red as it spreads through the water.

How graceful, I pondered,
Like a little fire dancing amongst the air.

What a shame*, I sighed,
That to admire something so lovely, so graceful,
I must shed my skin
to leave an opening
so I may see my blood become a dancer in the wind.
Sasha May 2016
Lacking consideration for others is what they do best.
Egocentric, egotistical, self-centered, self-obsessed.
Only their personal profit or pleasure concerns them.
What should we do with selfish souls? Pardon or condemn?

Villainous souls wish to grasp love’s wonder.
They hope that their true emotions stay covered.
Their selfish minds send love running.
Will they give up their ways to feel that sensation of falling?

Open up your heart, Selfish Soul,
Let your compassionate side take control.
Let go of your fear now, love is a magical feeling.
Sasha May 2016
I know, I know, I'm sorry.
I can't help but speak my selfish thoughts into the wind.
Scold me like you should. I need it badly.
I need your deep voice to yell at me. How selfish of me, always needing.  
I say I have your intentions at the root of my thoughts yet I know I'm lying.
Please tell me this lie i speak is a little white one.
I say I'm doing this for you. I know I'm doing this for me.
Your lips are 9,222 Kilometers away from mine. I can't stand it anymore. It's crawling under my skin, causing me to itch.
My selfish heart needs your lip on me.
The blazing sun and blue skies roll around the corner and I need someones lips on mine. I'm breaking away.
Forgive me, I know I am wrong.
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