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Oct 2014 · 731
You Asked Me
Rani Oct 2014
You asked me if I liked her.
Because I'm dreadful
At expressing feelings
I told you,
To me,
She's like a cold drink
On a hot summer's day.
Kind of refreshing,
I think.
I guess I kind of like her

- Rani Olivia
Jul 2014 · 827
Cleanse My Mouth
Rani Jul 2014
My gums are bleeding;
I've brushed too hard.
Because my words,
Were much too harsh.
And it seems to me
That I'm trying to scrub them away.
And I'm praying that they will not
- Rani Olivia
Jul 2014 · 2.5k
Flowers Grow
Rani Jul 2014
You're the rain, and the sun that makes the
Flowers grow.
And I find it hard to see through your
Garden whenever you are close.
I love getting lost in the sweet scents of you.

- Rani Olivia
Jul 2014 · 6.0k
Kiss Me
Rani Jul 2014
Kiss me,
Until your lungs burn.
And I will kiss you,
Until my legs give way.
I don't need to breathe when you're near.

- Rani Olivia
Jul 2014 · 8.5k
Rani Jul 2014
They asked me if
I'd ever done drugs.
And I told them about
Your eyes.
You were my drug of choice.

- Rani Olivia
Jul 2014 · 2.0k
Rani Jul 2014
You taught me how to float
When I was sinking.
So why was it
That you allowed yourself to
Why did you let yourself drown?

- Rani Olivia
Jul 2014 · 487
Rani Jul 2014
I may never have to
Let alcohol pass my lips again.
Because if being drunk,
Is what I want
Then all I have to do
Is be near
- Rani Olivia
Jul 2014 · 946
Rani Jul 2014
You were the sprinkles
Upon my ice cream.
You added colour,
Favour and happiness
To my bland life
- Rani Olivia
Jul 2014 · 21.1k
Sunday Morning
Rani Jul 2014
His voice,
Was like a relaxing Sunday morning.
And just like the day,
I couldn't have it on replay.
- Rani Olivia
Jul 2014 · 2.0k
Rani Jul 2014
I swallowed the sun,
Because I wanted to be light.
But I followed the moon,
Because I missed the balance.
- Rani Olivia
Jul 2014 · 1.2k
I Met A Boy
Rani Jul 2014
I met a boy the other night.
He had a warm smile
And kind eyes
With a contagious laugh.
He was interested in my life.
He told me I was beautiful.
But sadly,
He was just a dream.
- Rani Olivia
Jul 2014 · 1.9k
Rani Jul 2014
The lights will keep me sane.
I can't have complete darkness,
Because it's already pitch black inside my head.
Do not leave the room.
Please, stay, instead.
- Rani Olivia
Jul 2014 · 384
I Fell in Love
Rani Jul 2014
I fell in love with you mind first,
Not your body.
But I must admit,
It's a very pretty sight.
- Rani Olivia
Jul 2014 · 404
Rani Jul 2014
even if everyone looked the same
she'd still be
the most beautiful girl
he'd ever laid eyes on
- Rani Olivia
Jul 2014 · 867
Like Hot Chocolate
Rani Jul 2014
Drink hot chocolate
With marshmallows
On a cold windy day
So you can truly know
How I feel when I
Hear the words you say.
- Rani Olivia
Jul 2014 · 1.1k
Missing You
Rani Jul 2014
I'm not going to tell you that I miss you
Even though I do
And a part of me is wishing
That you miss me too
- Rani Olivia
Jul 2014 · 2.1k
Sweet Poison
Rani Jul 2014
I've stopped drinking the sweet poison
That was following from your mouth
The toxin have left me all dried out.
- Rani Olivia
Jul 2014 · 339
Rani Jul 2014
The finger prints you left
On my life
Will never truly fade.
They will remain ingrained into my soul
Permanent reminders of what you were to me
_ Rani Olivia
Jul 2014 · 1.3k
Ten Shots
Rani Jul 2014
He's taken ten tequila shots,
He's trying to forget your name.
But in the end,
The only name he's forgotten
Is his own
- Rani Olivia
Jul 2014 · 321
Rani Jul 2014
i planted flowers
in all the dark places
of my mind, body and soul
but, silly me forgot to water them
- Rani Olivia
Jul 2014 · 615
Rani Jul 2014
Your words were like knives,
They cut me up
All on the insides.
Along my gums,
Under my tongue,
Through my heart.
Please don't say any kind words,
You will only
Hurt me
- Rani Olivia
Jul 2014 · 15.8k
Rani Jul 2014
I will make
The same mistakes tomorrow,
As I did today,
Just to make sure
That it wasn't all a bad dream
- Rani Olivia
Jul 2014 · 503
Rani Jul 2014
roses are red
so are my eyes
and they will cry
as the flowers die
- Rani Olivia
Jul 2014 · 1.6k
Too Sad
Rani Jul 2014
Is it possible to be too sad?
Because if so, then right now,
I am much too sad,
As I was too sad a long time ago.
- Rani Olivia
Jul 2014 · 231
Rani Jul 2014
please be patient,
my mouth is full of rocks,
my feet in socks,
to make me feel less exposed.
and i can't tell if you're still interested
or now bored when i am here.
i'd ask you but i'm scared
that you will disappear.
- Rani Olivia
Jul 2014 · 234
Rani Jul 2014
Your smile sparks something in me,
A warm feeling that spreads across my chest.
But you don't notice me,
Like I notice you.
And I'm inhaling smoke.
You're a welcoming intrusion.
Baby, I'm finding it hard to breathe
- Rani Olivia

— The End —