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Kennedy Sep 16
I see you
Skating away
Skirt chaser
Alcohol induced love
Drug hazed fiend
Double shot
No salt
No lime
Straight alcohol to burn away
Your thoughts, condolences, intimidating sneers
Burns away your resolve, yourself
Ken Pepiton Jul 25
while warring on the side of peace I fell to laughing like the medicine of legend and

i found I came here in the nineties and remind myself

if its truth is yours, y' know

otherwise, we survive
we live in joy in every generation
the patient perfect answer

old school rule surely the net is spread
in vain in the sight
of any bird

ah fantasy how do you form the knots
that bind reality
not me? A quest? same as a question,
all over seen by the serpent

standing ***** facing west,
on the point of ever

at this point. You passed. Look for survivors. Ask for nothing.
hope not much i mis spelle anything couls hppen now
renée Jun 10
Marigold, southern roses
in my backyard
there she poses
Camellia, there we dine
red lights, red wine
red tequila
Marigold, flat-pressed roses,
that memory, it’s the tenet
of my broken-ness.
J F O Apr 10
sliding down
quick, hot
and its taste
lingering in
the insides of my
mouth now
dancing inside
my body
and running
in my blood
like a marathon
racing to
the finish
only to get
me feeling
weak in the knees
and my mind was
once full of
stressed thoughts
unnecessary pain
is now emptied
into the sound of
good laughs
and clanking glasses
drowning in the
my body
in its rhythm
and my heart
sings where
people can hear it.
Did you hear it?
when I asked you
to dance?
when I grabbed you
by the hand
going with every
beat of the music?
when we smiled at
each other,
locked eyes
and I told you
what a great time
this was?
did you feel it?
did you feel
the way
I did?
drink the thoughts and feelings away
Gigi Feb 24
Then with a lucky swipe right on a long, tequila filled night.
The next chapter of my journey began.
You found me as I was trying to find myself.
You saw I found my way out of my own personal hell.
You weren’t part of the plan.
Layne b Feb 24
You make my head spin
like dancing tequila
A splash of
sea foam green
and minty tea
I could swim in your words
and never drown
because you always kept us afloat
Your ship was unsinkable
and it was stronger
than any other
Your mind has traveled farther than most
The experience you collected throughout the years
you were an epic tale in my eyes
A woven book
of summer kissed skin
It was something more than infatuation
and I craved to taste it
Leon Dec 2018
You knew what perfection tasted like
as if you’ve molded limbs in a soulful dance
or bathed in each other’s voices in song

You knew what iniquity smelled like
the sickening sweet scent
from whenever your finger bones ran
graciously along her hair like the waves rushed to meet the shore

And through either you created me:
a strong bitter abyss that looks too much like heaven
drowned deep into the naked ***** of the eye

If you had not laid your flesh like a crown around my throne,
their tongues would not have craved for even a single crystal of you
you who slips carelessly pretty upon the seas

Our amalgamation was never meant to be candid
no melange with our imprints meant to stand the kisses of the sea
our collisions orchestrate an ecstacy, one that morphs with my solitude.
Cydney Something Dec 2018
I want to run away
To Mexico
Or Cuba
And sit in bars
And drink myself to death
While telling stories about you
To anyone who will listen
MissingKid Dec 2018
Tequila kisses & ***** thoughts,
Hungover love shines through tired eyelids of mine
Drink, drank, drunk, on liquor, on each other.
Punch drunk love, is not real love.

I know you're my hangover love.
Hangovers ****. Just like heart break.
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