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Peter Kiggin May 2016
A cultural cup of tea

Coffee isn't my bean but give me tea leaves
A cup of cha do la not cocoa ta no ta
Brew me up chuck no Italian espresso like muck
Caffeine in the shape of a tea bag in a mug glug slug glug
Two sugars please love as I wink to see her breast in the gaze of my eyes pleased
No Darjeeling just plain old tea with a tea spoon and a bag to strenuously squeeze
A British moment of the day that almost everyone lifts their cup and elbows to the skies
I am an English man and I will have a decent cup of tea because it is in my cultural rites
Peter Kiggin Jul 2016

Every time I'm alone I find my self being alone with you
Wandering what you are doing or speaking to someone new
You let me fall in love with you and that's gone it's true
But when I'm all alone with my self all I can think of is you

I'm not the same young man you adored and loved after all that I've been through
I am just a shadow of the man that even I dreamed and wanted too
I live each day with a wish and a hope that the stars above will lighten my feelings and you might be looking as a single bird comes to you
In my mind I'm that bird in your hands cooing with the warmth I once knew
Then when you wake up in the morning a single feather of a wing sat on your pillow that will always remind you that I am the bird that was warmed by your hand holding mine through the looking glass adieu adieu.
Memories are made of this
Peter Kiggin Mar 2016

I get up out of the orange chair and go to the window and out I stare
The rain is making the road turn blue down our street across the avenues and I cry
I look across to a single tree and it's blowing furiously all the green and amber leaves all die
I turn to see the fields were I've grown and played then running home I look up to the sky
The feeling of despair comes over me because I'm right back were I started still never free but belong I try
I sit back in my orange chair and close my eyes and fall asleep under drug induced spiral just like a flying kite
So dream once again of what should have been a family with two children playing with a love satisfies
But wake alone in this lonely flat darkness through the windows and the sound of downstairs as my ear only pries
I look through the window and stars I see above the clouds that disappeared from all of the rains lullabies
Tomorrow will be again and again and again oh god I pray for my soul he walks by.
Peter Kiggin May 2016

The lazy orange hammock *******

Drink down my thought into your skin,

of lazy orange hammock swinging.

lie down easy and look at the sky , the sun burning away the clouds which turn whispy and start thinning.

orange hammocks between great fragrant green pine trees as the autumn winds come in.

lazy orange hammock swinging as my mind centres on time travelling,

all we are doing is lazy orange hammock swinging as the autumn winds come in.

all we are doing is lazy orange hammock swinging as the autumn winds come in.
Seasons change
Peter Kiggin Jun 2016
A Greed.

If being important was so important to them then how important could it be;

How do we quantify the importance of something or someone by the impotance it is to thee.

So now the important people say this and that is important and without it what a terrible world we would see;

If the importance of something or someone is so important then wouldn't that make life so easy.

Aren't the importances of living life for the whole world's importance more important but the whole world obviously isn't important enough from what I have seen;

I must be mistaken that the agenda of importance to the important must be something else don't you agree.

Then importance must mean that who ever is important enough then let them decide the most important of deeds;

I am confused about how this world can be less important than the importance of all the important people we give heed.

When importance of the world comes second to anything that is when we have to look at all the people who just live off greed.
Peter Kiggin Feb 2017
A Letter to You

The where and whys and when will all come together in the end
Discuss the days events civilised and with intelligence to find a friend
I will always think of now as the back when as I grow older and put down my pen
Maybe I'll die in my sleep tonight and I will take my soul to the celestial to ascend
Or I'll be thinking of you sitting reading a love story with a bad man who comes to whisk you off your feet then again
Take a drink and forget all the mistakes you have made and everything has painted smiles to get you through the day like pretend
Often the days are short and nights so long as time hurriedly marches on a new wasteful endless trend
In the beginning wouldn't it be good to see a note just to know how life does bend.
Peter Kiggin May 2016
Anarchy disturbs the freaks

Who am I to wear these clothes and tell you of dishonour
A man whose fought so many fights that night and day can wait until tomorrow
Colours seep inside my head and make pictures of Autumn when muddy fields run water
To take a mans maiden fair of hair is a brother who makes a martyr
To run with wolves instead is part of manhood but watch here comes the farmer
Two barrells I look down now but always stay one step ahead and keep it safe to barter
The casualties of war are all around with bars upon and society has rats to catch yah
I live a life that's had it's deaths and friends along the way boy and so I say to you wear your colours to your chest and tomorrow is ever after.
Anarchic brothers
Peter Kiggin Oct 2016
Another Life.

The lives that we look upon are just flowers in a garden that grow at different times and bloom when most seen
The light that was given provides the warmth and the water gathers from brooks and streams
I hope that you look beautiful in your garden and all of life is everything your heart should ever dream
I miss you every day but I know you're never far away as the sun sets I hope the moon watches over you even if someone else is loving you I'll wait for you in another life much wiser I glean.
Peter Kiggin Feb 2017

Hopes and dreams sparkle in the night sky
I want to become part of all the wonder don't me deny
We are slaves on this planet to the power of the Sun I sigh
A planet once more dangerous than a human could be made old eye
Identity is a piece of plastic moulded by the man and we struggle to understand the confusion between evil and why angels do cry
To leave this place with no reason but for fornication and the spread of what we think life should be and still have no comprehension but to try
Flickering embers are all that's left of this world and soon the smell of death and angels take the fortunate ones to a celestial high.
Just fly away
Peter Kiggin Apr 2016













Peter Kiggin Oct 2016
A walk to Home

Watch the fishes run on stream underneath the sun
Reflections have become a picture of yellow dandelion
Hear the birds they crow for food inside their young
Light breeze bows the corn as horses play for fun
Footpaths stretching long going everywhere beyond
I walk across fields and roam till the road I end upon
The brambles trail near the telegraph pole but the stream beneath me carries on under a bridge beside the rail station
Beyond that the stream goes low underneath were the rocks mix with stone and you can hear it as the silence on the street beneath the stream finds it's way to home.
See, hear, touch,feel
Peter Kiggin Jul 2016

It's 4 o'clock in the morning and I'm making a cup of tea
I sit down in the Kitchen and stare at my self looking right at me

I'm going no where I'm going no where I'll just sit right here and be
The birds in the trees all call out for me as I chuck some bread on the ground ready for when the sun shines on all morning full of glee
I like to see the blackbird nice and early because he's my favourite intelligent bird so so careful yet so very care free
Well I look down and I've finished my cup and I can hear the kids fighting over the TV but it's nice to look at the window staring back at me.
reflection, introspective
Peter Kiggin Aug 2016
Become the Begin.

To the very pinnacle of peak fitness brings so many things
I could react to mentally tough questions as my brain sings
I changed as a person fitting much more into a schedule I would glide through a day like an Albatross sails with wings
Reaching the sky with your hands held high then playing a favourite tune on single strings
My eyes see beauty and imagination in the most unlikely places and on peoples faces and what joy it brings
The wise man once said " To fit into your surroundings you must become it and understand that at any time your surroundings may change not only it but everything even time cheats beginnings .
Peter Kiggin Apr 2016

I am the worst person to be
I think I should be someone important on TV
I dream of a person that should have been me
Everytime I wake I feel sick with envy not glee
Some people have lives that mean so much but I sit in the dark so I don't see
I wish I could find myself and walk through the door to be free
Didn't you know this is how I really feel
A life of wheels turning to turn the next wheel
A simple motion like the Earth so alive but you find out it's not really real
I look at the stars at night and maybe one light will burn so bright that there is a God as I kneel
Take these final mortal chains from around my neck and let all the world see me as a bird flying victoriously with zeal
Instead I ridicule till one day rainbows will guard my foot steps then I will roam defiantly searching for my last meal.
Peter Kiggin Apr 2016
Between the reality and light

Shades of colours are we
Maybe I'm as blue as the sea
Everything is the colour it is meant to be
We are looking through the eyes of a dream
I often think of colours like emotional degrees
When I do the world is just a picture that deceives
All the places I have been to are all a shade of pigment it seems
Saddest thoughts are memories that you can't change because of your consciousness in means
White or black the mood is chosen to the wildest of screams
A broken piece of glass shatters upon the floor I see the dark red once more as it gleans
My hands are stretched out wide and I am floating on a white boat with flowers around my neck dripping blood and lives are but streams.
Peter Kiggin May 2017
Beyond the universe

The affirmation caused by a single moment is time
Pacification is a defence mechanism when crossing the line
To control the mind you must ****** suffer and make sublime
The face of the monster is just a fiction to what really defines
With out the creation there would be no points from which to measure dreams to find.
Peter Kiggin Jun 2016
Big red candle

I smoked some ****** which I thought I could handle
I went to sleep for some hours and my head began to jangle
I dreamed of you so much I smoked some more then I lit a big red candle
It was any day as the light from the window went away and I could feel the breeze as I slept the sweat trickled down my knees then I had to swim for the shore so I paddled
I sit down stairs amongst others looking through the TV as my dream had long since gone
I had a blank expression like the politicians that talked for so long
So I went out robbing then some ****** I took
I didn't care about anything I just didn't give a fk
I lit my big red candle and my world was off the hook
I'd sleep and dream forever while angels bowed and looked
Then when the dream was over I heard voices talking to me telling me to go and rob it was all I thought about this body was a vessel for my misery taken away by a substance that made my body shook
Then I woke inside a hospital for the terminally incapable of thinking and I had to s
t inside a cardboard cup
No more lighting big red candles or else I'd be permanently locked up.
Peter Kiggin Jun 2017
Black stocking she's in black stockings
Candles burning dark night calling
Candles burning dark night calling
Hard grinding we're hard grinding
Hard grinding we're hard grinding
***** talking sweet ***** talking
***** talking sweet ***** talking
The floor boards rocking
The floor boards are rocking
she's moaning yeah she is moaning
I'm ******* I'm really deep *******
She's coming I feel her when she's coming
Black stockings yeah black stockings
interlocking body knocking for more.
Peter Kiggin Jun 2017
Born this way

Born this way and always knowing
Born this way time is owing
Born this way darkness floating
Born this way beautiful stunning
Born this way subtle calling
Born this way lion snoring
Born this way holding falling
Peter Kiggin Mar 2017
Burden so Bright

Do any of us know where we are sleeping respite
Underneath the black they call the night
Strangers roam the streets when you're looking for a fight
Awake sweating for the dream maker has been by unconscious sight
Light divides us from them and when will they go so everything is alright
Build a fire and feed by is warmth as we are a mere satellite defended by a star so bright if you look too long it will blind you and your memories will be your only flying kite
I have cruised along this life I hate with all my might and yet I can't destroy it because of hope that I will dance with you under the moonlight.
Peter Kiggin Sep 2016

Smoke Grey pluming warms the air and smells of wood that snaps when hotter as I build around it's crackling birch
Brown leaves carpet the ground and trees dark green covered in moss and mold then eventually at the top a crown
Light blue skies and white clouds passing me mesmerize the total mind to complicity
I am warm though the world is cold may my autumn fire reach hearts who need to be bold
Beauty has been misplaced by structure but only the blind man will see what we have butchered.
Peter Kiggin Nov 2016
Children Learning

The world will embrace you because from birth you have no choice
All the things can change you because  you have no voice
The sun at first will reject you because you pay no heed and rejoice
The water on the lake will reflect you because you smile and feel happy with all the other girls and boys
Play with fish and frogs amongst the bogs then you'll find your mind rearranging cogs
We shelter from weather tell tales you never would endeavor but in your mind you're dancing on the  whirling logs
Wilting flowers from the rain droop so tenderly but when the sun comes out they'll be painted by hand by you the mighty gods.
Peter Kiggin Oct 2016
Colourful virtues

I see the sun set over barley
I see black horses playing in the rain
I have Angels dancing with my brain
It feels just like a movie with stained glass windows and a Gothic eeriness to the church purposefully ingrained
All the colours make a picture to again provoke some pain
Twelve men dressed in purple pass me by with a golden cross aloft like a symbolistic nuclear bomb that was so vain
Simple men have virtues some of them can only be described as colours so gather them together and forget about the blame.
Peter Kiggin Aug 2016
Come to me.

Transcending dreams you are in my mind
I want to take you their just you and me in the path of time
Smell the dark red roses fresh with dew and feel sublime
Swim beneath the waterfall together and see the shadows glistening like sparkling wine
I kiss your lips and the whole world slips forever too far behind
We sit on grass greener than a ripened lime
We sit naked in the warm sunshine
Come to me my love let us return to our youth where you are a tigress and I am the lion.
Peter Kiggin Mar 2016

I want to dream of white petals floating down from the sky
As I sit in the middle of a sunshine that brings me high
I hear the sound of the most melodic music and I see god eye to eye
He has a golden body and sits in a mantra state to let people know what is here and why
His eyes are sapphire blue all seeing through what you have been also what you have not seen to complete your journey to the centre of what makes butterflies fly
Go backward to the place and time that happiness filled your mind with such wonders that propelled you to grow characteristics that shaped the mountains in memories and never let greatness pass you by
A piece of heaven you must find within your self or heaven never existed and I know that faith in every sane mind can remember a time that compassion can never die.
Peter Kiggin Oct 2016

Shapes melt away when nothing is clear
When words said remind you you're not really here
The only things that stop you is that nothingness out weighs the fear
I see pictures of people fighting for the one thing I don't hold dear
I think you can tell by my demeanour that I am always close to  tears
I just want to see your face and know that the end is near.
Peter Kiggin Oct 2016

The river waxed and waned like the candle on a window ledge on the second floor of my room late last night
Walking through the desert sand dunes feeling the womb of were I came from darkness to light
Primeval beginnings are now used again black and white
Seeing into the past predicts the future like a wind that flies high a kite
We evolve to our surroundings but I feel sick to the stomach to know this is right.
You are a slave
Peter Kiggin Jan 2017
Sometimes the crow sits beside me on his wooden fence
He acknowledges I am here then listens to the world for his own amusement
His eyes are black but alive in a sense that everything he sees is poignant
His body also black but also very pristine like a suit made by the government
The lies he sees are preposterous and he harks at people's discontent
The world is very complex he knows but there is a final judgement
The crow tells all to the Grim Reaper and all people's devilment
The crow eats vermin for the flesh and the blood keeps him vigilant
It must be hard for an intelligent bird to sit so long and see confinement
The bird has wings but they only use them to flee animal's punishment
Sometimes the crow sits beside me on his wooden fence.
Peter Kiggin Apr 2016

Sometimes the crow sits beside me on his wooden fence
He acknowledges I am here then listens to the world for his own amusement
His eyes are black but alive in a sense that everything he sees is poignant
His body also black but also very pristine like a suit made by the government
The lies he sees are preposterous and he harks at people's discontent
The world is very complex he knows but there is a final judgement
The crow tells all to the Grim Reaper and all people's devilment
The crow eats vermin for the flesh and the blood keeps him vigilant
It must be hard for an intelligent bird to sit so long and see confinement
The bird has wings but they only use them to flee animal's punishment
Sometimes the crow sits beside me on his wooden fence.
Peter Kiggin Dec 2016
Cry,Cry,Cry,Cry Cry........................Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry.

I can't tell , I can,t tell; if love don,t mean a thing
You never believed me;but whatever did trust really bring.
I want you to leave me then at least I'm right about birds that can,t help but sing;
You think you deceived me ; I was always ahead of you running
You think you'll be happy now,happy now, because you were frightened for giving in;
All the world has changed babe and it don't mean a ******* dream;
I hope you still think of me as a gentle man I'm still,but that's always been easy , I'm just like a bee that,s lost it's sting.
Peter Kiggin Nov 2016
Deep reflections

Water reflects clearly on the sun
Light blue dark blue and plum
The rocks ragged on foot and must not be stepped upon
We walk along the beach head and see what the earth has become
Tiny islands everywhere made to last I guess and many ships have crashed into them
The further you look into the harbour and past the uglier it has been ravaged by the hotels and the slums
The fishermen have all but gone and towels are on the beach till shadows cast and nights colours of pinks and reds ****** us to its welcome.
love and hate
Peter Kiggin Sep 2016

A great happiness beheld me in mind for all eternity
Two people became as one like huge stars colliding fantastically
Light will burn forever from such energy and brighten the sky ceaselessly
In time and space change happens with a minute degree to change everything incomprehensibly
Some say only you can change your self into someone better but they are wrong as hard as we try we cannot change unless the world changes too in harmony
Like an everlasting love for one person can never change maybe the love he lost could change like nature being re-born everyday differently
I still look at the moon and think of your love was that not destiny.
Peter Kiggin Feb 2016

A room with a light bulb switched on
An empty space were furniture would have gone
A window to nowhere because the world never shone
A frozen shadow were once light had ended before it begun
A door closed to people who never had wealth or education to choose a life of a web they had spun
In a corner was a book on a chair which told of wisdom and peace then another chair with just a gun
You decide what am I to become
Peter Kiggin Jun 2017
Don't Leave
Please sleep soundly my only son
I,ll watch over you until my dying breath and your a man then I'll be gone
As I see you grow I look at you and proud am I of what you've become
No one knows how much I love you except my woman the only woman whose love freely comes
It's easy to think that people believe in a world and a place to where our souls live living on
Maybe the world is just a place that our bodies have to experience life before the soul leaves for new beginnings and so the circle turns and the universe lives from
Peter Kiggin Aug 2016
Dying  embers

My feet are drying near the fire in this meadow
I have travelled far to only find my self
I have cried along the way
I'll be seeing you amongst the butterflies in sunshine clearing through the misty fallow
We will see a brand new day
I'll build a house were we shall stay
The time is wounded by my ever growing lasting of my shadow
The eyes I once knew are old and swept away by tears deep and now are shallow
So I'll look for you no more than if you were a dream I had to wake
Looking at you was the most beautiful light of a morning rainbow
My feet are dry and what was once has gone to the grave.
Peter Kiggin Jul 2016
Eat or be eaten

As the early evening winds come in from the ocean they shift the sand and orange haze on violet sky background emerges like a dragon being awakened to move through the night unseen
You can hear the insects scurrying round with your ear to the ground and a coolness begins to turn the daylight to a darkness as quick as a switch turned off by the lack of sun beams
All is silent now except the faint noise of the great mass of the sea and I light a joint and lay back and look at the stars colliding and the moon is a giant whole of dust and debris yet lights the way to home in my mind it seems
A girl once got lost around here they say; she was bitten by a snake and before she died she asked the snake to become one and the snake granted her wish, now she slides along the floor with no arms and no legs and eats vermin and if you see her she becomes a girl once more and leads you to the other snakes to be eaten; now all the girl wants to do is die so she ate herself and that is the symbol of strength from ancient times a ring with a single head is what it means.
What choice
Peter Kiggin May 2017

Soften the edges of light and you will see
All that I am is all I'll ever be
A beast of burden waiting for the sun to set me free
What a waste of a life when men can not be men and the law mocks me
When I was born I didn't see a tag fastened to me saying conditions may apply or not for a fee.
Peter Kiggin May 2017

The wind on high blows and branches bow on the tallest of trees and together they lean in shades of the brightest greens,

walk with me along the high heath and gather flowers that spray all around your knees as your face feels the warm summer breeze and you forget for a moment your wants and your needs and you transcend life it seems,

but always the greens come back to me in my imagination as if on a canvas a painting I,ve dreamed were the tallest of trees leaning together to make all of the shades of the brightest of greens.
Peter Kiggin May 2016
Emotional control

I fly high sometimes against the ever changing breeze

I swoop so low to rest my burning wings

I can see so much amongst the greenest trees

It just calms me enough so that my eyes can see

I reach far beyond the clouds for fortune brings

I can't help it because I have the strongest soulful feelings

My mind controls that which hopes eternal does not sing

My head is strong enough to keep what's real like a circular ring

I fly so high so high till another sunshine comes to settle all these things
Peter Kiggin Sep 2016
Run down my eyes to my face
I could not speak
To never ever replace
I was trapped
In time and space
I was forever lonely
Fallen from my grace
The truth is hard but clearly
I had cracked the case
Flying high above me as I cry
A bird circled as if to place
I heard nothing that day no sounds in my head
Silent raindrops fell for me to taste
No surprises any more just ghosts in the night I chase
Emotional turmoil
Peter Kiggin Jun 2016
Escape the tedium

I take a drink and it tumbles down my neck then I get the kick from it; I smoke a cigarette
Words become lines and the lines get longer all over the page I am reading;the feeling grows stronger
Soon I am looking around for female attention and in front of me is a tall shapely woman with ******* just begging to be seduced; I walk to her and whisper; I cannot tell you the rest
We walk in the moonlight and then I grab her tightly and kiss her with the passion of a lion; I take her to bed make her *** until she is crying.
Peter Kiggin May 2017

Shake hands with the devil
know this is your path
Take advantage of people
Make confusing so others to take wrath
Force all around you to do bidding
Without catching you an invisible photograph
Soulless and yet pleasing but only to attract
A masquerade of a charlatan except to a wizard with a staff
Notices on lamp posts of missing are signs to find them and some have been tracked
Knowing only of the selfish pleasure never the victim an incidental cross pass.
Peter Kiggin Oct 2016
Failure to communicate

I think about all the lonely people and think that life begins at first
You might be one of those lonely people with a sensitive heart trying to avoid all trouble because you know it ******* hurts
When you're one of those lonely people no one wants to know what your problems are worth
As a child I stood cold and lonely watching children playing and laughing but I didn't know them at all which made it worse
I sat in classes ignored by teachers so I'd look out of the windows were the sun warms me then as the sun beamed in I would just let my eyes slowly close and purse
This carried on through out my teenage years just looking and dreaming and sighing and fleeting something to avert what was work in an old dusty joiners shop with faces all disturbed by my presence I was cursed
My hands didn't do what my mind was thinking and when I was thinking I wasn't thinking of what I was supposed to so one Christmas I left with mutual consent versed
I joined the armed forces aged 18 years and begun to realise that there are lonely people and I fitted the army purpose
I was on a driving range and my head was full of what ifs and relieved my semi automatic weapon to my corporal and stood at the end of the line that silence was like a light bulb had burst
A few weeks later I dis-charged myself after taking an overdose of paracetamol that I had procured from a nurse
I was in self destruct mode and everything I tried taking or doing just made my mind feel much deeper depression thoughts grew into nightmares of misery from anarchistic mirth
I lost love for this country and I lost love for the earth.
Peter Kiggin Mar 2017

The fire rises the timber burns creating power of light and heat
Energy flowing in colours so that we know it's real and complete
Feed the fire for eternity and lose the magic of the source a spark that now roars in the wind my heart so sweet
Caught like a moth to the flame nothing else matters accept the consequences of want and hope as the defeat
Such power had the flame it killed it's self for such energy you cannot sustain and all that is left are ashes which is the truth and never again a light shined to compare to meet.
Peter Kiggin Apr 2017
Fear not what you seek.

The sound of the rattlesnake faintly becomes the night
I lit a fire and keep close for it will protect me with it's warmth and ever shadowing light
Rocks are gathered here upon this sand near the edge of civilisation and it feels so right
I am waiting for the changing of the seasons while the world is barely a white canvas by looking by sight
Living in the sea must be the dead mans eyes that are closed and yet ghostly figures gather when the four winds twist tight
Sleep amongst the stars like an innocent child not knowing all that would **** him if instincts didn't blaze so bright
This bridge I walk on carries me over silence and loneliness to a land I do not know then the rattlesnake pounces to strike.
Peter Kiggin Dec 2016

I want to reach as many people as I can while I create
The most colourful palette on this life called fate
You can disagree if you like but I will not hesitate
People say your a humble man but time does not wait
Earths manifestation once made man so why must we make him great
You make me sick with your give and your take and I want to erase this world because it's so ******* fake
I hope when bad people die the devil him self will persecute them in his wake
Peter Kiggin Oct 2016
Find me time.

Imprisoned in my minds time
Forced to move forward when thinking of the past
A thought from the crystallization you defined
The future is a cloud of thoughts waiting to last
Yesterday someone stole me like a crime
You'll find it when a signal is cast
Mystical happenings unlock the person you are to find
I am a Captain of my own ship but the winds and the mast and I sail forever and that is my task
find wisdom from loneliness
Peter Kiggin Apr 2016
Flowers on the Beach

Flowers growing on the beach
Some flowers are peachy pears
Some are long and slim and sleek
I swear I love every colour their
Especially with long blonde hair
The waves are gently lapping at their feet
One two three they are in my every heartbeat
I can't take my eyes off the curves that meet
The shoes they wear are crippling me just watching makes me weep
I rub some sun oil on because I don't think I can take this heat
Flowers growing on the beach
Just lead me there .................yeah .............yeah...........yeah
Peter Kiggin May 2017
Fool for love

I'd like to watch you more closely
I'd like to see inside your head
The woman I loved once is lonely
I can tell by her face it's so sad
No one understands she dreams mostly
Perhaps she's gone dancing instead
Or maybe she is in her bedroom crying softly
I'm sure she's fine now as she will never be alone in her bed.
Peter Kiggin May 2017
In a Ford escort you can get on the motorway and let your self free
In a Ford escort you can paint it black or red or even blue like the sea
In a Ford escort travelling to Wales is a whole different country
In a Ford escort my dad drives it like it's a Capri
In a Ford escort it's easy to get parts for you and for me
In a Ford escort you can fit a big stereo and wake up the street
In a Ford escort you can go to Blackpool and drive on the beach
In a Ford escort you can smoke a cigarette because we have a smelly that looks like a tree
In a Ford escort when you've had enough of the mark 2 you can save up and get the mark 3.
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