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2.2k · Apr 2016
The Ghost Train
Peter Kiggin Apr 2016

On the train that rides alone
along this track of skin and bone,
find locations to us unknown -
the Ghost Train comes.

Sitting, staring, watching paths
of lives unfolding,
to me just laughs -
the Ghost Train comes.

Darker now the tunnels come,
feelings gone and nothing done.
I look for signs of where I've been;
but cannot see because eyes are dim -
the Ghost Train comes.

I'm on this train for life I think
but Ghost Trains aren't real just minds out of sync.
I look outside, the door is open,
my brain all rattled, slow and broken.

I step off now the train has gone.
I reflect inside of what I've done.
For nine years I rode that train,
I lost true love and half my brain.

And what I've learned is one **** thing -
don't live your life to love one thing.
For me, a little lives inside.
Still taking people for a ride

So when you decide to take a train,
take the track that is true and sane.
Please don't live a life in vain -
The Ghost Train.

This is the age of the train.
Effects of a long journey
2.1k · Apr 2017
The Midnight Room
Peter Kiggin Apr 2017
In the midnight room

In the midnight room you can take off your socks and shoes
In the midnight room you can drift to a land that you only snooze
In the midnight room you can be who you want to be on a ship you may cruise
In the midnight room all is what you want it to be behind the curtains behind what you will lose
In the midnight room you feel indestructible and you have an angel for a muse
In the midnight room forget you may be nobody but sunlight will surely come like the newest news
In the midnight room you can listen to the music that drowns out the sound I love the best inevitability proves
1.8k · Sep 2016
Green Dream
Peter Kiggin Sep 2016
Green dream .

It's all about you little child smiling with glee
It's all about me being bold and playing the drum out loud
Why can't we see why can't we see
We live on the ground and we wear shoes to move us around
We go to places that we've never seen and at night we might dream yes we might dream of where we have been
You know what you've seen
You know where you have been
But in your mind it's not how it seemed in your dream
It's all about you and what did it mean
It's all about me and my eyes are attracted to green attracted to green attracted to green.
1.6k · Jun 2016
Peter Kiggin Jun 2016

This world is in stagnation
From all the cruelty and deprivation
No one to be trusted in organisation
Disciples rocked to the very foundation
Only love can be our one true salvation
No fuel in the future to feed the ever frustrations
Come together ; Come together; come together now
You want to be a king but your crown is your mind alone
Without that you might as well return to dust and stone
Our lives are not our own to live
Our towns and villages are not long to give
Our cities become wastelands of a society that once did.
society, civilization
Peter Kiggin Apr 2016
The first time ever I saw your face

Believe please believe in me
I've walked the desert now I see
I hear the sound of the sun rising feeling free
I see all around now the light has come across the open sea
Why could night shade the sun from letting me just be
I wanted to see what I wanted to see listened to no one don't you agree
Stars go and come millions of light years from where it started was a collision incredibly
So now we've got the past and moments in my mind will forever last just debris floating endlessly
I can't forget the day we met and all we are you'll never accept peacefully hold my hand and once again we'll be free
Peter Kiggin Dec 2016
Cry,Cry,Cry,Cry Cry........................Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry.

I can't tell , I can,t tell; if love don,t mean a thing
You never believed me;but whatever did trust really bring.
I want you to leave me then at least I'm right about birds that can,t help but sing;
You think you deceived me ; I was always ahead of you running
You think you'll be happy now,happy now, because you were frightened for giving in;
All the world has changed babe and it don't mean a ******* dream;
I hope you still think of me as a gentle man I'm still,but that's always been easy , I'm just like a bee that,s lost it's sting.
1.1k · May 2017
Ford escorts
Peter Kiggin May 2017
In a Ford escort you can get on the motorway and let your self free
In a Ford escort you can paint it black or red or even blue like the sea
In a Ford escort travelling to Wales is a whole different country
In a Ford escort my dad drives it like it's a Capri
In a Ford escort it's easy to get parts for you and for me
In a Ford escort you can fit a big stereo and wake up the street
In a Ford escort you can go to Blackpool and drive on the beach
In a Ford escort you can smoke a cigarette because we have a smelly that looks like a tree
In a Ford escort when you've had enough of the mark 2 you can save up and get the mark 3.
1.0k · May 2016
Peter Kiggin May 2016

The lazy orange hammock *******

Drink down my thought into your skin,

of lazy orange hammock swinging.

lie down easy and look at the sky , the sun burning away the clouds which turn whispy and start thinning.

orange hammocks between great fragrant green pine trees as the autumn winds come in.

lazy orange hammock swinging as my mind centres on time travelling,

all we are doing is lazy orange hammock swinging as the autumn winds come in.

all we are doing is lazy orange hammock swinging as the autumn winds come in.
Seasons change
971 · Dec 2016
Sausage and mash
Peter Kiggin Dec 2016
Sausage and mash

I watched a man have a heart attack outside the green grocers just the other day
I wonder if I'll have some sausages with mash potato and gravy for my dinner today
The wheel on the bicycle of the man that past me walking kept on turning any way
The rain came through my jacket and soaked me to the bone but I won't be using it as it returns to it's peg and that's were it will stay
My heart is weaker than it was and nothing gives me a buzz like the sunshine in may
I thought that someone cared for me as I did for them but it just turns out they didn't give a **** questions go astray
878 · Mar 2016
On Fire
Peter Kiggin Mar 2016
On Fire

A snowflake lands on barbed wire
A world emotionless stretched by a liar
A freedom of speech when its truth we desire
A preacher can preach but I'm not for hire
A ruling class made by slavery minimum wage provider
A crust is earned now here is your pocket money get wiser
A monopolisation on everyone by very few rough rider
A belief is a dangerous contention when this gun is on fire
Reflecting society
820 · Jun 2016
Number 1
Peter Kiggin Jun 2016
Number 1

Shifting desert dunes underneath the bright reflective orange sun
It's amazing what we turn to when the sea ends we must learn to run
All we have is each other and when we gather all we do is build walls till the stillness of the night time comes
We can't fight nature because there's only one then we look around us at what we've done
Hear the beat of the drum it's in rhythm with the Earth and the numbers don't stack up because some don't add up to the sum
Something to think about when you're sitting in the sun and mathematically we shouldn't be here it's just a prime number that we are from.
784 · Jul 2016
Peter Kiggin Jul 2016

Tulips under brown carpet born again
The rain provides the water makes purple stain
Watch the flower grow then peaks out his head in summer first starts the pain
Beautiful eye of the beholder like the yellow sunshine on the brightest field of grain
Tulips purple colour seem to wash the pathway along the lane
Sleep sleep travel to find things unexplained
Follow the greatest journey inside your brain
The first thought in your minds eye is never the beginning but somethings are unobtained.
dreaming of being reborn
694 · Mar 2017
Peter Kiggin Mar 2017

The fire rises the timber burns creating power of light and heat
Energy flowing in colours so that we know it's real and complete
Feed the fire for eternity and lose the magic of the source a spark that now roars in the wind my heart so sweet
Caught like a moth to the flame nothing else matters accept the consequences of want and hope as the defeat
Such power had the flame it killed it's self for such energy you cannot sustain and all that is left are ashes which is the truth and never again a light shined to compare to meet.
685 · Jun 2016
A Greed
Peter Kiggin Jun 2016
A Greed.

If being important was so important to them then how important could it be;

How do we quantify the importance of something or someone by the impotance it is to thee.

So now the important people say this and that is important and without it what a terrible world we would see;

If the importance of something or someone is so important then wouldn't that make life so easy.

Aren't the importances of living life for the whole world's importance more important but the whole world obviously isn't important enough from what I have seen;

I must be mistaken that the agenda of importance to the important must be something else don't you agree.

Then importance must mean that who ever is important enough then let them decide the most important of deeds;

I am confused about how this world can be less important than the importance of all the important people we give heed.

When importance of the world comes second to anything that is when we have to look at all the people who just live off greed.
684 · May 2016
A cultural cup of tea
Peter Kiggin May 2016
A cultural cup of tea

Coffee isn't my bean but give me tea leaves
A cup of cha do la not cocoa ta no ta
Brew me up chuck no Italian espresso like muck
Caffeine in the shape of a tea bag in a mug glug slug glug
Two sugars please love as I wink to see her breast in the gaze of my eyes pleased
No Darjeeling just plain old tea with a tea spoon and a bag to strenuously squeeze
A British moment of the day that almost everyone lifts their cup and elbows to the skies
I am an English man and I will have a decent cup of tea because it is in my cultural rites
640 · Oct 2016
Peter Kiggin Oct 2016

Shapes melt away when nothing is clear
When words said remind you you're not really here
The only things that stop you is that nothingness out weighs the fear
I see pictures of people fighting for the one thing I don't hold dear
I think you can tell by my demeanour that I am always close to  tears
I just want to see your face and know that the end is near.
603 · Oct 2016
Find me time
Peter Kiggin Oct 2016
Find me time.

Imprisoned in my minds time
Forced to move forward when thinking of the past
A thought from the crystallization you defined
The future is a cloud of thoughts waiting to last
Yesterday someone stole me like a crime
You'll find it when a signal is cast
Mystical happenings unlock the person you are to find
I am a Captain of my own ship but the winds and the mast and I sail forever and that is my task
find wisdom from loneliness
577 · May 2017
Beyond the Universe
Peter Kiggin May 2017
Beyond the universe

The affirmation caused by a single moment is time
Pacification is a defence mechanism when crossing the line
To control the mind you must ****** suffer and make sublime
The face of the monster is just a fiction to what really defines
With out the creation there would be no points from which to measure dreams to find.
563 · Jun 2017
Born this way
Peter Kiggin Jun 2017
Born this way

Born this way and always knowing
Born this way time is owing
Born this way darkness floating
Born this way beautiful stunning
Born this way subtle calling
Born this way lion snoring
Born this way holding falling
532 · Jun 2016
Smoke rings out your arse
Peter Kiggin Jun 2016
Smoke rings out of your ****.

Sitting in a wigwam playing tom toms
What a lovely day; tomtom along
Tambourine jingles while I'm playing this song
Look at all the children dancing; nothing shall be wrong
People always want something but I smell a fishy that's horrid and pongs
Playing tom toms calms me to centre thoughts of the past and the devil's tongue
You use people freely like a troublesome one who will string you like a puppet then simply move on.
530 · May 2016
Anarchy disturbs the freaks
Peter Kiggin May 2016
Anarchy disturbs the freaks

Who am I to wear these clothes and tell you of dishonour
A man whose fought so many fights that night and day can wait until tomorrow
Colours seep inside my head and make pictures of Autumn when muddy fields run water
To take a mans maiden fair of hair is a brother who makes a martyr
To run with wolves instead is part of manhood but watch here comes the farmer
Two barrells I look down now but always stay one step ahead and keep it safe to barter
The casualties of war are all around with bars upon and society has rats to catch yah
I live a life that's had it's deaths and friends along the way boy and so I say to you wear your colours to your chest and tomorrow is ever after.
Anarchic brothers
516 · Jun 2017
Black Stockings
Peter Kiggin Jun 2017
Black stocking she's in black stockings
Candles burning dark night calling
Candles burning dark night calling
Hard grinding we're hard grinding
Hard grinding we're hard grinding
***** talking sweet ***** talking
***** talking sweet ***** talking
The floor boards rocking
The floor boards are rocking
she's moaning yeah she is moaning
I'm ******* I'm really deep *******
She's coming I feel her when she's coming
Black stockings yeah black stockings
interlocking body knocking for more.
Peter Kiggin Oct 2016
My friends embarrassing moment.
Some people's minds whirl around all the time to make things fine
It's getting stranger all the time
It's getting stranger all the time
I sat in a suit drinking some soup with a partner of mine
As if I would be commiting a sort of crime
If I wore jeans and a T'shirt with I am trying to be different written on it ;I hope you do not mind ;
I heard the manager call the police and they said" tell him he is walking a very thin line"
Now just leave and we will be sending you in the post the attire you should be wearing if you travel and want to sit and dine"
Patronised enough I looked in the mirror of the restaurant and realised I was naked all the time and the other people did'nt like to say but your ***** is in my eye line
I was a victim of a criminal that had stripped me of my identity I find
I did a few selfies with a bottle of plonk two waiters and some spaghetti some banana custard and a piece of ham then my friend came back from the toilet and we swiftly left as he whilst peeing spilled some over the bowl and was too embarrassed so felt nothing left but to incline to leave.
Best intentions
510 · Oct 2016
Peter Kiggin Oct 2016

The river waxed and waned like the candle on a window ledge on the second floor of my room late last night
Walking through the desert sand dunes feeling the womb of were I came from darkness to light
Primeval beginnings are now used again black and white
Seeing into the past predicts the future like a wind that flies high a kite
We evolve to our surroundings but I feel sick to the stomach to know this is right.
You are a slave
496 · Mar 2016
The door is open
Peter Kiggin Mar 2016
Come through the door

I've never seen you like I know that you do
You've got to see me more and more
I want to see you more than you do
Come through the door

I look around at what it is that you do
I can't believe there were ever any wars
I want to go somewhere that you do
Come through my door

You know I cried because I loved you too
You know I cried whilst trying to reach the door
You know I know you listened very closely
You brought me to the door

In the silence I can hear you
In the times that I've listened in awe before
I wash my body in the water to be near you
I am clean so help me through the door.
494 · Nov 2016
Deep reflection
Peter Kiggin Nov 2016
Deep reflections

Water reflects clearly on the sun
Light blue dark blue and plum
The rocks ragged on foot and must not be stepped upon
We walk along the beach head and see what the earth has become
Tiny islands everywhere made to last I guess and many ships have crashed into them
The further you look into the harbour and past the uglier it has been ravaged by the hotels and the slums
The fishermen have all but gone and towels are on the beach till shadows cast and nights colours of pinks and reds ****** us to its welcome.
love and hate
492 · Apr 2017
Words are all I have
Peter Kiggin Apr 2017
Words are all I have

I see mirrors everywhere I look
Are they reflections of a book

In ancient times what is written shall be
I believe too in the power literary

It brings people together to discuss
It is clear as day for some lustrous

People live and die but words will never ever rust
So I put to you the words in trust

I bring chaos were I feel I must
I am forever a poem to remember not just
479 · Apr 2016
Peter Kiggin Apr 2016

Mad wild night amongst the stars that shine in our eyes only to reflect the beauty of the Earth
When born and aware of such beauty the ugly truth of a society makes for tragedy and misconceptions from your first birth
In my mind I could not find such stories of which I've read of evil doings and of theft of ones identity stripped of any worth
We are slaves to masters given the rights to the souls of legions of warriors whose only sense is to serve the hounds of hell that lay beside the only reality greed the curse
As I see so shall I do for the obvious betrays the unintelligent born unequal through education only taught to the quick and nimblest of brains then give rise to an evolution of drones or worse
A child will be born again some day just like Earth in many ways but one thing will be different that water and food we will not need to survive for we will be immortal to roam all the stars and planets and forever immerse.
477 · May 2016
Little boy hurt his head
Peter Kiggin May 2016
Little boy hurt his head.

Reluctantly he was found quite dead
A mothers shoe had hit him on the head
Don't blame her that was all we said
It could have happened when he was alone in bed
He cried all night and the street lights were all orange red
The night was cold as the window was open and he couldn't reach the ledge
He fell off the little chair and very badly bruised his leg
Played on the floor till the sun came up and was rushed and fed
The poor little boy had to go everywhere she lead
That night he did not come home but had gone instead.
467 · Mar 2016
Mind Travelling
Peter Kiggin Mar 2016
Mind travel

Are you willing to travel further than the end of your seat?
Then let us begin our journey into the unknown parts of your mind that words can repeat
I give to you a pebble to make it real for when you wake it will be in your hand to make this journey complete
You are on a hillside in a place where you have never been before but familiarity is in the mind to meet
You see long flowing grass and butterflies of all colours reflecting a rainbow in your blue eyes and a field of strawberries you can eat
Realise that this place is for you and forever you can come here to walk peacefully without the worries of normality of dullness and defeat
A windmill so large its sails are as big as a street
A robin red breast sits on your shoulder while you eat bread together on a bench whilst watching a monkey play the drums to a beat
Subtle colours become so bright your eyes are compelled to take them in as if to first greet
Is this the real life I want instead of living in a dimension meant for scholars who happily walk a road made of tar and concrete?
I can walk on rubber sausages in my slippers over mountains and collect some bananas from South America and go to the corner shop for some custard and sweets
I have shown you the door now all you need to do is relax on a white billowy cloud and rest your feet
Look and open your hand and you can still see the pebble but you must believe in your mind what is right and always listen to your heart because your soul is flying fleet
opening my mind to find truth
462 · May 2016
Emotional Control
Peter Kiggin May 2016
Emotional control

I fly high sometimes against the ever changing breeze

I swoop so low to rest my burning wings

I can see so much amongst the greenest trees

It just calms me enough so that my eyes can see

I reach far beyond the clouds for fortune brings

I can't help it because I have the strongest soulful feelings

My mind controls that which hopes eternal does not sing

My head is strong enough to keep what's real like a circular ring

I fly so high so high till another sunshine comes to settle all these things
Peter Kiggin Apr 2017
Live by the Sword and die by the Sword

Is n't the world filled with remorse while silently your going insane in your head
A new way of living is to work with your anger and ****** some one important instead
A sinister calling is preferred and the next morning you read a note from your son that says he is glad that he's dead
The fact is that it's everyone's fault but no one will admit it for dread
Even the most intelligent people in the world are ignorant of some things like not making bombs that can **** the human race and a sword has a double edge
456 · Jul 2016
Peter Kiggin Jul 2016

Every time I'm alone I find my self being alone with you
Wandering what you are doing or speaking to someone new
You let me fall in love with you and that's gone it's true
But when I'm all alone with my self all I can think of is you

I'm not the same young man you adored and loved after all that I've been through
I am just a shadow of the man that even I dreamed and wanted too
I live each day with a wish and a hope that the stars above will lighten my feelings and you might be looking as a single bird comes to you
In my mind I'm that bird in your hands cooing with the warmth I once knew
Then when you wake up in the morning a single feather of a wing sat on your pillow that will always remind you that I am the bird that was warmed by your hand holding mine through the looking glass adieu adieu.
Memories are made of this
448 · Aug 2016
Become the Begin
Peter Kiggin Aug 2016
Become the Begin.

To the very pinnacle of peak fitness brings so many things
I could react to mentally tough questions as my brain sings
I changed as a person fitting much more into a schedule I would glide through a day like an Albatross sails with wings
Reaching the sky with your hands held high then playing a favourite tune on single strings
My eyes see beauty and imagination in the most unlikely places and on peoples faces and what joy it brings
The wise man once said " To fit into your surroundings you must become it and understand that at any time your surroundings may change not only it but everything even time cheats beginnings .
436 · Jan 2017
The BUBBle BUrsT
Peter Kiggin Jan 2017
The BuBBLe BUrsT

I burst a bubble in my brain
As the rain came down again
A wind so strong it was calling out your name
A memory of shame
A lighthouse with it's guidance of domain
The time I spent in agonizing pain
Oh so many years I've cried to tame
This killer kills it's self before others are to blame
So I ended it with alcohol and as many pills I claim
On King Street I sweated ****** through my vain
The price I payed to go insane but the memory still remains
Of the second and the minute and the hour that you shot me down but no help like once before ever came.
sabotage,neglect,ignited forces.
434 · Jun 2017
Stretching the rubber band
Peter Kiggin Jun 2017
Stretching the rubber band

People all with different faces in my memory reflections of empty spaces
I look back and you're not their forever I sit and think of you as water runs down empty stairs
A white dress you've worn on a summers day while gazing through that which still remains
The long days with bright sunshine and glasses filled with cheap red wine whilst kissing you underneath the ripe grape vines
Words don't come easily as everything is and was and could been and if you did I didn't agree completely
That is why my long love lasts as I forget the present and hold dear the past but then was then and now is now that is why life is one long ask.
434 · Mar 2017
Peter Kiggin Mar 2017

Red smoke is rising
confusing all I can see
Brain cells igniting
Tumbling rocks for debris
All the children are fighting
Teach them not to believe
All the birds are flying
Because we've burned down the trees
Hollow caves are frightening
Shelter what we retrieve
The ships in the sea are capsizing
The sky is black like the cloak of a thief
There is no returning
The new world is forming and the mind calms as I watch in relief.
426 · Dec 2016
Peter Kiggin Dec 2016
Forever symmetrical

I've seen the devil and he keeps on punishing me
I was born to failure because everyone had such high hopes I could only be beaten don't you see
A child that had a fever and the world was so different because all of the colours disagreed
I swam across a river to find what was waiting and I looked back and saw what I could only possibly be
The colours shone right through me leaving me dry and symmetrically free
Until that very moment I knew nothing could be perfection and we were all trapped here looking at mirrors don't you believe
notes from the sand walker
424 · Apr 2016
Peter Kiggin Apr 2016

Feathers on a crows back are black and sleak
He wears a proud long billed beak
When he goes hunting far and wide and deep
You know the squawk that someone else is ever weak
The colour of the leaves are green and brown and red to me to seep
My mind is out their trying to reach the animal that was caught but no one can never ever speak
I watch the birds on tops of trees to see their prey they have to eat but isn't it horrid to be preyed upon when one moment you're alive then suddenly you are gone and my eyes can see to weep.
Death and life
424 · Sep 2016
Peter Kiggin Sep 2016

A great happiness beheld me in mind for all eternity
Two people became as one like huge stars colliding fantastically
Light will burn forever from such energy and brighten the sky ceaselessly
In time and space change happens with a minute degree to change everything incomprehensibly
Some say only you can change your self into someone better but they are wrong as hard as we try we cannot change unless the world changes too in harmony
Like an everlasting love for one person can never change maybe the love he lost could change like nature being re-born everyday differently
I still look at the moon and think of your love was that not destiny.
393 · Jul 2016
Peter Kiggin Jul 2016

It's 4 o'clock in the morning and I'm making a cup of tea
I sit down in the Kitchen and stare at my self looking right at me

I'm going no where I'm going no where I'll just sit right here and be
The birds in the trees all call out for me as I chuck some bread on the ground ready for when the sun shines on all morning full of glee
I like to see the blackbird nice and early because he's my favourite intelligent bird so so careful yet so very care free
Well I look down and I've finished my cup and I can hear the kids fighting over the TV but it's nice to look at the window staring back at me.
reflection, introspective
388 · Sep 2016
Peace cannot be described
Peter Kiggin Sep 2016
Peace cannot be described.

I am floating on a lake
While flowers surround me
My head is lucid give or take
Touching nature and living to just be
I'm enclosed all around by black and grey mountains that start to suffocate
All the people walking around noises distract inside I don't want company
Then I go beneath the water and all is calm nothing can implicate
I see a light deep down in the water so I swam towards feeling ever so free
Now I'm too deep to reach the air I need to breathe but somehow I don't need or want or wake to ever see the flowers that surrounded me on the lake
I am with the people I can understand and every day we hold hands and sing happy songs and play silly games underneath the lake to which I am glad I came strangely.
Peace, within outside
384 · Apr 2016
Peter Kiggin Apr 2016

The bright red sun blisters my dreams
When I wake softly like a fragile flower unfolding for water to take to grow
Learn as my memories of flying high into the sky above the deep blue sea
Rivers rapid flowing watching emotions glowing like an entity showing
We now knowing animals playing or fighting winning or dying
Forever colliding and revolving evolving never tiring so follow
Mountains are what you see but upon pure white snow forming
Share the goodness when it's warming and rivers flow again to gentle paths of ancient cities standing not long ago
My heart belongs to the dreams that fill my soul but my body won't let me go alone so I'll ride a horse along until my destination is pure of essence and the owl knows at night to watch for wolves in the undergrowth
Soon I will find my end.
378 · Jun 2017
To be Free
Peter Kiggin Jun 2017
To be Free

We come to be
We come to see
We come through the night to the morning light
We come from trees
We come from the sea
We come to understand we have to work the land just to feed
We all need we all agreed
We hunted for meat
We come to see
We come to be
We have found that something found is not necessarily free
377 · May 2016
Mrs little spider
Peter Kiggin May 2016
Mrs Little Spider.

spinning little spider making all your webs;

you make em coz you're hungry then you make some baby little eggs.

what's wrong little spider you're looking very old;

your children have all grown up but you look sad sitting on the window sill gettin chilly and cold.

settle down little spider I'm sure you know that life to you is held so very dear;

and when you go to heaven you know that your children and I will shed a little tear.

so good night little spider with your spindly little legs;

I've enjoyed your company very much and thank you for keeping the flies away with your beautifully symmetrical perfect spinning webs.

Goodbye............................. Mrs Little spider.
377 · Sep 2016
Soul defining
Peter Kiggin Sep 2016
Soul defining

Drifting beyond confidence and breaking in two thoughts is what I have got
Barely lifting my arms to reach what I see and hitting my head on protuding rocks
Sitting in mud splattered water for days just taking the weather with no defence to what ends what
Watching the world as I pass by never to save me for mortality has had my soul and eaten it like a lion eating a deer till all that's left is rot
I stick my neck out and caught on the fields overflow I need to lock
I become part of the problem that everybody needs something even if that something is not a lot
I grow into a sapling beside the river and people come to fish here but the bait is your soul and everything else you fought
Now at night I listen for the wind whether it be cold or hot
Now I am part of nature and humans just plot to be something that they know they're really not.
Possibilities, nourishing, endless circle
368 · Oct 2016
Colourful virtues
Peter Kiggin Oct 2016
Colourful virtues

I see the sun set over barley
I see black horses playing in the rain
I have Angels dancing with my brain
It feels just like a movie with stained glass windows and a Gothic eeriness to the church purposefully ingrained
All the colours make a picture to again provoke some pain
Twelve men dressed in purple pass me by with a golden cross aloft like a symbolistic nuclear bomb that was so vain
Simple men have virtues some of them can only be described as colours so gather them together and forget about the blame.
Peter Kiggin Feb 2017
I saw heaven and it tasted like honey from the bees.

A snow capped mountain trickles down and makes a river and travels to the Sea
My eyes are caught by a fountain that makes a rainbow and I wash myself because I never have been so ***** and yet I'm clean
Clouds wrapped around me like a curtain and I'm as high as a man can be
Do you feel it right because I've been searching for him and God knows he found me
If you can see the light well let the light shine into me please
I have travelled miles and miles and miles to taste the honey from the Bumble Bees
You girls know what I'm talking about so don't pretend and let me be teased.
360 · Apr 2016
Flowers on the Beach
Peter Kiggin Apr 2016
Flowers on the Beach

Flowers growing on the beach
Some flowers are peachy pears
Some are long and slim and sleek
I swear I love every colour their
Especially with long blonde hair
The waves are gently lapping at their feet
One two three they are in my every heartbeat
I can't take my eyes off the curves that meet
The shoes they wear are crippling me just watching makes me weep
I rub some sun oil on because I don't think I can take this heat
Flowers growing on the beach
Just lead me there .................yeah .............yeah...........yeah
357 · Jul 2016
Stand up
Peter Kiggin Jul 2016
Stand up

No commiseration across a world of abundant desperation
Or did I forget to mention what's going on in your available accommodation
No freedom just isolation and genocide for a nation
Acceleration of a political monopolisation
No say for you any more because you are an older generation
I used to think that listening to the elderly was a natural civilisation
All we do is make the same mistakes for the cost of another open eyed definition
So strap those guns real tight because there ain't no way the people are going to stand beside fascists,terrorists or a communist organisation.
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