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May 2016
Anarchy disturbs the freaks

Who am I to wear these clothes and tell you of dishonour
A man whose fought so many fights that night and day can wait until tomorrow
Colours seep inside my head and make pictures of Autumn when muddy fields run water
To take a mans maiden fair of hair is a brother who makes a martyr
To run with wolves instead is part of manhood but watch here comes the farmer
Two barrells I look down now but always stay one step ahead and keep it safe to barter
The casualties of war are all around with bars upon and society has rats to catch yah
I live a life that's had it's deaths and friends along the way boy and so I say to you wear your colours to your chest and tomorrow is ever after.
Anarchic brothers
Written by
Peter Kiggin
   Vero Jouline and Brent Fisher
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