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13.8k · Aug 2014
Hands & Feet
Olga Valerevna Aug 2014
When everything is heavy but you cannot feel the
You must've put the balances on someone else's
And that was the beginning of the end that you will
A shallow recognition of the life you chose to
It happens all too often, people give themselves
Accept the hands of others when they think they cannot
But even if the truth puts reassurance in their
The power they possess is like a prison for the
Because you aren't walking and your feet are not your
You haven't the ability to set a different tone
for me, for those who give it all away
6.8k · Apr 2014
Stolen Soul
Olga Valerevna Apr 2014
There's nothing you can do make her leave or walk away
There's not a single word or phrase or saying you could say
She's not the kind of girl who will untie herself from you
And certainly unlike the one who split you once in two
You know what you are doing now but can you guarantee
That you will know what steps to take when it is time to leave
Intentions can be laced with things we do not comprehend
With people who do everything they can to play pretend
So when you look into the eyes of she who stole the sun
Remember then, the other girl who shined on everyone
4.3k · Oct 2015
A Sunrise
Olga Valerevna Oct 2015
Release the smoke inside my head
and I'll be on my way to bed
I will not dream enough tonight
awoken by the morning light
you're only here when I am gone
to keep the warmth we're built upon
But what is sleep when dark is day
and everything is not okay
I want to be alone with you
and watch the phases of the moon
The quiet sky can hear the beat
of broken hearts and tarried feet
I'll walk away from all of this
and find the home of nothingness
A body carries many things
but human's only part of it
So take my bones and bury them
a naked soul I can't defend
The more I think, the less I am
apologies become my hands
I'm sorry now, I always was
the sun is up for both of us
to double you
3.8k · Jun 2015
Glass Doors
Olga Valerevna Jun 2015
And suddenly I do not feel the need to speak again
To take you to my room tonight and try to play pretend
The only conversation that remains is silence now
So let it be in stillness that our bodies take a bow
I've wandered through this skin so long and finally returned
To some place I'd forgotten but completely reaffirmed
I'd like to settle in and watch the windows open wide
To listen to the wind as it renters my whole mind
It's something like a song a weathered spirit taught me young
I'll sing it with my spirit and the notes will carry on
3.4k · Nov 2015
The Homelessness Condition
Olga Valerevna Nov 2015
"but where is my tomorrow," said the ticking of the time
this alternate reality is slipping through my mind
I cannot seem to focus and I never want to sleep
instead I lie awake beside the loneliness I keep
there's only so much human any person can embrace
before the roots of truth begin to spread across your face
I have not measured hours long enough to see them through
I'm changing at a pace I cannot possibly undo
wherever I am going and wherever I have been
create the kind of future I could never settle in
these feet have walked the deserts and the mire all the same
I would not even be without the dryness and the rain
long gone
3.1k · May 2015
My Sister's Sister
Olga Valerevna May 2015
I've taken to the wind that moves what I may never see
And yet I feel it close enough to shift inside of me
It's there one day and gone the next but never for too long
Exhaling truth and bringing us to right where we belong
I never would have thought to put my life into its hands
But nothing else can even touch on what its strength commands
I'm done with all the chasing and escaping when I can
No longer will i fight the kind of human that I am
I've given all I am to you, the breath of all the world
So take me where I need to go like I'm your little girl
by the air we all breathe
3.1k · Apr 2017
East Her Sunday
Olga Valerevna Apr 2017
I've written you so many letters
"Goodnight" before bed, yellow sun
The first of the seven I cradled
my very first beautiful one  
you helped me to walk when I couldn't
I borrowed your strength when we left
we crossed every ocean together
so let me return every breath
Remember my arms when you're tired
they'll hold you up high when I'm gone
believe me when I say I love you
remember our favourite song
3.1k · Jun 2014
Never Stop Feeling Strange
Olga Valerevna Jun 2014
I carry you in everything I do and say and see
And wandering the streets today I try to let it be
But how can I acknowledge what I'll always never know
Or hope that you could ever tell me where it is we go
I'm tangled up entirely, my skin is not the same
The driver or the passenger, I'd rather go insane
And if you're calling out to me you're calling someone else
I've not been hearing anything because I'm not *myself
title and inspiration  taken from Copeland's, "Strange and Unprepared"
2.9k · Jan 2013
A pick me up
Olga Valerevna Jan 2013
I want to find a pair of wings before I  float away
'Cause flying gives you more control so you can leave or stay
But every time I try to search I step on shallow ground
And thus the journeys I take on are all the more profound
I scribble down with shaking hands the places that I've seen
And hope that any details missed can fill the in between
I've come to know this dusty road is longer than it seems
But facts are only relative to poorly written schemes
It's only when my balance slips that I become attuned
And fully comprehend my state, to lies and death immune
Enveloped in a cloud of fog, I've made it past the shore
Of everything I left behind to float away once more
2.8k · Nov 2014
The man in the red hat
Olga Valerevna Nov 2014
his hands are full of stories
he may never get to tell
and wandering the streets today
he must've thought they fell
the memories are staggered
shorter, closer, weaker
s t i l l
together their depiction
was a life he had until
he sat upon the stones
and let the cold into his head
erased the only thoughts
that reassured he wasn't dead
but now the days are passing
with a quickening delay
and everything he hadn't said
is chasing him away
so if you see him running
tell him time is running too
that if he can't outrun it
there is nothing he can do
to think you could outrun time
2.8k · Mar 2014
Is this it, is it so simple?
Olga Valerevna Mar 2014
Begin at the beginning
in a time where you and I
Were something like a mirror
for the people in the sky
And even when the rain would fall,
reflections didn't change
The thought of something different
would've simply sounded strange
I wondered if your voice could lose
its harmony or hide
The moment I considered this
I felt myself divide
I couldn't hear another word
you'd ever speak again
No not in its entirety,
the way that it was meant
So how do I explain the things
I hear you say instead
Without the threat of adding on
or tearing off a shred
Put bandages around the wounds
we've given to ourselves
Begin at the beginning
only this time, somewhere else
title taken from Kye Kye's, "Reach"
2.6k · May 2017
Raise a you
Olga Valerevna May 2017
I stepped into my twenty's shoes without a day to spare
and watched my whole anatomy unravel on a stair
the cross I begged my heart to trust was finally in sight
and in a year I'd raise it up eleven mountains high
to faith and hope and love that somehow brought me to this place
in that specific order I began to seek Thy Face
"I'm glad I know their story."
2.4k · Jan 2013
sunrise, sunset
Olga Valerevna Jan 2013
i needn't tell you where i've been for you have known it too
the very trails i've walked upon are those inside of you
revealing more each passing step, i ask and you respond
and i no longer feel myself a wandering vagabond
i'm spilling out, you're soaking in these fragments of my soul
and one day soon within your self, i'll finally unfold
a blanket sea of what we are will cover what you've done
and make the bodies we've unearthed a perfect setting sun
Title taken from a song by Bright Eyes - Sunrise, Sunset
2.3k · Oct 2014
A Blue Sun
Olga Valerevna Oct 2014
I watch the sky make a home for the sun every day
Still I've to wonder if it's anything like they say
Warm shades of blue paint the rooms with the heat they contain
One coat too subtle a second is needed to stain
I'm going somewhere with this if you don't understand
What does it mean if your castle is burning the sand
Maybe you built it on ground that was changing like you
Maybe the sky and the sun will uncover the truth
Where are you going when you remember your home?
2.3k · Sep 2014
Needles & Knives
Olga Valerevna Sep 2014
So what is the extent to which you killed yourself today
That minor slight incision - did it carry you away
  And if it’s not the pain that makes your body like a drug
Then what is it that causes you to seek that kind of love
You thought it would be easy to detain what you could see
But something else has happened & your mind is not at ease
  I know you want the answers but they never seem to come
At least that’s what you think with all your patience going numb
And now the only remedy you seek is gone before
your limbs can ever feel it, ’til you’re lying on the floor
  Remember you were someone ‘fore you gave up on yourself
The kind of hope you carry’ll never leave you in your Hell
addictions to the s(k)in
2.2k · Sep 2012
there will be a harvest
Olga Valerevna Sep 2012
if there is no harvest, on what will you feast
but the rotting black corpse of all that's deceased

nature had planted its seeds and prepared
and waited on you to then grow what was there

bodies amassed in the fields, spread afar
but nobody was who they'd said that they are

they toiled and played while wasting their time
and none of them paid to the crops any mind

ripe in their ways and the choices they'd made
everyone thought they'd be welcoming grain

but Fall came around and revealed something else
that the only things grown were personal hells
2.2k · Oct 2014
The Insides of Monsters
Olga Valerevna Oct 2014
what would happen if I walked a thousand miles a day
   And put myself in places where I do not have a say
It's nothing but the soil and the monsters that I see
They're crawling out of spaces somewhere deep inside of me
I want to leave them everywhere and write about it too
But know they're coming back for me the moment that I do
  So if you want a story have my words fill up the page
It doesn't matter anyway, the monsters know my name
title taken from a project of the same name by Shawn Gamez
Olga Valerevna Sep 2014
When all the smoke exhales itself and leaves her breathing air
I beg your wretched fingers do unclench their tightened snare
The smallest kind of human be the finest one I know
And now that you have had your fill it's time to let her go
Control is something you can claim but only o'er yourself
your reach may travel far and wide but not to someone else
Today is gone, tomorrow leaves as quickly as it came
And even though the seasons break your heart remains the same
Remember what the world was like when she walked into yours
Although it's hard to see the way you did when she was born
for the father of a daughter
1.8k · Jan 2017
Our Father is Missing Us
Olga Valerevna Jan 2017
when hatred has swallowed reality's heels
and hearts lie in mud to decay in the fields
confusion is thrown on the eyes of the lost
in blanketed statements and powerless thoughts

when blood pours like water from everyone's bones
and Love is a fire with nowhere to go
the veins in our bodies will slowly unwind
to show us The Truth in the passing of time

when clocks are reset at the cost of the past
and our days are no longer counted as last
humanity's years will mean nothing at all
Our Father is missing, Our Mother is gone
title and inspiration taken from From Indian Lakes', "Our Father is Missing"
1.7k · Dec 2013
The Weather Trampoline
Olga Valerevna Dec 2013
Beneath her ****** purple eyes the bandages unwind
Reveal the fruit of every hit she's taken to her mind
A stripe away from damages that cannot be undone
She whispers in her timidness, you are the only one
The seeker floats around the words she speaks into the night
And she can feel a quiet breeze solidify their flight
I'll be there soon, I'll watch the moon, I'll travel back to you
The bruises heal and she appears, she finds him withered too
I've missed the conversations we have carried through the years
A hope, a light, dynamic sounds surrendering my ears
I want to bounce until the day we reach the second stair
Repel the dark and sorry things that tangle up your hair
And so the strands were compromised, she let the pieces fall
Upon the fringe of sacrifice she floated through the wall
"I believe in things you can't see."
1.7k · Aug 2012
The Abacus
Olga Valerevna Aug 2012
I know a man who thinks he can
Talk in circles and still demand
That people rise at his command
The moment he lifts up his hand

Stranger still is his ambition
One he deems a worthy mission
He proclaims that his ignition
Only turns with his permission

He walks around with head held high
And looks at no one in the eye
His body language speaks a lie
As if to say he'll never die

They claim he's always been this way
A man immune to making change
And yet he knows that come what may
He can't escape the final day

The hours pass as time rolls on
And he proceeds to move along
Convinced that he has surely won
He executes his closing con

Now he's gone
1.6k · Oct 2016
Some kinds of getaways are
Olga Valerevna Oct 2016
"My skin is always crawling," said the body to the soul
"I've turned into an ant but there is nowhere left to go"
the world is being eaten by the people being served
but I won't come to dinner lest I'm cooked to be observed
there seems to be a fire burning everything in sight
consuming with a fury those who fair a different fight
I may have lost some footing but I'll never lose my legs
I will not play accomplice to what everybody says
so catch me if you can and do whatever you so choose
you may have burned my body but I crawled away from you
when my mother speaks, I listen.
1.5k · Sep 2012
the vines are mine
Olga Valerevna Sep 2012
i detached my mind's roots from what had grown along the inside of my skull
like a patch of celadon poison growing up the walls of a brick house
inhibiting other plant life
i wrapped the vines around my hand and up to my elbow into a perfect wreath
thorny and dry
my fingers bled
less conscious than usual
all I could think was
this was easier than I'd expected
1.4k · May 2013
Olga Valerevna May 2013
I'm covered up in layers of the other peoples' skin
And I am losing track of just how deep I've gotten in
To you it sounds absurd because you cannot comprehend
That hid among the living are the ones who will pretend
See, they can take a day and manipulate with ease
The shining of the sun and the coming of the breeze
For they will place their shadow over that which isn't theirs
And try their best to claim that the truth is everywhere
The eyes inside my head are the ones that follow suit
I'm looking into everything and I'm pining over fruit
It's only when I fail to remember what I've seen
That I can take a second to uncover all of me
I know this very well but it's hard for me to grasp
My vision fully blooms in the things that I see past
"A pleasure is full grown when it is remembered."
- CS Lewis
1.4k · Feb 2013
Olga Valerevna Feb 2013
Oh the duality
There's no neutrality
Only reality
Stored in your mind.

What of this atrophy
Discount integrity
Chase after perjury
Hoarding the lie.

And to this enmity
What is the remedy
From this extremity
Where can I hide?

Notice the brevity
End of the melody
It's your identity
Searching inside.

Find you calamity
Soak in the density
Plundered is empathy
Fronted by pride.

With all intensity
Bring on indemnity
Forfeit amenity
Bow and you die.
1.4k · Jan 2014
Olga Valerevna Jan 2014
I tried to write a paragraph without a single pause
But every time I moved my hand the end was all I saw
And how would people understand what led to my demise
If I could not explain myself enough to recognize
Forgive me this - my lack of words, I must've just presumed
That anyone who knew me well would read between and through
It seems my haste in getting where I thought I'd never be
Has taken me precisely there and now I disagree
The spaces on the paper wait in hopes that I return
My mumbling is louder now, I still cannot discern
The lashes on my skin are matched with those upon my lids
I haven't written anything if you are reading this
Olga Valerevna Aug 2012
Lately when I wander I step on shards of glass
I don't know where they came from or how long this will last
I take them out in pieces and place them in a jar
A puzzle to be figured out once I'm up to par

Meanwhile in my pocket rests a blackened frame
A trinket with a handle that's making me feel sane
I grip it with my fingers and hold it in my palm
And give these eyes a cover with my own salty balm

A gift I once received so I could go explore
It took away my fear to walk through any door
By it I saw clearly, my vision was repaired
Until I dropped it on the ground and thus became impaired


He tells me to walk backwards and trust my every step
My memory will guide me as long as I will let
Now I don't mind the piercings from the shards I pass
My grandpa mapped his life with this magnifying glass
Among the many things my grandfather keeps in his nightstand drawer, you'll be sure to find a magnifying glass (or several). This is so telling of his curious personality, one that I feel I've inherited from him.
1.3k · Sep 2013
In Vivid
Olga Valerevna Sep 2013

As all the fury of the sun was put inside the moon
The sky was lit, a starry sight, a petrified maroon
And now the dark is like the light, the earth is spinning still
The people go in circles too, their sleepy heads to fill
And all the voices gather up as language is explained
The mystery that once had been is openly disdained
Familiar now and understood, the bitten tongue will bleed
The zealous cell in every drop is coming out of me
I put it back inside my mouth and fight to keep it closed
But there is no assailant here, I'm already exposed
The sun is night, the moon is day, confusion - rationale
And be there blood among the two, it spilleth all around

"furious as the sun, vibrant as the moon"
1.3k · May 2016
The Ants in May
Olga Valerevna May 2016
To meet another human* in the places that you go
you have be a seeker of the things you want to know
And not just in a way that makes it easy to have been
but so much more connected to the souls inside your skin
'Cause even if you shatter like a clay that enters heat
there cannot be a ****** lest you dare admit defeat
So wait beside the doors that mark the exit you have sought
and let yourself remember why you walked into your thought
The answer could be simple in a complicated way
but you will never see it if you make the choice to stay
I wanted you to speak without the fear of holding on
without believing you are but a shadow of a song
For that can be a mess that you intentionally made
to prove you aren't here because of something you can say
Forget we have the limits we ourselves create and ****
the passion you've been chasing could be living in you still many people?
1.3k · Oct 2012
Lazy Eyed Atrophy
Olga Valerevna Oct 2012
I walked around the world today
and tried to count my steps
But everything that came my way
just took away my breath
Shortened, strained and surface deep
I felt my chest release
Quiet whispers I'd not keep
for they would one day cease
Blurry eyed and hazy souled** 
I spilled into the dark
Ill prepared and not yet gold
I'd barely felt a spark
Nothing etched into my life
'cause my degree was low
Patience weathered turned to strife
so I would never glow
Sipping words too hot to touch
I'd burned up what's inside
Insensitive and calloused much
my skull had opened wide
1.2k · Dec 2013
Olga Valerevna Dec 2013
There're things I want to tell you
but don't know how to say
Like words inside a speaker
that stops before it plays
Within its wooden cabinet
the notes are not disguised
Peripherals attesting
the music's in your eyes
To write the perfect lyric
is not an easy task
Although it could be simple
if you would only ask
Yet here we are repeating
our homophonic tunes
I'm cutting through the silence
but you are singing too
Let me speak or talk louder.
1.2k · Nov 2012
peculiar migration patterns
Olga Valerevna Nov 2012
grains of sand pass through the glass and wearied i become
flesh is flesh and given time, eventually i'm numb

aged and stale i've bitten off much more than i can chew
but rather than admit this now i veil what i undo

to my dismay i can't escape the heavily stitched seams
for even when i close my eyes i see it in my dreams

so vivid here and brightly lit, just as i once was
the memories of you and i trickle through my blood

love of mine, if i have failed, please know that i still breathe
only by the air you gave and stored inside of me

the sense i make won't measure up to what i can't explain
all the ways you nursed my soul and quieted my pain

to this day, when you walk in - a room - i open mine
the one you've kept inside my chest, so tidy and refined

come again and stay this time, let's fly as we once did
above the ceiling of our hearts like doves that can't be hid
A piece inspired by and written for a beautiful pair I know.
1.2k · Nov 2013
Olga Valerevna Nov 2013
We spend all our time being jealous
For things that are not really ours
We beg for another perspective
To guide us without leaving scars
But we are the slaves and the martyrs
The ones who will never obtain
A simple oblivion ending
The heightening level of pain
And this be our chosen confession
The one we have kept on our tongues
"I want to be everyone else's"
*"I want to collapse my own lungs"
Breathe in deep, you're still here.
Olga Valerevna Aug 2012
You don't understand all the things I've kept inside
The plain and simple truth that our tendencies collide
Tonight I'm being shifted in ways I cannot hide
So roam the empty pavement sea, walk here by my side

By stumbling I'm spilling my entire tainted self
Writing an extensive book to place upon your shelf
Open it with cautious hands and keep in mind your health
Then verify that what I've said wasn't dipped in stealth

Read aloud the prologue and compare it to the end
Tell me it's cohesive, an impeccably smooth blend
And after you have finished I hope you won't pretend
That I was seeing someone else when I called you my friend
1.2k · Aug 2012
you, me and Beelzebub
Olga Valerevna Aug 2012
Let's you and I
Climb up high
Into this hive
And hide our lives

We'll disappear
Into our fears
So no one hears
Or sees our tears
We're mirrors

Come with me
My honeybee
I'll make you free
Just place your knees
Upon the tree

My home is dark
It's like this bark
And you're the spark
I need to start
My heart

Our light in beams
We'll invade dreams
And float like streams
In people's screams
It seems

A macrame
Of honey stains
Adorns the face
Of our dismay
And stays

We live and die
Inside our hive
Just you and I
Til the end of time
But why?
1.2k · Aug 2016
Livid? (10 Words)
Olga Valerevna Aug 2016
Put those angry words away
hate adds nothing to a day
1.2k · Dec 2015
The E Race
Olga Valerevna Dec 2015
In company sedated under someone else's skin
I try to find the door through which my body wandered in
There won't be any roaming for my shadow left to do
I've seen what I created in a mirror made of you
It's here I know my spirit has been broken many times
Competing with the vessels that are present in my mind
We take our own emotions and expose them to our thoughts
Make everything indifferent to the cause of all the rot
I'm very much aware of where the balances are off
But choose to put aside the very things at which I scoff
There's no one in existence who can comprehend the fight
The battles that we face when we shut out the source of light
It's somewhere on the outskirts of the darkness we explore
Where demons turn to people who are swallowed up in war
The prisoners and fighters were once friends until they spoke
Of massacres they plotted that caused one of them to choke
I'm not here to admire those who pass away to shake
The core of who I am because they couldn't stay awake
Such ****** in the hearts of those who want to have it all
I tried to comprehend it but their pride is just a wall
Forgive them in the name of every power that they seek
'Cause even they will bow to simple truths they cannot speak
Romans 14:11
1.1k · Aug 2012
The Faithful Whore
Olga Valerevna Aug 2012
Someone uproot me, I want this no more
From the seeds that I planted a monster was born
The stem of my flower is filled up to pour
A venom I ****** up from under the floor
I know I'll soon see my mind in a war
But all of the bloodshed I will ignore
Instead you can find me pacing the shore
Polluting the waters with all I abhor
I'll keep spitting thoughts out in open candor
In hopes that my frankness will settle the score
This isn't a game you play til you're sore
But a choice that you make when you open the door
Scene after scene like a scripted encore
That's what you'll access when you try to explore
Beyond any fever dream I can soar
Riding the waves to the sun's very core
My flesh disappears in measures of four
One in each part of the earth it will *****
I'd built with my world a close knit rapport
It's how I could tell I had been here before
    It seems I will be in this hell evermore
    Forsaking the faith that once made me secure
1.1k · Sep 2012
The Sealed Cabin
Olga Valerevna Sep 2012
how much time do you spend in your skin
wondering why you're alive
if you could count every day as a ring
when do you think you would die

boundless and endless seem to explain
all of the thoughts in my head
whether that's true or just staving off pain
plagues me at night in my bed

why is it there, in the darkened abyss
that I must contemplate light
moving within my own shadowy bliss
dressed in the gown of my sight

wearing this flesh has given me strength
to plant my feet on new ground
as veins decompose my body at length
I take on a nature profound
1.1k · Mar 2013
Warden of the waters
Olga Valerevna Mar 2013
Maybe in the moonrise we can sanctify the night
I'll wait until the morning, wake for you to shed your light
We'll define existence as the something we have made
Put together slowly and then altered every day

Observing all the wrinkles that have  borne the weight of time
I have ceased to challenge things that I cannot define
So as we both continue on, to rearrange the seas
There is something greater that will counteract our breeze
1.1k · Jul 2013
Around the block
Olga Valerevna Jul 2013
When everything that's tangible distracts your lonely head
And weaves you like a tapestry on someone else's thread
You'll find that the embroidery will never seem to match
Designs that were original, the bias is the catch
What was in the distance transformed when you got close
And yet you tried to view it as something less morose
Possessive with your senses, especially your sight
You caught the kind of blindness that gives itself the right
To walk around the edges, periphery askew
And look to aberrations to tell you what to do
1.1k · Jun 2013
Because you're manic
Olga Valerevna Jun 2013
With strangest precision
I made the incision
Inherent decision
Impairing my vision

My search was defined
The day I went blind
It somehow aligned
For me not to find

Fictitious revision
Brought will to submission
A juxtaposition
Arranged inquisition

So speak from your mind
And tick with the time
Awaiting reply  
You tarry, you die
1.1k · Mar 2017
The Aspen Color I'd Know
Olga Valerevna Mar 2017
I've walked upon the roots of trees for long enough to know
the deeper in the ground you are the more you'll have to sow
For what is surface but a skin that boils in the sun
then turns to dust our fragile bones the second we are gone
Let's trace the lines our veins have mirrored underneath this earth
and reconcile missteps we make for everything they're worth
The pulse of Life is beating now and asking you to breathe
"Come find Me in the stillness where you'll never cease to be"
"Be still, and know that I am God;
I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in the earth!" Psalm 46:10
1.1k · Jun 2015
The Last Thirst
Olga Valerevna Jun 2015
If we are taken by the sun
We won't remember anyone
A fire hotter than our bones
Will eat us up 'til we're alone
And that is where the water stops
It cannot flow where it is hot
Remain athirst the rest of time
There's nothing left to ease your mind
Another home does not exist
For those who never looked for it
what we choose to make our end
1.1k · Nov 2012
Minus Validity
Olga Valerevna Nov 2012
How could I have stripped away the meaning of my words
Their fluctuation patterns and all structure has been blurred
Every time I move my lips I sound still more absurd
But even so this nothingness I speak can't be unheard

Like pools of water drowning out the lives of those around
Pounding on their ear drums a morose syllabic sound
And if they even try to breathe in air that they have found
Their heads will sink into the clouds of what has been unbound

Watch and wait for time reveals the days just one by one
And whether you've said lies or grace, the hour soon will come
When that which needs to disappear and make way for the sun
Will fade like meaning you have lacked by letting loose your tongue
1.1k · Aug 2012
The latter rain
Olga Valerevna Aug 2012
It's been so hot these past few years
my sweat drips off in beads
Sometimes it's mixed with salty tears
I'm tasting all my needs

     This tongue is apprehensive now
     but tries to keep the peace
     Until its chant becomes a vow
     and mumbles without cease

  I wander down a curvy path
  while talking to the air
  I feel like I should take a bath
  but first I'd have to care

    Such filth I've known and come to see
    all over my own flesh
    The heat hits an intense degree
    and I begin to mesh

   Encased within a tangled knot
   The vines are getting thick
   I finally know what I am not
   and try to get out quick

It's then I hear the strongest cloud
forming from my pain
My silence grows to very loud
and welcomes latter rain
Olga Valerevna Aug 2012
He stands in the corners of all his thoughts to elude visibility
pacing, carefully tracing his steps along the lines that connect them
and make him coherent
He likes to make this trip and no one ever expects him -
he just shows up and collects
His mind stores things
he keeps people there then walks about, spits them out,
leaves them everywhere

He spends his days expelling  curses, claims it helps him focus
And he reasons like an insane man does -
with too much passion and not enough pain (the good kind)
But you can't tell him that, you can speak but he won't listen
He'll write you in while you write him off,
then appear on the outskirts of some dream you're having
or conjure up your next nightmare
This drifter will  be there

He'll seek out the holes in your brain and live there,
spend the time to make you his mime
Then through your veins he'll live divine,
feed you words that he's disguised
And while you choke on bitter rind,
he'll string you up, a wooden chime

He'll take the song that you contrived
and pen his name upon the lines
1.1k · Mar 2014
The Bread Maker
Olga Valerevna Mar 2014
A cup or two of everything
I've tasted in this life
Has turned into a recipe
I use to make it right
And if you haven't eaten yet
I'll break the bread with you
A daily reassurance
there is something you can do
For if you keep pursuing,
keep a habit such as this
Eventually the mishaps
won't affect the rest of it
The labor I have entered
I will surely leave behind
And hope that someone else
will then continue in their time
their house always smells of freshly baked bread
1.1k · Jan 2016
Recoil, ignite
Olga Valerevna Jan 2016
I will not write again of you the way I used to do
you've swallowed up enough of me to last you many moons
and if you try to find me in the places you will go
you'll only test your memory against a single soul

it used to be so easy to get lost inside your head
I found so little meaning in the words you never said
it must've been subconsciousness that let me see it all
unraveled my surroundings so there wouldn't be a wall

I think it was a fever that caused both of us to burn
ignited by a dreamer and a sleepy little girl
I've wanted you forever said the maker of the dream
until you have returned to me I cannot fall asleep

I shake as all my weakness leads my body to your door
but I can't lose a battle I'm not fighting anymore
so back to the recoil, hesitation has an end
I'll always be as close to you as I have ever been
title and inspiration taken from MONO's, "Recoil, ignite"
1.1k · Dec 2016
Come fingers off the globe
Olga Valerevna Dec 2016
I spend my time meandering the halls of other lives
and yield with some discretion to the questions, "how and why"
although my understanding may be limited somehow
I'm not afraid to fall apart in someone else's now
my blood is made of seekers who have tasted life and death
and fervently laid doubt as bare as every single breath
"my hands are still in working," said a voice I came to know
a part of me as much as every petal on a rose
I bloom inside a garden that the sun will never leave
I'm here until this world is not the place I'm meant to be
where the sun will rest but always rise
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