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Jan 2016
I will not write again of you the way I used to do
you've swallowed up enough of me to last you many moons
and if you try to find me in the places you will go
you'll only test your memory against a single soul

it used to be so easy to get lost inside your head
I found so little meaning in the words you never said
it must've been subconsciousness that let me see it all
unraveled my surroundings so there wouldn't be a wall

I think it was a fever that caused both of us to burn
ignited by a dreamer and a sleepy little girl
I've wanted you forever said the maker of the dream
until you have returned to me I cannot fall asleep

I shake as all my weakness leads my body to your door
but I can't lose a battle I'm not fighting anymore
so back to the recoil, hesitation has an end
I'll always be as close to you as I have ever been
title and inspiration taken from MONO's, "Recoil, ignite"
Olga Valerevna
Written by
Olga Valerevna  Vladivostok
   Julie Butler, JL, Tonya Maria and Woody
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