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Sep 2019 · 204
what are you?
leo arden Sep 2019
are you doing,

or are you overthinking?

are you progressing,

or are you moving?

are you living,

or are you worrying?

do some.

progress more.

"never confuse movement with progress"
          -- Denzel Washington
Sep 2019 · 181
apollo's truth
leo arden Sep 2019
the night sky is clear,

the stars, bright.

there is no fear here,

no anxiety tonight . . .

just loneliness.
from the looking glass afar.
Aug 2019 · 145
one and another
leo arden Aug 2019
one and another played a game in the forest

where the dark trunks rose tall

and the creatures were a chorus.

the delicate blue air in the midnight’s gloom

left one disoriented:

are the sounds one’s voice too?

one wondered and wandered, but after some time,

another’s voice and one’s thoughts

intertwined in one’s mind.

one cried and one protested, one just didn’t know;

was one even moving?

for one lost feeling in one’s feet below.

the cold wind blurred one’s sight, and nothing seemed clear

so one closed one’s eyes

overtaken by fear.

one was without feeling, legs to chest, and even one’s face.

now all one wanted

was another’s kind, warm embrace.
embrace one another.
Aug 2019 · 182
what is love
leo arden Aug 2019
what is love

but nonsense,

without the

Aug 2019 · 99
dear you
leo arden Aug 2019
dear                  ,

exalt your stature

as the prided flower

in this field

of the wilted.
this is for you.
Aug 2019 · 115
field of blades
leo arden Aug 2019
gleamed amongst the wild green

appeased buds, shined and sheen

this field of blades not red, but green

for rain erased the war it had seen.
Aug 2019 · 186
heart's blood
leo arden Aug 2019
what is a greater yield to life

than to bleed your heart, etch your soul,

cast aside hatred without strife

and learn to love, so you may be full.
strife is a fun word.
Aug 2019 · 81
the inspirer
leo arden Aug 2019
i do not care for grand glory, nor fame,

for inspiring just one, means all the same.
Aug 2019 · 276
the owl
leo arden Aug 2019
silent is the night,

for the creatures of day

in this kingdom of shadow

are with eyes shut tight.

all but the lone,

the restless in the sky,

searching; observing;

soaring high and high.

all but the owl,

alone in the night.
in this kingdom of shadow, only owls are nocturnal. ;)
Aug 2019 · 356
song of sorrow
leo arden Aug 2019
let him sing his song of sorrow

for chance his joy return tomorrow.

for chance his joy forsake his life,

he’ll tell himself he shall be saved

by love returned, and free from strife,

but naïve he shall remain, enslaved.
let him sing.

— The End —